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    Clarity TL100 TV Listener Review

    Clarity TL100 TV Listener is affordable

    Loss of hearing is a part and parcel of old age. However, that does not imply that one cannot enjoy their favorite TV show or music or take crisp and clear phone calls from their near and dear ones. Given the cutting-edge innovations in the world of technology, a variety of expensive hearing aids including sound bars and speaker systems have served millions of seniors as effective hearing systems for decades. However, a more recent breakthrough in the hearing aid technology has brought forth the latest wireless headphone, the Clarity TL100 TV Listener, which has been specifically designed to enrich the sound experience for people who are suffering from some kind of hearing loss.

    Clarity TL100 TV Listener is for seniors

    Clarity TL100 is a class apart from its competitors?

    Backed by the years of expertise and repute of Clarity, under the Plantronics flagship, the TL100 TV Listener is a revolutionary device that can be rightly touted as the game-changer in the world of hearing aid technology. But before we move ahead with the actual specs of the TL100, let us have a glimpse of the history of the manufacturer that deserves a special mention here.

    While the parent company Plantronics has been a leader in the headset market with a history dating back to the days when we put the first American in space, the Clarity division specifically deals with the development of telephones and other products for the elderly with hearing loss. The reason we mention this is because although the market is already flooded with a myriad of wireless headphones including the AirPods by Apple, the TL100 merits in the fact that it has been designed by a company that is dedicated exclusively to the development of products for seniors.

    Clarity TL100 TV Listener helps you not disturb your partner

    Clarity TL100 Design and Features

    Specially designed for seniors, the TL100 can be paired using its Bluetooth wireless system to sync with both your TV and Smartphone simultaneously. The headphone is equipped with a volume control on the left ear piece, which selectively boosts the volume entering your ears without changing the device volume of your phone or TV.

    This is a major breakthrough in designing products for seniors since it specifically caters to the hearing problem of the individual using it, without bothering the others in the room. For instance, a senior couple is watching the television together and the husband suffers from a hearing loss. So, when the husband uses the TL100, he listens to the TV with boosted volume, while the wife gets to hear it directly without having to blast the television set at full volume. Also, the TL100 is great for watching the TV or listening to music when you do not wish to disturb your partner.

    In addition to this, the Clarity TL100 also allows you to answer calls when linked via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, putting your TV on mute for you to take your call. There is also a voice prompt for generic functions such as on and off.

    Clarity TL100 TV Listener has lots of connection options


    The TL100 comes with a small transmitter box that is equipped with two input options, namely RCA connectors and a 3.5mm jack (headphone type). All you need to do is plug in your TL100 to your TV’s headphone jack and you are good to go. However, if your TV does not have a headphone output, you might want to invest a little extra in an optical/digital to RCA converter box to tether your TL100 to your TV.

    Apart from this, the Clarity TL100 is equipped with two standard power supplies, one for charging your headphone and the other for your transmission box. Typically, a full charge on your headphones is likely to last a good 18 hours, provided you turn them off when not in use. Additionally, you will also receive two audio cables, the 3.5mm to RCA and RCA to RCA.

    Clarity TL100 TV Listener is comfortable to wear

    Should you buy it?

    Priced at an affordable $179.95, the Clarity TL100 is quite a deal considering the plenty of senior-friendly functions it provides. With super-easy hook-up procedure to other devices, splendid sound quality, and convenient operation, the TL100 is a perfect device for seniors with hearing problems to enhance their sound experience and basically make life easier without putting in any major efforts. You can purchase it here

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