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Lifesaver Water Bottle Review

Lifesaver Water Bottle gives you clean water where ever

Lifesaver USA has come up with a unique water bottle with an inbuilt filtration system that filters microbiological contaminants without using harmful chemicals. You can fill it up with water from any source- lakes, ponds, rivers or puddles- and drink without fearing contaminants. Lifesaver Water Bottle cleans the water and removes all contaminants. The best part: you can carry this portable water filter anywhere you want.

Lifesaver Water Bottle is easy to use

Lifesaver Water Bottle Design

Lifesaver Water Bottle works through either a 4000 UF or 6000 UF cartridge, which filters up to 4000 liters and 6000 liters of water respectively. The inbuilt cartridge eliminates bacteria, viruses, cysts, fungi, parasites and other water-borne pathogens. The water bottle has a pre-filter disc, which protects its membrane from debris such as mud, gravel, sand and sticks, and gives the cartridge the required longevity.

Moreover, the carbon filter of the Lifesaver Water Bottle is developed using activated carbon block that filters up to 250 liters of water. The carbon filter reduces chemical residues such as pesticides, medical remains, metals such as lead and copper and endocrine distorting compounds. Although it does not remove salt, it can filter out sulfur and chlorine, which contribute towards bad odor and taste.

Once the contaminants are filtered out of the water, they move to the dirty side of the water filter. Lifesaver Water Bottle removes these contaminants with a front-side wash. You can also fill the filter with water and empty it to remove these contaminants. While other filtration systems use iodine or chlorine to remove contaminants, the Lifesaver Water Bottle filters out water-borne pathogens without using any harmful chemicals. A glass of water from Lifesaver Water Bottle will taste fresh and smells pleasant.

Lifesaver Water Bottle cleans away all debris

Lifesaver Water Bottle functionality

When the cartridge of the Lifesaver Water Bottle nears its end, the bottle needs to be pumped a number of times so that the water keeps flowing. The number of pumps needed to keep the water flowing determines the functionality of the cartridge- more pumps mean the cartridge is ending and vice versa.  When the cartridge finally expires, you will not be able to pump out any more water, thus indicating that the cartridge needs replacing.

Lifesaver Water Bottle cleans water fast

Lifesaver Water Bottle Benefits 

The Lifesaver has a ton of benefits. Firstly, the product offers you readily available filtration.  The Lifesaver Water Bottle uses a “scoop and go” approach, which gives clean and fresh water available whenever you need it. It frees water of contaminants and pathogens in no time, thus reducing your waiting time to get fresh drinking water. You can simply fill the bottle with water, pump it a couple of times and clean drinking water will be available to you.

Secondly, the Lifesaver Water Bottle is designed to handle pressure. The flip lid bulges when the filter is over-pumped. The nozzle of the Lifesaver Water Bottle is designed to open up and let the pressurized water to be released when the pressure continues. As an added benefit, you can use the Lifesaver’s pneumatic action to jet water on fresh wounds and wash away the debris.


Thirdly, it’s portable. With the Lifesaver Water Bottle, you don’t have to carry around multiple bottles of drinking water. One bottle is sufficient for filtering water for the entire family. You can collect water from any source and filter it with Lifesaver. You can have clean drinking water anytime you want.

Finally, the Lifesaver Water Bottle is an eco-friendly water filtration option because it eliminates plastic bottles. It also reduces the amount of oil consumption, which is usually high while manufacturing plastic bottles. The Lifesaver Water Bottle helps in adopting a greener alternative and saving money. Since they are long-lasting, you don’t have to worry about recurring expenses.

Lifesaver Water Bottle comes in 4000UF and 6000UF models


The Lifesaver Water Bottle was tested by adding large amounts of micro-organisms to water as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. The laboratory report revealed that the Lifesaver Water Bottle could remove all of the bacteria and viruses from the water. Pond water, tap water, and stream water were also used under Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Each time the Lifesaver Water Bottle was tested, people got clean drinking water.

Lifesaver Water Bottle has a pump

Bottom Line

The Lifesaver Water Bottle is a great device, especially for those who need a portable drinking solution, whether camping, biking or doing any other outdoor activities. It’s the best way to go green and save money on water filtration. You can carry it anywhere you want and ensure the safety of drinking water without the fear of contaminants. The Lifesaver Water Bottle comes in the 4000UF and the 6000UF, and sell for around $150 and $200 respectively. You can buy them here.

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