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Ways to Keep Your Gadgets Safe with a Bluetooth Tracking Device

People deal with security every day, especially when it comes to their daily essential items (keys, smartphone, wallet, etc.). That’s when having a Bluetooth tracking device can come in handy.

From the moment they wake up, people immediately check where they are, what time it is, and all the notifications from their social media accounts. In short, almost everyone holds their most intimate information about their daily shenanigans right at their fingertips.

From the start of the day to the time you hit the hay, security is something that everyone upholds with utmost importance. When losing little things like a car key, wallet, and phone, one can use a Bluetooth tracking device and find them instantly.

Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device - Track Your Keys
Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device – Track Your Keys

A tracking device is a universal solution to one of the common problems of habitually misplacing wallets, keys, or a phone. That is why to take care of things, especially gadgets and trinkets, security means they are always in plain sight and in reachable distance. But taking care of things shouldn’t be that excruciating.

A friendly way to track trinkets and small items

A Bluetooth tracking device is a tiny square or circular gadget that ranges between an inch to two and a half that can be fastened on a precious belonging. They can be attached to phones and tablets or even keys, remote controls, and wallets.

Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device - Track Your Wallet
Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device – Track Your Wallet

It works as an anchor where the owner will be able to track down personal items up to a two hundred feet distance, emitting an audible alarm when triggered. It uses smartphone connections and works on leading mobile phone platforms.

Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device - Set up to 5 devices within the App, with 17 icons to choose from
Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device – Set up to 5 devices within the App, with 17 icons to choose from

Bluetooth tracking is best used in situations where items are lost in roundabout distance from a person’s location – like looking for a missing remote control in between the sheets of the bed. Or using the small device when a phone was accidentally dropped in the crevices of the unlit spaces of a vehicle.

How a Bluetooth tracking device works

When activated, a Bluetooth tracking device will provide a loud alarm to instruct a person on the whereabouts of the stray possession. This means a person will also have a convenient option that allows them to track an item online. This is an excellent option to broaden anyone’s search and stretch the distance of foraging to get a more specific location of where the item is.

Bluetooth Tracking Devices use low energy, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0, to transmit data and to connect it to the application on the phone. It has a unique signature that can only be encrypted by the owner who set it up.

Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device
Safedome Bluetooth Tracking Device

Through this system, the tracker and the app will be able to recognize each other, assuring that breaches from other users will not transpire through the necessary permissions. Tracking small items has never been convenient with tools that give a solution to anyone’s absentmindedness.

With the advancement of technology today, tedious tasks can be a lot easier. Though it may seem like a small problem — losing your keys or any type of small item takes time and effort to search and may disrupt one’s day. Luckily, now you can use a tracker to make life easy.

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