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Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet + S300e (Self-Cleansing Seat) One-Piece Toilet

Self-cleansing toilet seats are awesome handy toilet accessories that usually include bidet-like functionalities while also integrating a heated seat element. Furthermore, these revolutionary toilet seats also usually pack a cleansing water spray that completely eliminates the need for toilet paper.  Since toilets can quickly become invisible fountains of dangerous bacteria, keeping your toilet clean is super important. That’s why Japanese company Toto Ltd., who’s simply the world’s largest toilet manufacturer (headquartered in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan) came up with its Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet, a high-end one-piece toilet that also integrates the Toto Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat.

With the Toto Washlet S300E you can keep both your toilet “sparkly-clean” and your family safe at all times.

Not only that, but its Toto Washlet S300E electronic automatic self-cleaning toilet seat also packs some very cool features like instant water heating, a built-in air deodorizing system that keeps your bathroom smelling fresh, and a warm-air dryer and cleansing water spray that completely eliminates the need for toilet paper.

Additionally, the unit also comes with a magnetic wall-mount and an easy-to-read illuminated remote control that empower you with 5 different spray settings as well as adjustable water and seat temperature settings.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at this Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet and its S300E Self-Cleansing Seat and check everything that this high-end one-piece toilet has to offer.


As mentioned before, the Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet is a high-end one-piece that also integrates the Toto Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat to seamlessly merge convenience, comfort and style together, which makes it the perfect upgrade for any bathroom.

Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet - Measurements
Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet – Measurements


The Carolina II WASHLET Toilet comes in an an elongated, beautifully sleek one-piece design, and the entire unit measures exactly 28.31 inches long (side) by 17.5 inches wide (the back part that stays against the wall) by 26 inches tall (719 x 445 x 649 mm).

This unit’s design is based on a universal height, and the Carolina II WASHLET Toilet is also ADA compliant, which means that this model was designed to serve people of every age and capability, without additional adaptation or specialization. This ultimately makes it easier for anyone to access it when compared to shorter, standard height toilets, and that ultimately means that this toilet model can be enjoyed by everyone, as it’s optimized to deliver the best possible experience.

When counting with its S300e Self-Cleansing Seat, the entire unit weighs a total of 122 lbs. (55.33 kg).

The unit also comes integrated with a 4 ft. power cord, but something really nice about it is that its concealed supply connection will offer you a seamless installation.


The sleek, skirted Carolina II Toilet can be quickly wiped down for hassle-free cleaning, as the toilet’s ceramic bowl comes fully coated by TOTO’s signature CeFiONtect glaze, which ultimately works as an ultra-smooth surface that helps to easily ward off any pesky waste residues.

At the same time, the Carolina II Toilet’s innovating electrolyzed water system (called “EWATER+”) – which uses no chemicals or cleaning agents – automatically sprays the bowl after each use to reduce waste and keep the bowl nice and clean. This ultimately provides a more sanitary experience than any other electronic bidet seat on the market.

Furthermore, this same EWATER+ is also used to clean both the inside and outside of the toilet’s self-cleaning wand, which automatically rinses itself before and after every use, thus ultimately providing families with peace of mind that microscopic waste has no place to hide. This high-end self-cleaning wand is made of an advanced resin material that’s guaranteed to repel any particles, as it fully prevents those from every adhering to the wand.

Lastly, the toilet’s bowl works with the company’s TORNADO FLUSH technology, which is based on two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action which greatly reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner than ever.

This special, powerful and ultra-effective flushing technology only uses a very generous 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush), which makes it a high-efficiency system that’s more effective in one flush than most toilets are with multiple flushes.


As mentioned before, the Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet comes with an included concealed supply connection for a seamless installation, as this toilet model was specially designed to hide its bidet seat’s cords and hoses from most viewing angles.

As such, the Carolina II WASHLET Toilet only requires a 120 V GFCI Outlet to work (as it already comes with a 4 ft. power cord included) and the entire unit is fully compatible with most elongated bowls and round bowls.

While this is a great feature, please keep in mind that the S300e bidet seat included in this system isn’t compatible with any non-WASHLET+ toilets.

Still, installing the entire unit is quite easy, as all you have to do is prepare your installation spot, install the package’s included WASHLET seat mounting bracket (so that the Toto Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat can be installed), and slide the unit’s S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat onto the bracket.

