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Original Wine Nook – 3L Capacity Box Wine Dispenser – Review

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This is the perfect gadget for all wine lovers, professional wine tasters, and enthusiasts. Team Wine Nook’s gadget is a more elegant way to present and serve box wine. Since box wine literally comes in a cardboard box, its presentation is not very pretty when you’re hosting a lunch or dinner at home. Any good host loves to have something fancy in hand for when they’re about to serve their guests.


While the improvements in box wine have been monumental, the cardboard packaging is a “no-no”. And still, while proving to be much more eco-friendlly than the bottle, the cardboard box only serves two basic functions; storage and distribution. This issue offered two artist the perfect opportunity to team-up and create a beautiful and highly functional solution: the Wine Nook.

The Wine Nook is compact, easy to carry and simple to set up. It fits any 3-liter box wine bag. All you have to do is remove the front “door” by sliding it up, take the 3-liter bag out of its cardboard box, carefully place the bag inside, and just re-attach the Wine Nook’s “door”, sliding back down to keep the 3 liter bag secure. The Wine Nook also comes with an included chalk-stick bag (2 chalk sticks), an unbranded ice pack, and a fillable bag (BPA-free and FDA approved), meaning that you can completely fill it up with a maximum of four bottles of wine, that can then be served as any box wine; straight from the bag.


With the Wine Nook, you can change the way you and your family and friends drink box wine. There will be no more dragging and tilting your box wine to serve your guests. The Wine Nook elevates your wine for easy and elegant serving every time, proving to be the perfect thing for weddings, events, and parties, as well as making it the perfect countertop for serving your “house wine” at home.


If you’re interested in purchasing the Wine Nook, the Original Wine Nook Box Wine Dispenser is available in two different models: Dark Walnut and Light Maple. You can also choose from 10 different Engravings (5 different logos and 5 different catch phrases), as well as a personalized phrase as a 11th option, your logo or design as a 12th option, or you can also go with no engravings (engraved products take an extra 2-3 business days to get delivered). One unit is currently going for $95, and you can get it on Wine Nook’s official website, on this page.