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Lockly Secure Pro – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart Lock with 3D Fingerprint and Wireless Sensor

Smart door locks are electromechanical Bluetooth- and/or Wi-Fi-enabled door locks that can virtually lock/unlock most doors after installed. These are controlled by one main user via a Smartphone App, which allows that person to give temporary access to other people, ultimately giving the original user a smart and tech-enabled way of having a “smart open door” for his guests at any time, even when he/she is not physically there. One of the best smart door locks currently available on the market is the Lockly Secure Pro – if not the best, that is.

The Lockly Secure Pro is the world’s most advanced secure smart lock available on the market, and it was designed to work with most deadbolts and latches.

This smart door lock is an easy-to-use Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock solution that offers its users the highest level of security available, making it great for both Smart Homes and Offices.

The Lockly Secure Pro is controlled by its Smartphone Companion App (the Lockly App – discussed at the end of the article), which lets its users lock and unlock their door and create access codes for their family, friends and tenants. With your smartphone, you can easily monitor door access from anywhere in the world and securely control who comes and goes.

Let’s take a detailed look at the Lockly Secure Pro, check its design and specs, and see exactly how it works as well as everything it has to offer.


The Lockly Secure Pro is available in two different editions (the Dead Bolt and Latch Editions), as it was designed to work with both deadbolt and latch door locks.

Smart Door Lock - Dead Bolt and Latch Editions
Dead Bolt and Latch Editions

The Dead Bolt Edition measures 7.95 inches long by 3.36 inches wide (201 x 85 mm) on its front/outer side and 8.36 inches long by 3.6 inches wide on its back/inner side (212 x 91 mm).

Dead Bolt Edition - Measurements
Dead Bolt Edition – Measurements

The Latch Edition measures 7.02 inches long by 2.9 inches wide (178 x 74 mm), coming with a 5.94 inches long (151 mm) latch on its front/outer side and 7.38 inches long by 2.9 inches wide (199 x 74 mm), also coming with a 5.94 inches long (151 mm) latch on its back/inner side (212 x 91 mm).

Latch Edition - Measurements
Latch Edition – Measurements


The Lockly Secure Pro offers three (x3) different smart integrations, including a Secure Digital Keypad, a 3D Fingerprint Sensor, and Wireless Door Sensors.

Smart Door Lock - Three Smart Integrations
Three Smart Integrations

Secure Digital Keypad

No matter what edition you choose to go with, both units come equipped with a Secure Digital Keypad that, unlike other static keypads where the numbers are always the same, this digital keypad features Lockly’s patented PIN Genie Technology, which ensures that the keypad’s display is unique every time someone approaches your door.

Smart Door Lock - Secure Digital Keypad
Secure Digital Keypad

This is something that’s enabled within the Smartphone App, which is a feature called “Random Mode”.

Lockly Secure Pro - Secure Digital Keypad
Secure Digital Keypad

This ultimately assures that no one will ever be able to memorize your finger placement/finger positions as well as the key sequence and then use that to unlock your smart door lock.

3D Fingerprint Sensor

Furthermore, both Dead Bolt and Latch Editions of the Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock also come equipped with a built-in 3D Fingerprint Sensor.

Unlike other locks that use optical readers, both editions feature a built-in Capacitive Fingerprint Reader that stores your fingerprint and helps prevent the use of lifted prints.

Lockly Secure Pro - 3D Fingerprint Sensor
3D Fingerprint Sensor

This technology results in better speed and accuracy, granting access to up to 99 fingerprints in a split second.

Wireless Door Sensors

This last model/variation (PGH200 ADD-ON) of the Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock also comes with Wireless Door Sensors.

These offer you the ultimate peace of mind, meaning you’ll never again have to worry about whether or not you’ve shut the door.

Lockly Secure Pro - Wireless Door Sensors
Wireless Door Sensors

These wireless door sensors provide accurate information on the status of your door, whether it’s securely shut or still open, and will then provide you with Live Updates and Real-Time Alerts (discussed in the features section) via the Smartphone App whenever you need them.

This means that you’ll never again forget to close your door and leave it open, as every time you do, the Lockly Smartphone Companion App will ring and buzz your Smartphone, reminding you to go back and actually close the door.


When looking to install your Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock, it doesn’t even matter what edition you own, as both offer a super easy installation.

Both the Lockly Secure Pro Latch and Bolt editions offer a universal fit for both Right swing and Left swing doors, starting from 1⅜” to a maximum of 2″ thick.

The installation is actually really easy, should take you around 10 minutes only, and should go super smooth while following the company’s step-by-step instructions.

Take a look at the video embedded below to get an idea of just how easy it really is to install the Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock.


Offline Access Code for “No Wi-Fi Access” Moments

This smart lock was also designed to give your guest users secure access to your door whenever they have no access to your Wi-Fi network, meaning it also offers any guest users Offline Access Codes.

