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360 Degree Panoramic Video Mount Holder

Give your device better care, security and stability by trying the JUSTONE J093 360 Degrees Panoramic View Video Mount Holder.

The JUSTONE J093 has a compact and attractive appearance. The handy design makes for firm holding. It is made up of superior and rigid plastic, which makes it durable. Also, it can load up to maximum 1Kg weight.This mount holder is suitable for holding the common cameras, including the GoPro Hero series to prevent your device from falling, slipping or shock. 360-degree panoramic view and could hold 6pcs GoPro simultaneously. It is convenient to use and operate, which will completely enhance your shooting experience.

Brand: JUSTONE, Model: J093, Color: Red, Material: Plastic, Type: 360 Degree Panoramic Stents, Weight: 140g.

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