Top 5 Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Have you ever used a spy app to keep track of your android or iPhone? If not, you have missed a wonderful mobile phone app. By using a spy app you can keep track of digital devices of your children, spouse and employees. Remaining anywhere in the world, you can find out what your concerned ones are doing, watching, searching or talking about. The perks of this useful mobile phone tracker app are innumerable. However, the selection of a valuable spy app really matters to get desired outcomes. To facilitate the selection of android and iPhone spy app, we have reviewed the top-notch monitoring apps and come up with top 5 spy apps for most commonly used mobile phone operating systems. Read on to know which cell phone surveillance app is in our list of top 5 spy apps for android and iPhone.


#1) TheOneSpy


TheOneSpy offers monitoring solution for android mobile phones and tablets. It is one of the most advanced tracker apps coming with high-tech features. The app enables parents and employers to keep track of android devices of their children and employees. The app is compatible with Samsung, LG, HTC, Haier, Sony, Motorola and all other mobile phones running android OS 5 to 9.1. Given are the most prominent features of the powerful cell phone surveillance app.

Track Popular Social Media

The spyware allows tracking popular social media apps including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and Tumblr among others. It also allows capturing self-deleted messages of Snapchat.

Live Screen Recorder

The real-time phone activities can be captured by sending remote command of screen recording. You can also take screenshots without accessing the device.

Surround Monitoring

The powerful cell phone surveillance app allows operating cameras and microphone of the targeted smart device. You can use primary and secondary cameras to take photos and make videos.


#2) OgyMogy


OgyMogy is another powerful tracking app that allows supervising the use of android devices of concerned ones. It is one of the cheapest monitoring and parental control apps offering the most advanced features. We have discussed here a few most advanced features of the surveillance software.

Track GPS Location

The app enables parents to stay updated about the whereabouts of their children. It provides current GPS location and shows detail of routes covered in a certain tour. It also offers geo-fencing to mark boundaries around teens and tweens.

Call Recorder

The monitoring app installed on targeted smart device acts as call recorder to let you listen to the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your target. It also allows call interception and provides access to logs of phone calls and audio video calls made and received via instant messengers and social apps.

Remote Control MIC & Cameras

The surveillance software helps keeping an eye on the surroundings of your loved ones and workforce. You can turn on cameras and MIC of the target device to capture media.


#3) MMGuardian

Top5 Mobile Spy Apps

MMGuardian is a reliable monitoring and parental control app for mobile phones and tablets running android and iOS. Given are prime features of the cell phone surveillance app. Top 5 Mobile Spy Apps

Remote Control Apps

The parental control app lets you manage the smartphone use of you kids by restricting their access to certain apps. You can block age-inappropriate social media apps, gaming apps and dating apps installed on the targeted gadget. Also, you can set time limits for the use of certain apps.

Web Filtering

The surveillance app allows controlling the internet stuff. You can restrict your kids’ access to objectionable websites by using the wen filtering feature of the parental control app.


#4) mSpy

Top5 Mobile Spy Apps

mSpy is a powerful yet a bit expensive cell phone spy app for android and iOS based mobile phones. The app offers high-tech spying features enabling users to monitor and manage the digital devices of their concerned ones. Given are core features of the tracker app.

Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing

The mobile phone spy app lets you locate the target by getting access to the GPS location of the monitored device. The geo-fencing feature notifies you when the target enters or leaves a specific location.

Social Media Monitoring

This powerful app allows supervising use of social media apps including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can track chats and calls made and received via popular social messengers. Top 5 Mobile Spy Apps


#5) MobiStealth

Top5 Mobile Spy Apps
Top5 Mobile Spy Apps

The cell phone monitoring app allows users to remotely track android and iOS based handsets. It offers traditional spying features in a reasonable price tag. The basic version of MobiStealth also supports unrooted and non-jailbreak devices.

Monitor Messengers

The app allows overseeing popular social messengers including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Viber and Facebook. You can track messages exchanged via these messengers.

SMS & Call Tracker

The app allows reading incoming and outgoing SMS without accessing the device. It also offers call tracking to keep you updated about phone calls of your target.

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