Basic Internet Safety Rules for Kids

Basic Internet Safety Rules for Kids

The internet can be an excellent spot for kids. They use it to search for educational information, communicate with friends, share photos among many other things. Most parents monitor their kid’s online activities, and this ensures their safety. However, it’s imperative to set internet safety rules for kids. This way, they understand their limits and become more responsible online.

Check out some basic rules to ensure your kid’s online safety:

1. Sharing personal information

Restrain your kid from sharing passwords for emails, ATMs and credit cards. Moreover, talk to them about sharing personal images and let them know what they can share. Besides, there are many internet safety facts and statistics to show that some kids expose themselves to predators through the sharing of personal information.

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2. Sites to visit

Some kids take advantage of the internet to access adult content. As such, set limits on the places that they can visit. Restrict them from downloading apps containing inappropriate information and instruct them to consult with you before downloading things online. You’ll also need to mention time used online, and come up with a plan on how to manage their time effectively.

3. Potentially Dangerous Apps

Lastly, knowing what Apps your kids use when they get home after their school day is also important. Here’s a detailed infographic with information about what Apps you should keep an eye on and what you can do about them.

Internet Safety Rules for Kids


Why is internet safety important? Kids get exposed to many dangers online, and it’s your role as a parent to ensure their online safety. Therefore, watch what they do online, have them read internet safety articles and set some internet safety rules for kids.