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ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler – Measure Anything with Ease

This one is for anyone that’s passionate about planning and completing DIY “Home Makeover” projects. Whether you’re completely remodeling you’re home, installing a new door and/or door frame, a new set of windows, remodeling your home entrance’s set of stairs or refurbishing your main staircase inside your main hall, all of those projects have one thing in common. Obviously, you’ll need to get the right measurements before starting each and every single one of your DIY Home projects, but in order to accurately get those measurements, you’ll most likely be needing a measuring tape. However, instead of relying on a standard measuring tape, consider giving the ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler a try.

The ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler is a compact and pocket-friendly ruler that is basically designed to work as a smart digital ruler that can be used to measure just about anything, and with it, you can completely change the way you measure things.

Ultimately, you can use this smart digital ruler to measure curves, lines, and a variety of surfaces that is compatible for major units of length. All you have to do is give it a simple roll and the ROLLOVA will provide you with an accurate measurement on its OLED screen.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this smart digital ruler and check how it is built as well as see exactly what it has to offer.


Starting with its design, the ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler is quite small, as it features a very compact design.

ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler
ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler

The entire unit measures just 2.04 inches long by 2.04 inches wide by 0.5 inches tall, which would relate to its thickness, in this specific case, (5.2 x 5.2 x 1.254 cm).

The ROLLOVA 2.0 is also somewhat lightweight, making it perfect to carry around inside your pocket whenever you’re planning to go for a DIY home project.

Not only that, but this smart digital ruler also features a super solid build, which means that the entire unit is very, very durable. That’s because the ROLLOVA 2.0 is mainly made of both a high-quality grade of Stainless Steel and a very sturdy and durable grade of Aluminium Alloy, while also integrating a few parts that are made of Nylon Plastic and Silicon Rubber, to not only give it some extra durability and extend its lifespan, but to also ensure the unit would be somewhat lightweight.

Within the center of the unit, tucked right behind the main stainless steel plate, users will find its dedicated 1.2″ Digital OLED Display, which is just as stunning as it is informative. This digital screen will always present your measured values in a bright blue color.

The ROLLOVA 2.0’s built-in digital OLED screen features a high-contrast ratio, offering its users a brighter display and greater energy efficiency than the original model.


As mentioned before, this smart digital ruler can measure curves, lines, and a variety of surfaces that is compatible for major units of length.

Since the ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler offers compatibility to measure in both inches (decimal or fraction) as well as in centimeters (decimal), this smart digital ruler can ultimately be used to measure up to 10 meters (when using the digital ruler in metric mode) or 83 feet (when using the digital ruler in inches mode).

Now, when it comes to the ROLLOVA 2.0’s measuring accuracy, the smart digital ruler features a Maximum Tolerance of exaclty +-0.4%.

As mentioned earlier, to use this smart digital ruler, all you have to do is execute a single motion and voilà. It’s literally that simple. Just give the ROLLOVA 2.0 a simple roll on whatever surface you’re looking to measure and this smart digital ruler will provide you with an accurate measurement (whether in inches or centimeters – depending on what you want to have selected) on its OLED screen.

As you keep rolling the ROLLOVA to measure a surface, object, or material, the unit will keep updating the measured value with an extremely accurate measurement right on its digital screen.

Thanks to this smart digital ruler, you can finally take the guesswork and confusing calculations away out of measuring just about everything, and that includes pretty much anything that you can think of, meaning flat surfaces, curved objects and anything else in between.


Lastly, when it comes to its battery and battery life, the ROLLOVA 2.0 is powered by two (x2) CR1632 Button Batteries (the unit will require at least one battery to work) and these two small batteries can ultimately provide users with a Maximum Standby Time of around 18,000 Hours (which basically means two years).

Be aware that these numbers may vary, depending on what battery brands you decide to go with, as well as the humidity and temperature of the place you decide to store this smart digital ruler in, as well as some other environmental factors.


The ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler is a compact smart digital ruler that can measure anything, either in inches or centimeters.

With this small digital ruler, you can ultimately change the way you measure things.

ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler
ROLLOVA 2.0 Digital Rolling Ruler

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $89, now going for $79 each (saves you $10). You can order yours right now, directly from Hozo’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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