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Dyson will manufacture 15,000 ventilators to answer UK’s COVID-19 SOS Request

During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many different companies have been offering to build the much-needed ventilators that both hospitals and tons of other local medical systems need, as these medical resources are not only limited, but also costly. While some household car manufactures like General Motors, Ford and even Tesla have offered to build ventilators to help medical facilities deal with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, British technology company Dyson, who’s specialized in designing and manufacturing household appliances has also decided to step up to the worldwide emergency task at hand. As such, Dyson will manufacture 15,000 ventilators after UK’s SOS request.

Furthermore, the British company known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners might have an edge over other non-ventilator makers that’re aiming to help fight the new COVID-19 international pandemic, as it successfully developed its own medical ventilator, which the company simply named the “CoVent” device.

Dyson managed to bring its brand-new envisioned ventilator device to life within just ten days, all by using its current digital motor technology, which, according to CNN, had the company receiving a large order for 10,000 units directly from the UK government.

All ventilators within that order will be used to help UK’s National Health Service (NHS) fight the COVID-19 threat.

Dyson’s founder Sir James Dyson said in a letter to employees that the company’s new ventilator, the “CoVent”, “can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume,” while also stating that it was explicitly “designed to address the specific clinical needs shown by COVID-19 patients.”

Dyson's founder Sir James Dyson
Dyson’s founder Sir James Dyson

In addition, Dyson’s prestigious founder also promised to donate an additional 5,000 ventilators to help the world in its “international effort” to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, an effort that’s being made by many manufacturers across the world. From those 5,000 ventilators, 1,000 are included and reserved for the UK.

Dyson's founder Sir James Dyson
Dyson’s founder Sir James Dyson

According to Med-Tech News, Dyson’s brand-new “CoVent” ventilator is simply revolutionary, as it can be easily mounted on a bed, runs either on batteries or wall power and doesn’t even require a fixed air supply.

Dyson's CoVent Ventilator
Dyson’s CoVent Ventilator

Furthermore, this new ventilator is also efficient in conserving oxygen and even features a user interface that was designed specifically for healthcare providers, thus, making its use for them an easier and very intuitive task.

As it is already known by the general public, many COVID-19 patients end up developing severe respiratory symptoms, which ends up preventing them from breathing on their own. This ultimately means that for many of those patients a ventilator is mandatory for treatment.

For countries that were hit hard by the pandemic – like Italy and Spain for example – hospitals simply don’t have enough ventilators for every critically ill patient infected with COVID-19.

Sadly, that also means that with Coronavirus victims flooding those countries’ hospitals every day, that has put doctors on a tough spot, as they’re now forced to decide who gets to live or die due to the very limited amount of ventilators in each medical facility.

But it’s not all bad news, as a team of researchers in Australia have already figured out how the body kills the coronavirus. This should help labs across the world to develop a vaccine for this new Coronavirus disease at a faster pace.

Nonetheless, the UK government has been the target of many critics based on its extremely slow and disorganized response to the Coronavirus crisis when compared to other European nations.

However, none other than Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who just confirmed over a tweet that himself is infected with COVID-19, decided to personally contact James Dyson to ask for help in getting more ventilators for the UK.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

This caused existing ventilator and other medical parts manufacturers to criticize the request made by UK’s Prime Minister, having even one specific medical parts manufacturing company saying that “the government should have given funding to existing ventilator manufacturers, and existing companies like us.”

Dyson’s brand-new “CoVent” ventilator device still needs to be approved by UK regulators, but the company has already given its word of honor, stating that they’re committed to help get it through as quickly as possible.

According to one of the company’s spokespersons, CNN was told that “the race is now on to get it into production,” as Dyson’s representative also stated that the ventilators would be ready to go by early April.

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