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JerkDolls – Realistic Adult Games based on HTML5

JerkDolls is one of the best online adult games based on HTML5 available at the moment. It comes with excellent graphics and physics that will make it look realistic.

HTML5 Games Development is The Future of Mobile Games

When it comes to online mobile games, nothing beats HTML5. It’s truly the future for several reasons, but more importantly because it’s perfect for developing online games for mobile devices.

In this day and age, more and more internet time is spent on phones and tablets. In some countries and in some niches, more than 50% of the internet access is done from a mobile device.

So, it’s obvious to want an online gaming site with titles that will run well on mobile. Here are some of the reasons for which you might want to hop on the HTML5 express with your online gaming site.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the most mentioned advantages for HTML5 online games is cross-platform availability. You want a website with games that can be played on any device your visitor might use.

There’s nothing worse than finding a game you like only to find out your device can’t run it.

With HTML5, almost any device that can run one of the main browsers out there will be able to run HTML5 games. On top of that, cross-platform compatibility also means a higher conversion rate when it comes to monetizing your website, because you won’t lose any traffic.

Maintenance and Updates Made Easy

When it comes to updates, HTML5 does them all automatically. The user doesn’t have to manually update anything.

No more annoying messages and no more complaints from the players about their game not working because they forgot to update their browser. The updates to the games in HTML5 are done in the background and the developer doesn’t need any kind of permission from the end user.

On top of that, when developers make major changes in the games, they don’t need to resubmit it to the app stores or the gaming sites.

Ongoing Evolution

The popularity of HTML5 games amongst developers also means that the market for tools and tutorials is huge. Gaming developing software such as Canvas, Phaser or WebGL are continuously working to improve their products.

There are also lots of free tools you can use to create games, but more importantly, there are lots of tutorials that will teach you making tricks and tips on how to fix bugs or improve the end product. These tools and tutorials will help you create excellent graphics and amazing physics in the games.

One of the best projects I know in the online gaming world that used HTML5 is JerkDolls. I know it’s not exactly the kind of example we usually give, but you should take a look at it so that you can see how awesome anatomically correct bodies can look and move in a game that was developed on HTML5.

JerkDolls - Adult Games based on HTML5
JerkDolls – Adult Games based on HTML5

No matter if they are extreme porn games or simple puzzle games, HTML5 is what you should use. And if you’re not a developer and you don’t know anything about coding, but you want to start an online gaming platform, never go for anything else other than HTML5 games.

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