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Will the Sony PlayStation 5 be Compatible with Online Casinos?

Sony Playstation 5

After years of waiting for news from Sony about its next console, it was recently announced that the Sony PlayStation 5 will most likely hit shelves in time for Christmas next year. The gaming platform will be coming out seven years after the release of the PS4, and in that space of time, the landscape of the industry has changed dramatically. The online casino sector, in particular, has grown in stature, and it may be time for Sony to make its products compatible with this flourishing type of gaming.


What has been Announced?

Sony has a tendency to keep its cards close to its chest when it comes to information about its upcoming products, but the Japanese corporation has released some details about the new console. PS5 boss Jim Ryan has confirmed that Sony will be doing its bit to protect the planet and save energy, and the new model will only use 0.5W of power in rest mode. This won’t affect the playing experience, and when the machine is operating at full power it will be able to produce some of the most stunning gaming visuals ever seen.

Another improvement on the Sony Playstation 5 is the introduction of haptic controllers. This will allow players to get more varied feelings through their hands which correspond with what is being seen on screen. This will be particularly useful when playing virtual reality games, as it will add to the overall immersion.

Why Offer Casino Games?

Another major innovation of the next generation of consoles could be in the way that players buy games. There is talk that Sony is looking at moving towards an online library approach in which players pay a membership fee in order to have access to thousands of titles. This would be similar to how television streaming platforms like Netflix operate.

If Sony goes down this route, it would mean that there is an even greater focus on online play. It would make sense for the company to make online casino access possible. Casino iGaming titles like slots have become so advanced that they wouldn’t look out of place among PlayStation offerings. Currently, they exist in extensive variety at online casinos, and it’s fairly simple to enter online-slots heaven by logging on through either a desktop or mobile device. But in the next few years, slots will feature more VR and skill-based play, which would make them appeal to console players more.

With the Sony PS5 being largely internet-based, it would make sense for it to allow online casino access through the built-in browser. The gambling industry is gradually becoming more gaming-focused, and in the next few years iGaming titles may show many more similarities to console offerings. This is why it would make sense for the PS5 to include online casino access. If Sony opts not to do this, the iGaming industry could race even further ahead from console gaming, and the company won’t be able to get a slice of the action.