Levana Oma Sense Baby Monitor Review

Levana Oma Sense

Baby movement monitors are a relatively new category, letting you keep track of your child’s breathing and movement while you aren’t in the room. These monitors provide an efficient early warning that help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Thankfully, Levana created a product that is complex and keeps every baby safe, but it’s super-simple to use.

The Levana Oma Sense baby monitor features a simple one-handed clip, making it convenient to attach to, adjust, or remove from your baby’s pants, right above the tummy area. By constantly monitoring tummy movements, it provides the monitoring parents need. Using WakeUp Technology, if no breathing movement is detected for 15 seconds, Oma Sense will trigger fluctuating sounds and LED lights, as well as vibrations that will stimulate the baby to encourage the return of regular movement and breathing. If regular movement has not been re-established 5 seconds after the first alert, an emergency alarm with sounds and LED lights are initiated to alert parents that attention is needed.

The Oma Sense is made with medical grade materials and it requires no skin contact; it’s truly made for the baby’s comfort. It’s also cordless and battery powered, making it both completely safe for the baby and portable, so it can go wherever your little one goes.

To install the battery, a protective “Small-Parts Warning” sticker is found above the battery cover. After removing it, you’ll find your battery cover, which can be opened with any large coin by turning it counterclockwise. The Oma Sense comes with a Panasonic CR2450 3V battery (these are also the recommended batteries). The battery needs to be inserted with the positive side facing up. Placing the battery door above the opening and turning it clockwise with the help of any large coin will lock it back into place.

Levana Oma Sense

When turning on the Oma Sense monitor, it will go through a self-test that lasts just a few seconds, ensuring that all features are working. This will activate all indicator lights, vibrations and sounds. As soon as the green lights flash at the end of self-test, the Oma Sense is ready to use. A blue LED will flash continuously for approximately 30 seconds, and then flash every 30 seconds to indicate that the device is monitoring your baby’s movement.

When powering off your Oma Sense, the device will self-check its battery status. A green flash will indicate the battery is good, and a red flash indicates the battery needs to be changed before the next use. An additional battery also comes with your Levana Oma Sense.

In terms of its build, the On-button can be found on the left side of the device, while the Off-button is located on the right side. The face of the monitor features three LED icons. On the top right is the battery indicator (that flashes with either green or red colors). On the top middle is the reassurance indicator, that flashes with a blue color every 30 seconds, to let you know the device is turned on and monitoring movement. On the top left, the alert indicator is found, and will flash with a red color whenever no motion from your baby is detected, while also triggering an alarm on the device.

With the Levana Oma Sense baby monitor, you’ll be able to keep track of your baby’s breathing and movement, allowing you to  worry less

The Oma Sense is priced at $120. You can get it here.