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    Mobile Apps Promotion Guide

    Nowadays, because of the constant improvement of technology and the development of great apps, entering the app market is a rather difficult task. People have at their disposal a large variety of apps, hundreds, or even thousands of apps getting launched every day. In such a tough market, app owners should utilize mobile app marketing services to ensure a competitive advantage.

    Your marketing initiatives should start way before the app hits the market. The first step is to hire the best mobile application developers as everyone would check the background of your app development.

    If you don’t tell people about your app, they will never know about it, regardless of how great it is. Because of the large variety of choice, if you don’t stand out from the crowd, you will never be able to grow a constant user base. When it comes to mobile apps, the marketing part is just as important as the coding one.

    If you’re thinking about promoting your app, we put together a small guide with practical tips that could ensure your app’s success.

    Prepare in Advance

    Your marketing initiatives should start way before the app hits the market. You should start working on the marketing strategy even before writing your first line of code. Having a clear game plan from the get-go will help you save lots of time in the coding process, and it will make you wonders once your app hits the stores.

    In this early period, you should figure out the best business model for your goals, and make sure to pursue it throughout the rest of the development stages. When it comes to monetization, you have a handful of major options, like paid apps, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, and freemiums.

    You don’t have to limit yourself to only one of these options, you can combine them however you feel it’s best. But, you should take into account right from the bat that most users tend towards free apps. Figuring out a monetization strategy for a free app might end up being the most effective option.

    Have a Website

    In today’s world, websites are one of the most essential parts of the internet. Fortunately for you, most app owners are overlooking this aspect, considering that the small description present in the app store will do the trick.

    The truth is that you can only say so much about your app in an app store description. All app owners should have a website for their app and use it to tell the full story and provide their potential customers with more useful information.

    Many users are checking out the website of a mobile application to get the information that they can’t get through a limiting description. Take advantage of this fact, and make sure to advertise your app in such a way that people will want to download it instantly.

    Besides the basic informational functionality of a website, app owners should also use their websites to acquire new users. Even if very popular, blog posts are representing a great marketing tool for spreading awareness and acquiring new clients.

    Taking advantage of various SEO techniques while providing valuable content will allow you to reach out to a new audience that you would never interact with otherwise.

    Build Connections

    Networking is one of the most important parts when it comes to business development and app promotion. Building social media profiles and interacting with the community will prove a great strategy in the long run.

    Interacting with other entrepreneurs and influencers from your field will also prove helpful since often all you need is one lucky strike to reach success. Meeting the right people might end up proving beneficial since those with big audiences could help you reach new people for free.

    Besides the business side of things, app developer groups could also prove beneficial in the designing and coding part of your app development process. Interacting with more experienced developers will give you new ideas, and help you scale your app quicker.


    Marketing is an essential part of any business. Without spreading awareness, people will never find out about your application. Having a promotional campaign that starts from the earliest stages of your app’s development will prove essential both short term but also long term.

    Without building connections with other app developers and taking advantage of all communication channels, it might end up proving very difficult to attain success. However, the tips mentioned above can be a solid basis for your app’s promotional campaign, and can surely take your downloads numbers through the roof if applied correctly.

    David Novak
    David Novak
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