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VersaDesk’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill Review

VersaDesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill Main

VersaDesk is one of the leading companies in standing desk solutions, specializing in innovative designs for your office, at home, workspace, or the hobbyist. The company offers solutions like Height Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desk Risers and Standing Desk Converters, which help users in preventing and reducing back and neck pain caused by physical workplace stress, while also increasing circulation and improving productivity. With VersaDesk’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill you can now reach your daily step count by walking during any (or all) of your conference calls.

The Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill by VersaDesk is designed to fit perfectly under your standing desk or sit-to-stand desk setup. Versadek’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill is guaranteed to increase your productivity and keep you energized during those long work hours. It’s compatible with any workspace, including cubicles and home offices. Its compact design and built-in wheels (located at base of the treadmill) make it very easy to store. Users can easily move it in and out from under their desk as needed, or store it up right in a corner or closet. There are also binding holes on the base for secure storage, meaning you can hang it on a wall or storage room.

VersaDesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill

Inside the box users will find: a Versadesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill, a remote control with an included safety strap, a power cord, a belt adjustment tool, a small plastic bottle of oil (to keep your machine oiled when needed), and the User’s manual.

VersaDesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill

VersaDesk’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill features a Digital LED Mode Display that allows users to track their time, steps, speed, calories and distance. Users can control the power and modes with its built-in display panel, located on the top front of the treadmill, or with its included battery powered remote control. There’s also an Auto-Accelerate and Decelerate feature.

VersaDesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill

VersaDesk’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill is perfect for daily use with its anti-slip belt, sturdy base and smooth motor, ensuring that others are not disturbed. With the Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill, you can easily integrate fitness into your daily work routine. It also helps you to improve your health and overall well-being, as well as your blood flow and mental alertness, while also decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a VersaDesk’s Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill, it’s currently discounted, going for $479 (it was previously priced at $699, saving you $220). You can find it on VersaDesk’s website, by clicking here.