Rowkin Pulse Headphones Review

With a historical focus on tiny little wireless earbuds, Rowkin has entered into the world of wireless fitness headphones called the Rowkin Pulse headphones. With WaterSafe nano coating technology, the Rowkin Pulse wireless headphones are sweat proof, water resistant, IPX5 waterproof and perfect for almost any sport. Pulse is also designed with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to filter ambient noise and enable clearer sound during calls and when listening to music.

Rowkin Pulse have tangle free cord

Rowkin Pulse Design

In the box include a good assortment of replacement ear tips, in 3 different sizes and colors, all with ear hooks, as well as a USB charging cable and a user manual. Design-wise, the Pulse comes in a matte black or bright white finish, and looks super sleek. They’re small, low profile and feathery light, but actually feel sturdy and strong. The buttons are also well designed and functionally intuitive. As mentioned, the WaterSafe nano-coating technology gives them that IPX5 rating, perfect for outdoors and fitness.

Bottom line, thanks to this design, these Pulse headphones feel wonderful in the ear. And even though each bud is connected with a tangle-free cord that hangs off the back of your neck, that cord is not excessively lengthy, so don’t really even notice it.

Rowkin Pulse charge in an hour

Charging and Pairing

To charge the Pulse, simply plug the USB cable into the discrete and covered Micro-USB port, located on the right earbud. When charging, you can gauge it’s progress with the LED indicator light, and charging itself takes a smig over an hour, but will last a full 4 hours when in use. Standby can up the staying power to almost 12 hours.

The Pulse uses Bluetooth 4.1 with a 25-feet range. Pairing is fairly standard as well, much like most other wireless headphones. By pressing and holding the control button, this puts it into pairing mode. Find the Rowking Pulse device on your phone, and you know the rest of the drill.

Rowkin Pulse give you 4 hours of music playback


You can control music and volume using the control and up/down buttons. Pressing the control button lets you play the music. Pressing again pauses the music. The up/down buttons are used for volume and track selection. Pulse also has a built-in microphone for making and receiving phone calls. This is a bonus. The built in mic also allows you to access Google Assistant and Siri with just a couple control button taps.  Pulse gives you a total hands free experience, and this is especially great when your pounding the pavement, path or track.  And speaking of using the pulse for call making, this feature works great and the receiving calls sound very clear. The person on the other end claims the same. And the noise cancelling and echo cancellation certainly didn’t hurt….at all!

Rowkin Pulse sound great


Same thing with the music. Because of these two technologies, music plays not only crisp and accentuated, sort of a surround sound feel, but any adjoining ambient noise is completely drowned out. Add to that the comfort, and you have a solid pair of wireless fitness buds that perform very well for those most astute audiophiles.

Rowkin Pulse have great features

Bottom Line

I forgot to mention. These puppies are at an extraordinarily inexpensive price at $49.99. Yes you heard right. Compare that to competing products 3 times that much, and you have something to think about the next time you’re in the market for wireless headphones.

The Rowkin Pulse headphones are very user-friendly, offering both music and phone calls, and they sound really good. Couple that with the modern styling, lightweight comfort and the durability, and you have a winner. You can purchase the Rowkin Pulse headphones here.

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