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HugPhones – Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones w/ Passive Noise Cancellation

For any loving parent that’s looking for a great gift for their young kids who are most likely passionate about both music and plushies, then the HugPhones might very well be what you’re searching for.

The HugPhones are the world’s first wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones available on the market.

However, not only are these super comfortable and plushy Bluetooth Headphones shaped as a panda teddy, they also come packed with a ton of tech. features like Passive Noise Cancellation, Color-Changing LED Ear-cups’ Logos, and even easy-to-use buttons that allow kids to go back and forth between their favorite tunes as well as change their music’s volume in order to protect all younger kids’ somewhat fragile ears and hearing health.

Teddy bear plushies are among the most popular gifts for both children and adults and are often given to people as a token love, congratulations, or even just sympathy.

As such, the company’s main goal to come up with the HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones was to allow anyone in the world, meaning both kids and adults, to have the most iconic plushy companion in the history of man – the Teddy Bear, of course, which can provide people with comfort and fun – completely innovated so that it could keep up with our modern lifestyle in 2020.

This basically includes any younger kid as well as any adult that wants to be able to listen to their music in almost every single situation, whether they’re just looking to have fun, for any time that they’re out traveling, when they just need a Teddy Bear’s friendly hug for some comfort, or even for when they’re having fun gaming while their favorite plushy is sitting right next to them.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the HugPhones and check exactly what the Panda Bear-shaped Bluetooth Headphones have to offer.


As mentioned before, the HugPhones are the world’s first wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones, and as such, they are shaped as a super cute and extremely cool panda teddy plushy that users can comfortable use on top of their shoulders and head.

HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones
HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones

The entire Panda Teddy measures exactly 16.53 inches tall (42 cm). While these headphones are still a patent pending high-quality product, they were mainly designed with their users’ comfort in mind.

As such, the HugPhones were designed with NASA aircraft safety technology so that they could have a perfect breathable fit so that the entire panda teddy could seamlessly sit on top of any users’ shoulders (meaning both kids and adults) without ever causing any discomfort. You’ll also notice that the company’s logo comes embroded on the panda teddy’s left foot.

In addition, the Panda Teddy’s Adjustable Arms (meaning the teddy’s actual arms) can be fully adjusted so that the HugPhones can easily fit all headsizes, including childrens’ smaller heads.

Furthermore, the entire panda teddy’s body is fully composed of a high-quality handpicked polyester material, meaning both for the panda teddy’s ultra-soft and high-quality outer surface as well as for its stuffing. While the HugPhones’ Panda Teddy features a super soft and fluffy material at it’s stomach that makes it super comfortable for users to lean their heads onto, it also features high-quality and ultra-durable Memory Foam within its panda legs.

The combination of these two comfortable features basically allows the HugPhones to be used as both a Travel Neck Pillow and as your personal Bluetooth headphones for music for whenever you’re on-the-go, working as a great 2-in-1 Travel Neck Pillow and Headphones solution for any traveler that’s passionate about listening to music.

Not only that, but as the HugPhones are basically Panda Teddy-shaped Bluetooth Headphones, they obviously also come equipped with dedicated noise-isolating earmuffs.

These high-quality earmuffs are extra thick, and as such, they make wearing the HugPhones around your ears a super comfortable and very immersive experience.

Additionally, the HugPhones also come equipped with a built-in carabiner (integrated at the top of the Panda Teddy’s back) that allows users to very easily hang their HugPhones on their backpacks.

Lastly, around the middle of the Panda Teddy’s back there’s also a hidden zipper pocket that can be used to store and carry around the HugPhones’ included USB Charging Cable and 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable.


Now, moving on to the HugPhones’ Audio Specs and Audio Quality, these Panda Teddy-shaped Bluetooh Headphones can offer its users a high-quality sound, and that even includes a reasonable punchy bass. Ultimately, users can get a pure, super-smooth, clean and crisp high-quality sound from these headphones.

As mentioned before, these headphones also feature Passive Noise Cancellation technology, which will ultimately allow users to have a more immersive listening experience for their music.

