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VIVA Recharge Travel Mug – Great Leak-Proof Mug for Hot/Iced Tea & Coffee

As the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic caused a huge dent on global economy, many different tech. companies were forced to have their employees working straight from home. As such, many of us have seen our “pre-work” morning routines getting shortened, as the need for traveling between work and home is now pretty much nonexistent for people working from home. Still, most of us still like to start our morning before our desk work with a delicious, empowering and revitalizing cup of coffee or tea, and that can be served either hot, or ultimately, iced, which is great for the Summer times. This brings us to the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug.

The Recharge Travel Mug is an awesome leak-proof mug that can be used to brew both tea and coffee, either hot or iced. Basically, this versatile and portable brewing cup ultimately solves the headache of over-steeping, leaking lids and maintaining the optimal temperature of your hot/cold drink (coffee or tea) until the very last drop.

Not only that, but since this revolutionary travel mug for brewing coffee and or ice is both compact and lightweight, that means that it’s also portable, which makes it great to brew you’re drink anywhere and at anytime. As such, the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug can ultimately be used to serve your favorite brand of tea or coffee to family and friends while you’re stuck at home, as well as during your daily commute, while you’re out at the gym doing your workouts and burning some calories, or ultimately while you’re on-the-go.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug and see exactly how its built and check everything it has to offer.


The VIVA Recharge Travel Mug was designed to work simultaneously in two different ways, including as a teapot, tea infuser and iced tea maker, as well as a coffee press. However, it also combines other methods, also working as a travel tumbler and thermos flask (i.e. insulated water flask) at the same time.

This basically means that people on a budget or who have little space in their home, can buy one product that allows them to do all of those things without requiring several different gadgets to do it.

As mentioned before, this makes the Recharge Travel Mug perfect for the home and home office, as its unique and versatile steeping technology allows people to enjoy loose leaf tea (or coffee), either hot or iced, at anytime and anywhere.

The Recharge Travel Mug features a very slim and compact design, measuring just 2.95 inches in diameter by 9.5 inches tall. Furthermore the Recharge Travel Mug is also super lightweight, weighing just 16.22 oz.

VIVA Recharge Travel Mug - Measurements
VIVA Recharge Travel Mug – Measurements

Furthermore, this versatile thermos flask was features a slim and ergonomic design that allows the Recharge Travel Mug to fit within most car’s cup holders, as well as to fit quite comfortably in your hand.

The entire unit is also quite durable, as it is made of premium materials. In sum, there’s a high-quality stainless steel cup, a tritan infuser, a plastic leak-proof cap, and a silicone seal ring at the top.

All of these premium materials are BPA-free (meaning that the unit is not made with the use of the organic compound Bisphenol A, making it perfectly safe to use for serving your tea and/or coffee), and as such, these sustainably-sourced materials ultimately allow you to maintain the essence of your premium tea leaves.

Additionally, the unit’s non-slip silicone base perfectly prevents your Recharge Travel Mug from slipping away on pretty much any surfaces.

The Recharge Travel Mug features a maximum capacity of 15.5 oz when using its infuser, or a total of 18 oz. of liquid capacity when you’re not using its infuser within it.

The unit’s infuser features a double-walled insulation that can keep hot liquids warm for up to 6 hours as well as cold liquids chilled for up to 24 hours.

The Recharge Travel Mug’s unique interchangeable Tea Micro-Filter Infuser was designed to handle even the smallest tea particles like hibiscus and rooibo, as it allows water to easily flow across your choice of tea leaves so that you can ultimately get the best delicious and revitalizing tea experience possible.

There’s also an included coffee filter that’s used to prepare coffee instead of tea.

The Recharge Travel Mug’s no-leak lid was designed with a doubling-sealing mechanism to make the unit completely leak-proof, even if the unit gets accidentally knocked over and/or flipped upside down.

Lastly, the Recharge Travel Mug’s can also be completely disassembled quickly and easily for a quick cleaning.


Since the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug basically works as an all-in-one portable coffee thermos and tea infuser that does it all, including hot tea and iced tea, hot coffee and iced coffee, while also working as a basic insulated beverage tumbler (even for water for example), users are offered complete control over a one-of-a-kind brewing experience with a super-quick steeping time.

Preparing Hot Tea

To prepare hot tea with the Recharge Travel Mug all you have to do is add a tablespoon of your preferred tea, then pour some hot water over your tea leaves all the way up to the unit’s upper water line and finish by inserting the Smart Brewer partway and let your hot tea-infusing steep between 3 to 5 minutes.

Then all that’s left to is to push down the unit’s Smart Brewer to complete steeping, and you’re ready to enjoy your hot tea.

Preparing Iced Tea

Preparing iced tea with the Recharge Travel Mug is also quite easy. Start by adding your tea leaves of choice and pour hot water just up to the unit’s lower water line.

After that, let your tea infusion steep between 3 to 5 minutes and after that time period has passed, insert the unit’s Smart Brewer all the way down.

Then, finish by locking the Recharge Travel Mug’s Smart Brewer, add a sprinkle of your preferred sweetener (white sugar, brown sugar, etc.) and finish by topping your tea mix with some ice cubes.

Then just give your iced tea mix a little shake and your ready to enjoy a cold tea drink.

Preparing Hot Coffee

As mentioned before, the Recharge Travel Mug can also be used to prepare some delicious hot coffee.

Start by adding just 2 tablespoons of your preferred ground coffee. After that, pour some hot water all the way up to the upper water line.

Then, stir your hot coffee mix for around 20 seconds and let the coffee brew for a total of 3 minutes. After those 3 minutes have passed, switch the unit’s tea micro-filter for the coffee filter and insert the Smart Brewer half-way.

Lastly, as soon as your coffee is finished brewing, just gently push down and lock the unit’s Smart Brewer.

After that, all that’s left to do is add some milk and/or sugar (if you so desire), and your hot coffee mix is ready to enjoy.


Inside each package users will find: their Recharge Travel Mug, one included high-quality medical grade stainless mug/cup, a tritan infuser, the unit’s Smart Brewing basket, a plastic leak-proof cap, and one included tea micro-filter plus one included coffee filter.


The VIVA Recharge Travel Mug is an all-in-one portable coffee thermos and tea infuser that does it all, including hot tea and iced tea, hot coffee and iced coffee, while also working as a standard insulated beverage tumbler.

With it, you can get complete control over a one-of-a-kind brewing experience with a super-quick steeping time for hot tea, hot coffee, and even iced tea.

All this makes the Recharge the most convenient and versatile tea maker that’s currently available on the market.

The Recharge Travel Mug is currently available in four (x4) different color models: Gray, Raspeberry (Wine Red), Mustard (Gold Yellow), and Mint (Light Green).

VIVA Recharge Travel Mug - Available in 4 Different Color Models
VIVA Recharge Travel Mug – Available in 4 Different Color Models

If you’re interested in getting your very own VIVA Recharge Travel Mug, all you have to do is visit VIVA’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (which, mind you, was fully funded just within the first 12 hours) and pledge a minimum of $39. Simply click the provided link to visit the company’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its recently released Recharge Travel Mug.

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