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Solgaard “The Hustle Backpack” Review


Solgaard has just released its new Lifepack backpack, called “The Hustle Backpack”. The Hustle Backpack is an everyday backpack for go-getters, creators, and entrepreneurs. It’s extremely convenient and was designed with busy professionals in mind, helping you work smarter and harder – whether you’re commuting daily on the train, shooting in the studio, or working remotely from an island coffee shop.

Regarding it’s build, the Hustle Backpack features padded and adjustable shoulder straps, offering light-weight carrying, equipped with EVA back material that will protect your back and your laptop, while also providing versatility and comfort.

On the front, users can find a stainless-steel hook, which is the backpack’s locking mechanism, that also works as a bottle opener. Inside the backpack’s top flap there are magnetic closures included, assuring that the top flap stays closed shut when access is not needed. Both the backpack’s handle and base are made out of quality vegan leather. The bottom of the bag is made of waterproof material, assuring your stored items stay protected in case you drop it on a puddle or someone’s spilled coffee. The backpack measures 17.7 inches high by 11.6 inches wide by 6 inches deep.

Inside the backpack there’s a secret pocket located on the top flap that stays out of the way of all your other items, making it perfect to store your laptop charger or headphones. Inside the main compartment, there’s a plush and drop proof section designed specifically for laptops up to 15 inches, keeping them cozy and safe. The Hustle Backpack also comes with anti-lock features; there’s an integrated anti-theft coil-cable lock located on the upper left side of the main compartment, meaning you can lock the bag to something while locking it shut.

There are also four secret passport pockets, as well as hidden pockets for credit cards, and a pocket for your sunglasses. Sitting on the opposite side of the anti-theft cable lock, on the upper right of the main compartment, there’s a dedicated pocket for Solgaard’s Solarbank, a two-in-one solar power bank unit (which is sold separately) that allows you to charge any of your devices when you’re on the go by using a USB cable through the inside of the backpack’s right side. This brings us to the integrated USB port located on the back bottom right side of the backpack, under the right shoulder strap, on a small flap, providing easy charging for any portable device.

The Hustle Backpack is available in four different models: Vintage (Grey cloth and Brown Leather), Stealth (Black cloth and Black Leather), Steel (Grey cloth and Black Leather), and Ranger (Black cloth and Brown Leather). If you’re interested in getting yours, it’s currently priced at $145. You can find it on Solgaard’s website.