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BenQ PianoLight Review – Piano Eye Care Lamp w/ Auto Light On & Auto Dimming

While playing the piano requires tremendous musical knowledge, a vast amount of skill, as well as a tons of passion and countless hours of dedication, it all really starts with one very simple thing, and that’s having a proper light source that allows the pianist to see both his piano’s keys and music sheet. With the BenQ PianoLight, pianists can guarantee that their life passion is never shrouded by darkness.

As the company cleverly puts it: “Take care of your eyesight. Never neglect eye care for the sake of art.”

The BenQ PianoLight is the ultimate piano eye care lamp, featuring an extremely wide design that ensures that all of your piano keys are covered. Furthermore, not only does this state-of-the-art piano eye care lamp perfectly and entirely lights up your piano’s “keyboard”, but also delivers a balanced brightness over every corner of your music sheet.

Additionally, the BenQ PianoLight also features a very simple and intuitive interface, allowing pianists to adjust its light’s brightness and color temperature between many different variations so that they can have the right light settings for each of their music sessions.

Lastly, it also offers cool convenient features like an Automatic Light On that instantly activates the lamp when it detects that some one’s in the lamp’s vicinity, as well as automatic dimming focus illumination so that pianists always have the best illumination level that’s suited for the environment they decide to play in.

Let’s take a fully detailed look at this awesome piano eye care lamp and check everything it has to offer.


The BenQ PianoLight is a beautifully designed Dual color LED‎ piano eye care lamp that can fully illuminate each and every single key on your piano as well as your music sheet, illuminating both simultaneously thanks to its super-wide design.

BenQ PianoLight - Extremely Wide Design
BenQ PianoLight – Extremely Wide Design

The piano lamp measures 20.72 inches long by 4.87 inches wide by 13.67 inches tall (526.3 x 123.8 x 347.3 mm), weighing just 3.47 kg.

The lamp features a Power Input of 100~240V AC, working at 50~60 Hz, and a Power Consumption of 16W (maximum)‎.

This piano eye care lamp features a very durable build, as its body is mainly composed by aluminum alloy (and some smaller parts made of polycarbonate).

Super Durable Build
Super Durable Build

The lamp features a matte black aluminum alloy lamp head at the very top of its body, a gold-color anodized ball shaft at the very center (which allows users to swivel the lamp around with ease), and a matte black aluminum alloy arm that keeps the lamp’s built-in Dual color LEDs completely stable.

Furthermore, the BenQ PianoLight combines its perfectly measured weight with its built-in bottom cushion in order to ultimately minimize sound resonance.

The lamp also comes equipped with a protective non-slip rubber base that ensures that the BenQ PianoLight never scratches your piano, even when moving it around.

Additionally, the lamp also features a base groove design that was carefully envisioned to fit perfectly stable onto your piano’s soundboard, which once again, minimizes any sound resonance.

The BenQ PianoLight also comes equipped with a built-in infrared sensor that can easily detect the presence of the user (pianist), which will then trigger the lamp to automatically switch on the light as soon as a user sits down in front of it to play the piano.

The lamp also integrates a light sensor that allows it to automatically dim its focus illumination (lighting) so that pianists always have the best illumination level that’s suited for the environment where they’re playing.

The lamp’s package also comes with an included optional-to-use innovative light shield that can be easily attached to the  BenQ PianoLight to conveniently block the lamp’s light from shining into its users’ eyes (if it’s ever required). This super convenient attachment is great for shorter users.

Optional Light Shield for the ultimate eye care
Optional Light Shield for the ultimate eye care

While the lamp’s Glare Shield keeps your eyesight protected from its light shining directly into your eyes, its built-in aluminum alloy reflector and Total Internal Reflection Lens (TIR Lens) work together to evenly distribute the lamp’s light within your music sheet and all of your piano’s keys.

Unlike normal lamps, the BenQ PianoLight’s exclusive optical design shines evenly across your entire music sheet, and that includes both vertically and horizontally.

This extremely wide piano eye care lamp can offer its users an ultra-wide lighting solution for their piano playing days, providing pianists with a super wide 47.24 inches of horizontal illumination for their piano’s keyboard.

The lamp features a Color Rending Index of >95 and a Color Temperature that can vary between 2700~6500K, meaning it can offer up to six (x6) different color temperature settings.

6 Different Color Temperature Settings
6 Different Color Temperature Settings

The lamp’s illumination levels can reach up to 300 lux on both sides and 800 lux right at the center (at 22.55″/70 cm high.)


The BenQ PianoLight also features a very intuitive and super easy-to-use quick-touch interface.

BenQ PianoLight - Simple and Intuitive Quick-Touch Interface
BenQ PianoLight – Simple and Intuitive Quick-Touch Interface

From left to right, the lamp’s interface consists of its Color Temperature Increase and Decrease Buttons (used to swap between 6 color temperature adjustments), two Brightness Adjustment (Increase/Decrease) Buttons (to select one of 15 different adjustable brightness levels), and a Quick-Touch Power Button located at the very middle(can be quickly and gently tapped to turn the lamp On or Off).

Full Interface Settings
Full Interface Settings

Additionally, going from the middle to the right side of the lamp’s interface there’s a Presence Detection Button (can be tapped to turn on the Presence Detection functionality – discussed ahead at the features section), an Auto Dimming Button (to activate the lamp’s Auto Dimming Focus Illumination functionality which triggers the lamp to automatically adjust its brightness for different lighting environments), and a My Favorite Button (which can be gently tapped to select a user’s favorite brightness and color temperature).

Holding the My Favorite Button for a total of 3 seconds will create a new “Favorite” pre-set.


Auto Light On (Presence Detection Functionality)

As mentioned before, thanks to the lamp’s built-in infrared sensor, the BenQ PianoLight can automatically detect a user’s presence, which will force the lamp to automatically switch on its Dual LEDs as soon as a user sits down and gets ready to play the piano.

Auto Dimming Focus Illumination

Thanks to the lamp’s built-in light sensor, the BenQ PianoLight can also automatically adjust its brightness, which will depend on what lightning environment users will be playing their piano in.


The BenQ PianoLight is the ultimate piano eye care lamp, featuring an extremely wide design that ensures your entire piano’s keyboard and your music sheet are covered with a balanced brightness, and an intuitive interface that can be used to adjust the lamp’s brightness and color temperature, as well as to activate its Auto Light On function and Auto Dimming Focus Illumination function.

BenQ PianoLight
BenQ PianoLight

With it, no matter what level you’re at in playing the piano, you’ll always be able to ensure that you have the proper lighting settings for whatever environment you’re playing in.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $239. You can order your online, directly from BenQ’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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