JGAURORA A5S Upgraded 3D printer

JGAurora has refined its flagship 3D printer and recently released the new and improved JGAurora A5S 3D printer. JGAurora 3d printer A5S was upgraded from its A5. JGAurora A5S has the same build volume and basic features as the JGAurora A5.

Both JGAurora A5S and A5 have same size i.e. 305*305*320mm printing size which is suitable for home, school, and workplace. The whole frame is made of industrial sheet metal for better stability.JGAurora A5s is featured with filament run-out detection, the machine beeps when filament runs out to remind you to change new filament quickly. Also when filament ran out for 1 hour, it will stop heating nozzle. This makes printer operation smarter and safer. The printer has a SD card slot for easy and convenient offline printing.

It supports power-off continuous function; accidental shutdown can also automatically restore memory. It resume print from where the last print was stopped due to power failure or SD card has been removed by accident. No need to worry about resetting the printer for power failure or SD card removal. It has 2.8-inch colorful touchscreen control that provides better 3D printing user experience.

JGAurora A5S has Self-developed motherboard of 32-bit, uses Allegro A5984 stepper drivers with 32x micro stepping, with built-in multiple intelligent protection programs. It supports 12v-24v power input. Also has semi-intelligent auto leveling. Auto leveling reaction makes machine leveling simple and accurate.