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Motorola Edge+ is the company’s first High-End Smartphone in years – Revealed on April 22nd

While it definite took a long while for Motorola to get back to focusing on manufacturing high-end Smartphones, it seems like the company is finally ready for another go at the Smartphone market with its upcoming Motorola Edge+.

Lenovo’s consumer electronics and telecommunications subsidiary company has just recently announced an upcoming virtual “Flagship Launch E-vent” in which Motorola’s first high-end Smartphone in years will most likely be reveal.

Motorola’s online event will be taking place on April 22nd at 12PM Eastern.

The company made its announcement via a Twitter post during Monday afternoon (April 13, 2020, at 3:00 PM).

Furthermore, while there are a decent number of highlighted clues within its teaser video, fans can clearly see a sharply curved screen edge, which might be a hint for Motorola’s rumored Edge+ Smartphone, which has been mentioned a lot over the past few weeks.

However, no one’s yet 100% sure that Motorola’s upcoming high-end Smartphone will be called like that (“Edge+”), but at least, that’s what the rumors that are traveling around the globe have been suggesting.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the specs that are already known for the Motorola Edge+ Smartphone and check what the company’s new flagship phone is all about.


The recent rumors suggest that the “Edge+” will feature an eye-catching design. The latest leaks also indicate that Motorola’s upcoming Smartphone will feature “bezel-free” sides, coming with a 6.67-inch “sharply” curved display that will boast FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz high refresh rate.

Motorola Edge+
Motorola Edge+

Furthermore, and as is expected from a flagship Smartphone, the upcoming “Edge+” will also come equipped with a Snapdragon 865 chip at its core. Additionally, its processor will be paired with either an 8GB or 12GB RAM memory, depending on what buyers choose to go with.

Edge+ (Vertical Render)
Edge+ (Vertical Render)

These leaks also revealed that the phone will be running on Android 10 in its first iteration, just like all other Motorola offerings.

The recent rumors also suggest that the Smartphone might pack a powerful 108MP primary rear camera, as well as wide-angle and telephoto sensors.

Edge+ (Potentially equipped with a powerful 108MP primary rear camera)
Edge+ (Potentially equipped with a powerful 108MP primary rear camera)


According to the recent leaks, the Motorola “Edge+” will also be Motorola’s first Smartphone to come with support for 5G networks.


Lastly, the “Edge+” will be powered by a giant and super powerful 5,170mAh battery.

Obviously, given that this will be a flagship Smartphone, fast charging is most likely to be supported.


The upcoming Motorola Edge+ Smartphone will most likely feature a 6.67-inch curved display with FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate, a Snapdragon 865 chip paired with either an 8GB or 12GB RAM memory, a powerful 5,170mAh battery with potential support to fast charging, and support for 5G networks, all running on Android 10.

Furthermore, Motorola’s new high-end flagship Smartphone might pack a powerful 108MP primary rear camera, with wide-angle and telephoto sensors included.

Motorola Edge+
Motorola Edge+

It’s not certain when the Motorola’s upcoming flagship phone will ship, as well as how much it will cost. Still, the recent rumors suggest that the Motorola Edge+ is expected to launch in the US via Verizon and will also be released globally, which means that you’ll probably won’t have to try super hard to get your hands on one.

However, one thing is definitely clear. Motorola is, without a doubt, committed on reestablishing itself in the Smartphone market, which the company had been lately ignoring quite a lot.

Lastly, whether or not Motorola will be able to pull people away from rival products like the Galaxy S20, that’s a whole other question.

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