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OmniPEMF NeoRhythm Headband – Neurostimulation Headband for Work Focus, De-Stressing & Sleep Relaxation

While having proper and regular sleeping schedules as well as other healthy habits (like not drinking, not smoking, etc.) can help you achieve the best healthy lifestyle you could possibly hope for, sometimes we just can’t help to feel too distracted, tired and/or stressed, no matter how hard we try to be healthy. That’s because it all starts with one thing, and that is obviously your brain. One thing is certain, if your brain can’t function properly, nothing else will either. That’s where a device like OmniPEMF’s NeoRhythm Headband can help.

The NeoRhythm Headband is basically a Neurostimulation Headband that’s designed to help you with Work Focus, De-Stressing, and Sleep Relaxation, as well as to help you with Meditation, to feel more energized, and to help you to handle any pain you might have associated with an health condition (past surgery, congenital disorders, etc.).

This Neurostimulation Headband is a one-of-a-kind (unique) medium intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (Mi rTMS) device that uses magnetic fields to stimulate specific brain areas with scientifically-proven frequencies (rest assured, we’ll also cover the science part in this article).

As such, the NeoRhythm Headband can ultimately help you to de-stress, focus, energize your body, sleep and meditate better and even manage any chronic or acute pain that you might have.

NeoRhythm Headband
NeoRhythm Headband


This Neurostimulation Headband is “the latest innovation in the rapidly developing field of neuroscience”, and that’s because it only uses a non-invasive magnetic method of neuromodulation to target those same specific areas of the brain, all the ultimate and single goal of helping users to reach a desired state of mind such as a relaxed sleep, deep meditation, relaxation, focus and more.

Let’s have a look at the NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband and check its design and specs, and figure out exactly how it works.


So, as a Neurostimulation Headband, the NeoRhythm is basically an MI (medium intensity) rTMS wearable device that uses scientifically-validated and safe PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology.

NeoRhythm Headband
NeoRhythm Headband

Wearing the device on your head is rather comfortable. Firstly, the NeoRhythm is super lightweight, wehighing just 3.70 oz. (105 g), and furthermore, not only does it feature a very versatile and flexible build that can fit any head size, but the device itself is also somewhat durable, and even comes equipped with some paddings on its inner side that make it extra comfortable to wear.

NeoRhythm Headband
NeoRhythm Headband

That’s about it, it looks simple and it is simple. There are no buttons whatsoever as the device can be easily activated by simple tap gestures (discussed ahead).


While there are many similar products on the market (like the Deltasleeper SR1 Sleep Device) that commonly use PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology to emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate and encourage your body’s natural recovery process, most of those “similar products” that are currently available can only deliver a weak pulsing electromagnetic signal to help users induce sleep, and that’s by producing a somewhat weak magnetic field with a maximum strength of 0.05 gausses.

Contrarily to those other “similar” devices, which are simply not as effective as the NeoRhythm (may I add), OmniPEMF’s NeoRhythm Headband uses slightly stronger medium-intensity magnetic fields with a maximum magnetic flux density of 20-25 Gauss (2-2.5 mT), thus making it the only device that can be effective up to an 3.14 inches (8 cm) distance from the device itself.

By using the package’s included Test Tube tool (equipped with a magnet), users can verify that the Neorhythm induces those same pulses (electromagnetic waves), all the way up to 3.14 inches (8 cm) from the headband.

Check out the company’s test video embedded below to see how you can perform this test.

Since the NeoRhythm is a bit stronger than any similar devices on the market (as mentioned above), its generated magnetic field is much stronger than those other devices (for example, around 500 times stronger than the one from the Deltasleeper SR1 Sleep Device).

That basically means that its beneficial effects are more long term (last longer) as well as more effective when wearing it over any other device.


Comparing the NeoRhythm to one other device – which is Neurovalens’ recently announced Modius SLEEP Headset – will allow you to understand some more of the NeoRhythm’s benefits.

The Modius SLEEP Headset – which can help its users to sleep better without using any medication – basically works by stimulating the vestibular nerve via electrodes that are adhered to the mastoid area behind each ear to then ultimately stimulate a particular area (by indirectly influencing an area on the hypothalamus, which is connected to sleep),

Contrarily to this other product, the NeoRhythm activates the largest brain stimulation area ever seen to date. That’s all because the NeoRhythm features more magnetic-field-producing coils than any other similar device available on the market.

To be more specific, the NeoRhythm comes equipped with a total of five (x5) magnetic-field-producing coils that are very strategically positioned.

Those very same magnetic-field-producing coils can both separately and in tune (working together) target specific areas of the brain (including the prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe) or spinal cord to offer any users the largest and most precise stimulation area given by any devices available on the market today.

That’s why, besides its featured “Improve Sleep Program”, the NeoRhythm can out perform any of those other similar devices, thus offering its users six (x6) more beneficial programs, which are Pain control, Theta meditation, Enhance mental capacity, Meditation for calming and synchronization, Deep relaxation, and Energy ad vitality.

While both the Deltasleeper SR1 Sleep Device and the Modius SLEEP Headset obviously live up to their standards, the NeoRhythm is just better. It’s simpler, stronger, and more beneficial when it comes to help patients to deal with attention/focus issues, any sleep problems or disorders (like insomnia for example), or even to deliver a better way of meditating.


Since the brain is the center of how we feel, behave and perform, the electrical footprint of its function is seen in the form of brainwaves, and those are in constant change, as it will strongly depend on what activity we are occupied with.

