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3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset – Pro Digital AM/FM Radio Headphones

3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones

If you work in an area where you need to wear headphones that are specifically designed for noise protection, consider taking a look at the 3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones are a pair of professional radio headphones that offer high-quality noise protection.

3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation that was formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. 3M currently operates in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods. Some of their best products are their Personal Protective Headsets.

This brings us to the 3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset, a pair of headphones designed for protective hearing. These are great to protect your ears from any loud noises on specific working areas like construction sites, loud factories, when working with loud agriculture machines, etc.

This pair of headphones will reduce all of the surronding noise by 26 decibels, but also come equipped with a built-in radio receiver that receives AM and FM signals. This ultimately allows you to enjoy some music during your work time while always keeping your ear drums safe and sound, assuring you can prevent hearing loss or ear drum damage.

Let’s take a look at these headphones and see exactly what they have to offer.


The Peltor Radio Headset are noise attenuating headphones that come equipped with really nice and comfortable earmuffs, as well as a sturdy, comfortable and durable headband. The headset is designed to offer a maximum noise reduction rating of 26 decibels.

The headset’s electronics are located in a separate compartment of the cup to reduce the corrosion caused by sweat. This smart dual shell design helps to extend the lifetime of the Peltor Radio Headset.

Peltor Radio Headset - Design
Peltor Radio Headset – Design

The headset comes equipped with large user-friendly easy-to-use quick-access push buttons that allow you to control the headset’s volume (8 different levels), search and change between any radio stations, and even store your favorite ones.

3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones
Peltor Radio Headset – Quick-Access Easy-To-Use Push Buttons

While these don’t come equipped with Bluetooth technology, they still feature a built-in AM/FM radio receiver that offers fast digital tuning, allowing users to listen to tons of radio stations and enjoy live soundtracks, sports casts, or even podcasts while working. The headset also comes equipped with a built-in antenna to prevent snagging on equipment.

Lastly, these also feature a 3.5mm auxiliary audio port that works as a listen only stereo input that’s limited to 82 dB. This allows users to connect their Peltor Radio Headset to external devices like their smartphones, a two-way radio, or even their iPod.


The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset only works with AA Batteries. The headset comes with a total of 4 AA Batteries. The Peltor Radio Headset can offer up to 40 hours of battery life.


Inside the box users will find: one pair of 3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headphones and 4 AA Batteries.

3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones
Peltor Radio Headset – Box Contents


Voice Guided Menu System & Customizable Radio Stations

The Peltor Radio Headset features a Voice Guided Menu System that will announce your selected radio frequencies (AM and/or FM), but also allows you to preset/store up to 5 stations (AM and/or FM) so that don’t miss any of your favorite stations.

Auto Power-Off

This Radio enabled Headset also comes with an automatic Power-Off feature that automatically turns off the headset after 4 hours of not using/pressing any of the headset’s easy-to-use quick-access push buttons. This is a great feature to have if you ever forget to turn off the headphones after taking them off, ultimately allowing users to save some battery.

Audible Low-battery Warning

The Peltor Radio Headset will always play an audible low-battery warning when batteries start to get low on power, allowing you always know when to change its batteries.


The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset protects you from potentially harmful workplace noises while letting you enjoy your favorite AM/FM radio stations. The headset’s built-in antenna and AM/FM radio receiver, fast digital tuning and ability to store stations makes it a perfect hearing protector that’s flexible and easy to work with.

This high attenuating hearing protection headset features a Voice Guided Menu System, Customizable Radio Stations (stores up to 5 stations), an Auto Power-Off function and an Audible Low-battery Warning.

The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset can be used in noisy industrial sites and manufacturing facilities as well as farming or landscaping activities. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, the WorkTunes Pro Radio Headset lets you have a more relaxed workday that’s free from loud noises while still including your favorite AM/FM radio stations.

3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones
3M Peltor WorkTunes Radio Headset

The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Noise Cancelling Radio Headphones is available in both headband and hard hat attached versions. Both versions come in one color model only – Black. To get access to the hard hat attached version you’ll need to contact 3M via their official website.

If you’re interested in getting them, each pair is currently priced at $80. You can get them directly from Amazon by clicking this link. However, if you would prefer to get them from a local store just access 3M’s official website and see in their Google Map’s integration where you can find them available. Lastly, you can also place a large volume order at 3M’s official website if you’re looking to get them for a small (or big) team of workers.