After that, just connect the system’s WASHLET water hose and your all done.

Installation is obviously done through-the-floor and your package will contain a super complete installation kit that contains literally everything you need to get the toilet system to work properly and flawlessly.


The toilet’s Toto Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat also comes packed with a ton of very convenient features, including a Heated Seat with Adjustable Heat Settings, Adjustable Sprayer Settings, Adjustable Nozzle Position, a built-in air Deodorizing system, a Warm Air Dryer, and a PREMIST System.

Furthermore, as it’s commonly seen on most electronic bidet seats, the TOTO S300e WASHLET equally offers both front and rear wash options.

Heated Seat with Adjustable Heat Settings

First of all, the Toto Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat comes equipped with a heated seat. Its heated seat’s temperature can be fully-adjustable to go according to its operator’s liking, as it comes with an integrated motion-sensor that can easily detect whenever the seat is occupied.  This sensor ultimatley helps the entire toilet system to know when it should run.

Not only that, but the TOTO S300e WASHLET offers instant warm water with its high-end built-in heating system. This allows the WASHLET to deliver its users of all ages an unlimited warm water supply that brings them the ultimate cleaning comfort for each and every wash.

Adjustable Sprayer Settings

As mentioned earlier, the S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat packs a lot of different wash features. One of those is a soft wash functionality, which uses an aeration process to infuse air bubbles into its washing/cleansing water stream, thus offering its users a soft and effective cleaning experience.

Furthermore, this self-cleansing toilet seat also features multiple adjustable settings for an optimal wash coverage. While a wide wash functionality provides users with an extra wide stream for extra coverage, an additional oscillating wash functionality can be used to force system’s cleaning water stream to move back and forth, thus offering even more coverage than the unit’s standard wide wash feature.

There’s also a pulsating wash functionality that causes the system’s wash stream to pulsate between strong and weak flows, and that happens multiple times a second.  This soothing wash cycle is can ultimately be used to help stimulate a user’s bowel movements.

Lastly, the S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat’s pressure controls ensure that the WASHLET’s pressure can be fully adjusted to its operator’s liking.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Unlike many electronic bidet seats that offer front and rear positions without featuring the ability to make additional adjustments to their nozzle’s position, the S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat literally does it all.

This ultimately allows the operator to get the system’s water wash stream pointed exactly where they want it to, all without having the need to adjust their body’s position within the seat.

Built-In Air Deodorizing System

Additionally, the Toto Washlet S300E also comes with a built-in Air Deodorizing System, which works by using a dedicated fan that pulls air through an active carbon filter to remove all unwanted odors, and this ultimately ensures that you always get the best and most pleasant bathroom experience possible.

Warm Air Dryer

Lastly, the Toto Washlet S300E also offers its users a warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings for maximum comfort. Not only that, but this Eco-friendly features also completely eliminates the need for any toilet paper.


There’s also a PREMIST System that works based on the company’s PREMIST Technology, which basically uses the toilet’s incoming water supply to spray the unit’s bowl.

This ultimately creates a slick surface that helps to prevent toilet bowl waste buildup so that the unit always stays as clean as ever.


As mentioned before, the entire system also comes with an included easy-to-read illuminated remote control that allows users to easily control the system’s 5 different spray settings and adjustable water and seat temperature settings.

Furthermore, the package’s included magnetic wall-mount makes it easy to store it once you’re done with business.


The Toto Carolina II WASHLET and Washlet S300E Self-Cleansing Toilet Seat consists of a high-end one-piece toilet packed with tons of convenient features like a Heated Seat, Adjustable Sprayer Settings, a built-in air Deodorizing system, a Warm Air Dryer, and more.

Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet
Toto Carolina II WASHLET Toilet

Additional features include a ceramic bowl fully coated with a CeFiONtect glaze that wards off all waste residues and a very low flush value of just 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush), a high-end flushing system that’s based on the company’s TORNADO FLUSH technology, the option to adjust the system’s nozzle position, and a PREMIST System that sprays the bowl before each use to ensure that all wastes slide down and never stick to the bowl’s ceramic surface.

If you’re interested in buying the Toto Carolina II WASHLET One-Piece Toilet with its S300e Self-Cleansing Seat, each unit is currently going for $2,433, and that comes with a 1-Year Warranty. You can order yours online, directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

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