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Halo Mini – High-Quality Illuminated LED Dog Collar

Whenever dog owners are looking to go out for a walk at dusk or late night with their four legged friend(s), there’s one very important thing that they should keep in mind before walking their dog(s) in the dark, and that is visibility. Dog walking at night can be somewhat dangerous, especially when only dog owners (and sometimes not even the owners themselves) wear eye-catching reflective gear. However, that doesn’t mean that dog walks at night have to be unsafe for both Fido and his beloved human. Thanks to the Halo Mini, dogs can now be safer than ever during their night walks.

The Halo Mini is a high-quality ultra-durable illuminated LED dog collar that can keep your four-legged friend(s) safe and visible during each and every single night walk, ultimately allowing dog owners to make their nighttime dog walks with their dogs fun and safe.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Halo Mini and check what this illuminated dog collar is all about.


The Halo Mini is a reliable illuminated LED dog collar that was designed for dogs of all sizes. As such, it is available in a total of three (x3) different size models, which are Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L).

The Halo Mini Small (S) model features a girth measurement of 13.77 inches (35 cm), making it perfect for dogs of smaller breeds (like Chihuahuas Affenpinschers, Yorkshire Terriers, etc).

Small (S) size model
Small (S) size model

The Halo Mini Medium (M) model features a girth measurement of 17.71 inches (45 cm), making it suitable for dogs of medium to large dog breeds (like Labrador Retrievers, Boxes, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, smaller Dalmatian dogs, etc.).

Medium (M) size model
Medium (M) size model

Lastly, the Halo Mini Large (L) model features a girth measurement of 21.65 inches (55 cm), making it perfect for dogs of larger to giant breeds (like English Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Komondors, Scottish Deerhounds, Neapolitan Mastiffs, etc.).

Large (L) size model
Large (L) size model

Furthermore, the Halo Mini also features a very simple yet ultra-durable design. This highly durable illuminated LED dog collar is made of weather resistant materials, making it 100% weather-proof and perfect for any weather conditions.

Whether it is sunny, raining or snowing, this ultra-durable dog collar can withstand it all. However, keep in mind that this dog collar is NOT waterproof, which means that, despite its weather resistant design, dog owners should be careful to never drop it in water or have Fido dive into a lake while wearing the collar.

When compared to other light up dog collars, the Halo Mini is a super lightweight and extremely visible dog collar, which will make Fido look “extra-flashy”; literally!

And, as the company cleverly puts it, “For Fido himself, looking awesome is simply a bonus.”

This dog collar is also super comfortable for any dog to wear, as it features no sharp edges at all, thus offering your dog(s) a very comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the collar also comes equipped with a quick-lock safety buckle that works as a super safe locking mechanism which ensures that the collar never comes out of your dog’s neck unless you actually intend to remove it.

Equipped with a quick-lock safety buckle that works as a super safe locking mechanism
Equipped with a quick-lock safety buckle that works as a super safe locking mechanism

This ultimately ensures that Fido stays visible at all times during your night walks.

Lastly, this illuminated dog collar features a 360 degrees reflective design, and as such, it can completely highlight your dog(s)’s presence during each and every night time walk with ease.

Halo Mini - Features a 360 degrees reflective design
Halo Mini – Features a 360 degrees reflective design

This way, the Halo Mini can make Fido notable to cars, bike riders, cyclists, and all other pedestrians, which ultimately means that your dog(s) will be completely visible and safe at all times.


The Halo Mini also comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide between 10 to 20 hours of battery life, depending on what Lighting Mode (discussed at the features section) is used.

Recharging the dog collar is also extremely easy, as all you have to do is connect its included USB Cable to the collar’s recharging port. After just a couple of hours, the collar’s internal battery should be back to a full charge.

According to the company, 1 hour of recharging should provide around 10 hours of battery life.


Dual Lighting Modes (Solid & Flashing)

The Halo Mini dog collar can be used in one of its two different “Lighting Modes”, which are Solid Mode – makes the dog collar’s LED lights featured a solid (static) illumination at all times – and Flashing Mode – which makes the dog collar’s LED lights quickly flash once every 2 seconds.


The Halo Mini is a highly durable, lightweight and weatherproof illuminated LED dog collar that can keep your dog(s) safe during your night walks, featuring 20 hours of battery life and Dual Lighting Modes (Solid & Flashing).

If you and your dog love to go out for night walks, then the Halo Mini Illuminated LED Dog Collar is the perfect gadget to have during your late night walks with Fido, working as the perfect solution to a common problem faced by many night-loving dog owners: visibility of their four-legged friends after sundown.

The Halo Mini is available in three (x3) different color models: Green, Red, and Blue.

Halo Mini - Available in 3 Different Color Models
Halo Mini – Available in 3 Different Color Models

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $42, now going for $29 each, and each order also comes with a 1-year warranty. You can order yours online right now, directly from Halo Belt’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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