Color-Changing LED Logos at the HugPhones' Ear-Cups
Color-Changing LED Logos at the HugPhones’ Ear-Cups

Not only that, but the headphones also integrate some very cool Color-Changing LED Logos, which can be found right at the center of the headphones’ ear-cups. Thanks to its Color-Changing LED ear-cups Logos and cute design, the HugPhones are guaranteed to make anyone smile.


The HugPhones also feature a super simple Button Control Panel that can be used to fully control the headphones’ volume and music interaction (moving back and forth between your playlists’ songs).

As such, these super intuitive / easy-to-use buttons will allow kids to go back and forth between their favorite tunes as well as let them easily change their music’s volume.

Button Control Panel
Button Control Panel

While clicking the middle button once will turn the headphones “On” and have the ear-cups’ LED Logos light up, clicking it twice will disable the headphones’ Color-Changing LED ear-cups’ Logos light while having the headphones already On. This can obviously help users to save some battery life (discussed ahead).

Furthermore, the company also developed these headphones with kids’ hearing health in mind, and so, for their ears’ safety and in order to protect all younger kids’ somewhat fragile ears and hearing health, the company implemented a third functionality for that same middle button. As such, clicking this middle button three times will enable a 85-decibel optional volume limiter feature that will fully prevent hearing damage in small kids’ ears.

It’s important to mention that, according to several worldwide Health Organizations, 85dB is the maximum recommended volume level exposure for kids’ ears.

Lastly, clicking the back button a few times will allow users to lower the headphones’ volume, while contrarily to that, clicking the front button a few times will allow them to increase the headphones’ volume.

It’s also worth to mention that around the right side ear-cup users will also find an AUX Audio port for the headphones’ included 3.5mm Audio Cable as well as a USB port that can be used to recharge the headphones’ built-in battery via the included USB Charging Cable.

Now, for setting up the headphones’ Bluetooth Connection, all you have to do is turn On the HugPhones via their Control Panel’s middle button and their Bluetooth 5 Wireless Connection option will show up on your Smartphone (or any other Bluetooth-enabled device like tablets or Laptops) just a few seconds after.

Then it’s just a matter of selecting the HugPhones within your device’s Bluetooth Connectivity List of available Bluetooth devices and you’re ready to start rocking.

The video embedded below will show you both the entire Bluetooth connection process as well as all of the HugPhones’ control options.


Since these headphones are Bluetooth-enabled Headphones, they obviously come equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, which can offer up to 16 hours of active playtime / listening time.

On average, a full battery charge will offer you a maximum Stand-by time of 160 hours.

Charging the HugPhones is also as easy as you’d hope for, as all you have to do is connect the headphones to their USB Charging Cable and connect the cable’s other end to a power source. Then just wait a few hours and you’re ready to enjoy some more music with your new Panda Teddy friend.


Built-In Mic for Gaming & Voice Controls

It’s also worth to mention that the HugPhones also come equipped with a built-in Microphone that can be equally used to talk to friends on any voice chat (Discord for example) during your gaming sessions as well as for controlling your connected Bluetooth-enabled device (your Smartphone for example) via easy-to-use Voice Controls that are easily recognized by your selected Digital Voice Assistant (like the Google Assistant) for example.


The HugPhones comes neatly packed inside a cool- and cute-looking colorful package, along with their included USB Charging Cable and 3.5mm Audio Cable.

HugPhones' Package
HugPhones’ Package


The HugPhones are wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones that feature super comfortable thick ear-cups, a built-in mic, as well as Passive Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5 Connectivity and even an easy-to-use Button Control Panel.

The headphones’ 85-decibel optional volume limiter feature obviously makes this the perfect headphones choice for kids.

HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones
HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones

However, these are also great for any adults that love teddy bears and/or panda teddy plushies and are in need of a better and comfortable-to-use pair of headphones that they can use for their online video and voice conversations, for listening to music while they’re on an airplane, etc.

HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones
HugPhones Wearable Teddy Bear Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re interested in buying the HugPhones, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $129, now going for $95 (saves you $34). You can order yours right now, directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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