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    Casper Glow Puts You to Sleep

    CES this year was filled with sleep and smart lighting tech, and Casper, the Wave mattress innovator, introduced the Casper Glow, a smart light designed to help you establish and maintain healthy sleep cycle.

    Apparently, the Casper Glow’s warm lighting impacts mood and our ability to relax. It’s warm, dimmable 2,700K LED lamp supports your sleep-wake cycles on both ends. You can set the Glow to fade gradually when you go to sleep. The default fade timespan is 45 minutes but you can change the duration with the free Casper app, available for Android and iOS.Before the light turns on in the morning, or whenever you have configured as your wake-up time, an ambient light sensor checks out the existing light level in the room before starting the default gradual wake-up brightening sequence.Glow uses two motion sensors to assist with user control. An accelerometer and gyroscope sense movement speed and direction. To turn on the Glow, simply flip it over. You can dim or brighten the light by twisting the globe. If you pick up and wiggle the light, that movement signals a low, gentle light.The Casper Glow comes with a charging base, perfect for positioning on a nightstand. You can leave the light on the base most of the time, but you can take it along if you get up for a late night snack to light your way and to avoid turning on harsher, sleep-disturbing household lights. The charging base powers the lamp directly, but also charges the Glow’s non-removable battery.

    The Glow uses Bluetooth wireless to connect with Casper app, and in addition to configuring bedtime and wake-up light routines, the app can also be used to create groups of up to six Glows within Bluetooth range. With such a grouping, for example, you could have multiple lamps in one room or position Glow lamps in adjacent rooms.The Casper Glow lamp is available on the Casper website. The single unit price is $89, but you can also buy two for $169.

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