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Tag Heuer Golf Edition Smartwatch

Tag Heuer just announced a Golf Edition of their Connected Modular 45 smartwatch for those who spend a lot of time on the greens. It has a 45mm body, made of titanium and covered in a black PVD finish. It also has a white synthetic leather strap with green stitching, and the included attractive collector’s box also has a black rubber strap, and three Tag Heuer-branded Titleist golf balls.Internally, the Golf Edition watch is identical to other Connected Modular 45 watches, with an Intel Atom processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage space, GPS, NFC, a 410-mAh battery, and Google’s Wear OS software.

More importantly, however, is the new Golf App. A year and a half ago, Tag Heuer acquired a French startup golfing app, which is now called the Tag Heuer Golf app, and it’s the perfect match for the Golf Edition watch. Use it on the special edition, and through GPS and vector technology, it can pinpoint where you are on one of the 39,000 courses in its database, show you on a scrolling 3D map, and provide tons of detail on the landscape, hazards, shot distance — all down to just one meter. Tag Heuer says it’s vastly more accurate and detailed than any other golf mapping apps around.It can also keep score for up to four players, and provide shot distance data, statistics on your game, club advice, and plenty more. The Android app is at its best in terms of mapping when used on the Golf Edition watch, but is still compatible with other non-Tag Heuer smartwatches. There’s even a version for the iPhone and Apple Watch too. It requires an annual subscription to get the most from it on an Apple device, but is free to download and use on a Tag Heuer smartwatch.Swapping straps is easy, as the Modular range is designed to be quickly taken apart and customized.  If you’re, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition is available now for $1,850.

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