The NeoRhythm emits scientifically-validated dominant and accompanying frequencies to which the brain synchronizes itself with, thus creating a perfect mental environment for the desired state of mind.


Since the NeoRhythm produces those same scientifically validated dominant and accompanying electromagnetic waves at different frequencies, this finally brings us to THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE NeoRhythm, which was promised that we would analyze and discuss within this article.

So far, the Neorhythm was already confirmed by two double blind placebo studies that were conducted and lead by a few highly-qualified researchers, including Professor Igor Jerman and EEG Signal Processing and Electroencephalography Specialist Primoz Dovc (both from the BION Institute).

Those two studies were basically a Relaxation study (“Influencing Relaxation by a Low Intensity Transcranial Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation Applying the Entrainment Model) and an Attention study (“Enhancing Vigilance by Low Intensity Transcranial Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation Applying the Entrainment Model”).

The first study (Relaxation study) helped to prove that the NeoRhythm can successfully help anyone achieve a more relaxed state by applying an appropriate magnetic field stimulation of the head (low-intensity rTMS) without going for special psychological practices as well as without consuming any pharmaceuticals.

The second study (Attention study), which delivered outstanding results that demonstrated an overall enhanced relaxation with MF stimulation that was further improved by expectation ultimately helped to prove that the NeoRhythm can successfully help anyone achieved a balanced state of relaxation, as well as a better nervous energy conservation and better performance (reduction of errors) which basically results in a much, much better focus for work.


As mentioned, the Neorhythm’s design features absolutely no buttons. As such, the device is easily controlled by hand gestures.

All you have to do is simply tap it twice with yours fingers to start and stop any chosen stimulation.

Lastly, to choose any of its beneficial stimulation programs all you have to do is use its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (which we’ll discuss at the end of the article – just a bit ahead).


The Neorhythm doesn’t just target a user’s brain in general, per say. Instead, and as mentioned before, this MI (medium intensity) rTMS Neurostimulation Headband uses scientifically-validated and safe non-invasive magnetic PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology to target specific areas of the brain.

This allows users to wear this Neurostimulation Headband in one of five (x5) different positions to better reach the area of the brain that they’re looking to stimulate, and this will highly depend on what beneficial stimulation program they decide to go for.

Ultimately, by using the Neorhythm, users can reach a desired state of mind such as a relaxed sleep, deep meditation, relaxation, focus and more.


The NeoRhythm comes equipped with a built-on rechargeable battery that can offer up to 8~10 hours of battery life, depending on which one of its Stimulation Programs you use it for.

That means that its battery is strong enough to be there for you all through the night.

It’s important to note that if you are having any trouble keeping the device on your head while sleeping, you can simply put it under your pillow and it should would still do its job, because, as mentioned before, this Neurostimulation Headband is the only device that can be effective up to an 3.14 inches (8 cm) distance between a user and the device itself.

NeoRhythm Headband and its Charging Dock
NeoRhythm Headband and its Charging Dock

Recharging the device only takes you a couple of hours, and that can be easily done by placing the NeoRhythm Headband on top of its included charging dock (which is powered by a simple Micro-USB cable).


The OmniPEMF NeoRhythm Headband comes neatly packed inside a simple, yet sturdy package.

Original Package
Original Package

Inside each package users will find: their NeoRhythm Headband, the included Test Tube tool (equipped with a magnet), one (x1) Special Neorhtythm Storage Bag, the unit’s included charging dock as well as its corresponding Micro-USB cable, one (x1) Hard Reset Tool, one (x1) Adjustment kit, and an included User Manual.

Box Contents
Box Contents

The included Special Neorhtythm Storage Bag can be used keep the device’s 5-coil system safe and protected.


7 Different Stimulation Programs

Via its MI (medium intensity) rTMS non-invasive magnetic PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology the Neorhtythm can produce electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to allow users to benefit from one of seven (x7) different stimulation programs.

These include “Improve Sleep” (which helps you fall asleep quicker and sleep better), “Deep Relaxation” (which can help you to relax, calm down, and ultimately, to de-stress your body), “Build Mental Capacity” (which can help you improve your multitasking as well as boost your data processing), “Pain Control (which helps you live with chronic or acute pain without feeling it so much on a daily basis), “Deep Meditation” (which can not only help you to connect with your intuition, but also open your mind to learning), “Calm Meditation” (which is a great stimulation program for having a quiet focus and a clear mind – great for reading a book for example), and “Energy & Vitality” (which can boost a user’s energy as well as increase their vitality).

7 Different Stimulation Programs
7 Different Stimulation Programs


The NeoRhythm App is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

NeoRhythm App
NeoRhythm App

NeoRhythm App
NeoRhythm App

Via the App, users can easily select and enable any of the NeoRhythm Headband’s supported seven different Stimulation Programs, which can then run while users perform any other activities (like office work, relaxing activities like reading a book  or playing an accoustic guitar, meditation, sleeping, and more).


The NeoRhythm Headband is a Medium Intensity rTMS Neurostimulation Headband that’s designed to help you with Work Focus, De-Stressing, and Sleep Relaxation, as well as to help you with Meditation, to feel more energized, and to help you to handle any pain you might have associated with an health condition (past surgery, congenital disorders, etc.

NeoRhythm Headband
NeoRhythm Headband

This simple, yet super effective Neurostimulation Headband works by using scientifically-validated and safe non-invasive Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology to target specific areas of the brain.

NeoRhythm Headband
NeoRhythm Headband

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $329. You can get order yours online right now, directly from the OmniPEMF’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

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