This means that you can connect with your guests and grant them access to your home even when you’re not there.

Lockly Secure Pro - Offline Access Codes
Offline Access Codes

The smart lock’s Offline Access Code feature allows you to send Access Codes remotely to your guests and grant them secure access to your home without ever needing to give them access to your Wi-Fi network.

After receiving the code, your guests can connect to the smart lock via Bluetooth and use that same code to unlock it.

Voice Assistant Support – Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

The Lockly Secure Pro’s Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub (the Wireless Door Sensors) is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to make your smart home truly complete.

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Support
Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Support

This features allows you to ask either Alexa or the Google Assistant questions like, “Is my front door locked?”, which right after will trigger your favorite Voice Assistant to give you a quick informative answer about your door’s status.

Real-Time Alerts and Live Monitoring

Lastly, as mentioned before, thanks to its Smartphone Companion App (discussed right ahead), this smart lock can also offer its users Real-Time Alerts and Live Monitoring.

This allows you to monitor your smart lock at any time and control who you want to give it access to, no matter where you are (works with the added PGH200 integration).

Wi-Fi enabled hub
Wi-Fi enabled hub

The smart lock’s Wi-Fi enabled hub connects seamlessly to your smart lock and its Smartphone App, providing you with live updates whenever you need them.


By using the Lockly App, which is available for free for both iOS and Android devices, users are offered flawless Smart Lock Controls that are super easy to use.

Lockly Secure Pro - Lockly App
Lockly App

This means that as soon as you have internet access with your smartphone, you’ll be able to control your Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock from anywhere, which allows you to lock and unlock your door at any time.

Lockly App - Lock/Unlock your door from anywhere, at any time
Lockly App – Lock/Unlock your door from anywhere, at any time

As mentioned before, you can also get Real-Time Smartphone Alerts/Notifications whenever you forget the door open or whenever someone opens/unlocks your door, as well as have the perfect way to Monitor your smart lock’s access with Detailed Access Logs.

Lockly App - Real-Time Smartphone Alerts/Notifications
Lockly App – Real-Time Smartphone Alerts/Notifications

The Lockly App allows the main user to freely distribute multiple eKeys (Virtual Keys). This means that you can give an eKey to anyone, wherever you are, at any time of the day, which ultimately provides your family, friends, and other guests with a keyless entry.

Lockly App - Distribute multiple eKeys (Virtual Keys)
Lockly App – Distribute multiple eKeys (Virtual Keys)

The same goes for the App’s generated Offline Access Codes, which can be shared with any of your guests, either as temporary access codes that you can disable at any time, or ultimately, as One-time Access codes.

Lockly App - Manage One-time Access codes
Lockly App – Manage One-time Access codes

And let’s not forget the smart lock’s built-in 3D Fingerprint Sensor, that, thanks to the Lockly App, can have its own virtual Fingerprint Profiles, which you can easily manage within the App.

Lockly App - Fingerprint Profiles
Lockly App – Fingerprint Profiles

You can easily name each Fingerprint Profile with the names of your friends and family members. After that, whenever you’re reading the generated Detailed Access Logs, you’ll always know who accessed your door via the smart lock’s Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor, and at what time of the day.


The Lockly Secure Pro is a Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock that comes with a Secure Digital Keypad, and a 3D Fingerprint and Wireless Sensors to provide you with the ultimate security experience.

By using its Smartphone Companion App, you can generate Offline Access Codes (used via Bluetooth) to give to your guests without having the need to share Wi-Fi access, as well as get Live Updates, Real-Time Alerts and Detailed Access Logs for whenever you’re looking to monitor the access to your door.

Furthermore, this smart lock offers Voice Assistant Support to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for a hands-free experience. Lastly, whenever you have Wi-Fi access, you can control the smart lock’s locking/unlocking functionalities from any place, at any time.

As mentioned earlier, the Lockly Secure Pro is currently available in two (x2) different editions (Deadbolt and Latch), which are both available in three (x3) different color models: Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Matte Black.

Lockly Secure Pro - 3 Different Color Models
Lockly Secure Pro – 3 Different Color Models

If you’re interested in buying the Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock, the Dead Bolt edition is currently going for $300, no matter what color model you pick, while the Latch edition is currently priced at $330.

No matter what edition and color model you choose to go with, your purchase always comes with a 2-year Electronics Warranty and a Lifetime Limited Mechanical & Finish Warranty.

You can order your Lockly Secure Pro online, directly from Lockly’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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  1. I do have one and it is the best smart lock iI ever had! All the features give here are accurate considering that it has multiple ways to get in with high-security standards. Not to mention its emergency-readiness if the battery dies! Its Innovative, User-friendly and Sturdy.

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