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Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection & Bitdefender Small Office Security

For anyone working from either a company office or from the comfort of their home, it’s important to keep your “Digital Identity” protected, as that’s how you can ultimately keep your personal data safe and away from hacker’s with malicious intents. Furthermore, the same goes for not only small business owners, but also for their small businesses, since keeping your company’s information safe and sound is one of the few important things that allows your customers to trust your business, as no one wants their data leaked after a security breach happens on your side of things. This brings us to Bitdefender’s two most recently released data protection solutions, the Digital Identity Protection and the Bitdefender Small Office Security.

In case you haven’t yet heard about Bitdefender, this is a renowned Romanian cybersecurity and anti-virus software company that’s also considered to be a global leader by many tech. experts and famous tech. companies when it comes to cybersecurity solutions available on the market, and those are great for pretty much all of your personal devices.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at Bitdefender’s two recently released cybersecurity subscription-based services, the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection and the Bitdefender Small Office Security.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

Starting with the first of its two new cybersecurity solutions for protecting your data online, the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is one of the company’s new subscription-based services that’s designed to be used by one person alone.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection
Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

With this service, you’re basically offered the best possible way of Digital Footprint Tracking, and that will allow you to see just how much of your personal info has been stolen or made public.

Furthermore, you also get a Continuous Identity Monitoring so that you can always be alerted with notifications whenever any sensitive information related to your identity is in the wrong hands and/or shared in the wrong place. These notifications will allow let you know if any of your leaked digital footprint could leave your reputation at risk.

Lastly, those same notifications come in the form of Real-Time Alerts, which means that you can set the service to inform you whenever there’s a data breach of your personal information so that you can prevent account take-overs and social media impersonations.

How it works?

Thanks to its easy setup, no personal information other than your e-mail and phone number is needed to make the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection work. This would exclude the use of any of your sensitive data, which could include your SSN (Social Security number), bank account or even credit cards numbers. Not only that, but important records with sensitive information like travel documents, criminal records and medical records are also included.

By using your e-mail address and phone number only, the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection service will first search for any sensitive information associated to you in public records to start mapping your digital footprint.

The service then correlates all pieces of information linked to your identity and reveal what other people (including your prospective customers too), can see and know about you.

After that’s done, the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection will end up by showing you all the sources where your name, phone number, physical email address, jobs, educations, photos and URLs was found online, thus letting you know of all the places that might be linked to your identity.

Users will be able to visualize all their information publicly that has been exposed over the years. This obviously includes any important and/or sensitive data that can affect your online reputation.

Pricing and Availability

The company’s brand-new Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection service will allow you to add up to 3 phone numbers and 5 e-mail addresses per subscription.

If you’re interested in getting this service, each yearly subscription plan is currently discounted from its normal price of $70, now going for just $60 each (per year).

Bitdefender Small Office Security

Moving on to Bitdefender’s second brand-new service, which is called Bitdefender Small Office Security.

This is a multi-platform (meaning wide compatibility) cybersecurity subscription-based service that offers any small business owners a Next-Gen Digital Security solution that was designed to more easily protect their business center (office, etc.).

Bitdefender Small Office Security
Bitdefender Small Office Security

This multi-layer ransomware service will ultimately allow business owners to completely protected their office and keep any of their company’s sensitive data safe and sound, and as such, they’ll be able to prevent any potential data breaches from taking place, as this is the number one measurement that will help them keep their clients’ personal and financial data stored in a secured manner.

Just like the company’s renowned antivirus service, the Bitdefender Small Office Security also delivers an unbeatable threat detection method that can stop sophisticated cyber-attacks from exploiting your business.

Easy to Install

Furthermore, installing the service is also fairly quick and quite easy, as they will take you just a maximum of 5 minutes to set up the service, and the best part is that no IT skills are required whatsoever.

System Requirements

Additionally, this service actually runs in a very light way on your system, which means that barely any system resources are used, and so, productivity is never affected by system slowdowns.

Main Advantages

Even more, this service also offers an easy cloud-based management of your protected devices.

By using the Bitdefender Small Office Security, you can perform 100% safe online banking transactions, and you’re even offered a daily 200MB of VPN traffic for fast, anonymous and secure online activity.

Wide Compatibility

Lastly, and as mentioned before, this specific data protection service for business owners is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

Pricing and Availability

If you’re interested in buying the Bitdefender Small Office Security service, you can get it in either 1-year, 2-years, or 3-years subscriptions, and you can get it for either 5, 10 or 20 devices included in your business center (office, etc.).

The best two deals are a 1-year subscription service for either 5 devices (costing you just $50 instead of the original $100), or the same 1-year subscription service for a total of 10 devices (this one will also cost you just half of its original price of $150, meaning just $75).


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