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Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light (FULL REVIEW)

Nowadays, most of us never seem to get enough sleep on a daily basis, and that’s mainly because of how connected our lives are to our smart devices. Take your Smartphone for example. These little pocket laptops have become such a big part of our lives that we even take them to bed (or bedside tables) with us at the end of the day. However, there’s a downside to that, and that’s the fact that our Smartphones’ blue light can become very sleep-disrupting. Nevertheless, there’s a new gadget out there that can be used to create an ideal sleep and wake experience right through your smartphone. Meet the Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light.

The Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light basically works as a Smartphone-enabled Alarm Clock and Therapy Lamp that’s not only equipped with a built-in LED Light but also with a digital Bedroom Monitor.

Its built-in LED Light virtually simulates the sun either as it rises or sets and the clock also features White Noises that are combined with the light’s simulated sunrise and sunset brightness levels to respectively help you to easily wake up or to easily fall asleep. Thanks to that, you can gently wake up to your personal natural sunrise simulation and have a relaxed time falling asleep to the device’s slowly fading virtual sunset.

This device is a clinically validated wake-up light that has been clincally proven to help you feel more rested and more energetic.

While the unit’s built-in sensors allow the device to measure your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels, your Smartphone retrieves and conveniently displays all of that data after it is synced to the Philips SmartSleep Light via its proprietary SleepMapper App, which then suggests different ways for you to improve your sleep space.

Lastly, there are also easy-to-use premium features to further customize the Alarm Clock like FM radio, power back up, USB mobile phone charging, AUX dock with quality speaker, full dim clock and smart touch display.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light and check everything that this Smartphone-enabled Sleep and Wake-up Therapy Lamp has to offer.


Starting with the Philips SmartSleep Light’s size, the entire unit measures exactly 8.8 inches long by 8.6 inches wide by 4.7 inches tall, and weighs exactly 3.36 lbs.

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light
Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light

While this is in fact a fairly large bedside table alarm clock, its soft and tilted donut shape gives this alarm clock model a really nice aesthetics.

Not only that, but the unit also comes equipped with a set of four (x4) high-quality and sturdy anti-slip rubber feet that ultimately give the device a very solid base.

Since this is an electric powered LED Light Alarm Clock, its obviously powered by a power adapter that comes with a 5-feet cord. This device is UV-free and features a Power Output of 18W at a 50/60Hz Frequency (and at a Voltage of 10-240 VAC).

It’s also worth to mention that the unit’s built-in LED Light can shine with a maximum brightness intensity of 315 Lux, accounting for a total of 25 Brightness / Light-Color Settings (discussed further ahead in the Features Section of the article).

That same built-in LED light also comes with a secondary feature that allows it to work as a night-light, which is one of the best features about this product, as its light’s illumination (its brightness level) won’t come up as a really bright light at first, so you don’t ever have to worry about having your eyes getting flashed when you’re waking up.

Lastly, as this device also works as a bedside table Alarm Clock, it obviously comes equipped with a built-in speaker that, despite not being a super high-quality speaker (let’s be honest, this is not really a Bose Home Stereo Speaker Unit or anything similar), it still offers a decent enough sound quality for you to wake up in a nice manner without having to deal with any sound distortion.

The Philips SmartSleep Light’s built-in speaker can be found directly at the back of the unit.


Now, moving on to the lamp’s interface. The lower part of the lamp’s donut-shaped front side features a digital control panel with interactive quick-touch control buttons.

By using these quick-touch virtual control buttons users are offered a pretty straightforward setup for the lamp’s alarm clock and LED Light’s brightness and light-color settings.

Touching the lamp’s initial single Home Button will allow you to go through a variety of deep and multi-layered digital menus that allow you to enable, disable and configure the several functionalities offered by this smart Sleep and Wake-up Light / Alarm Clock.

While its multiple digital buttons aren’t really labelled to more easily understand what each button does, they’re all still marked with easy-to-understand symbols (pictograph-style icons) that make using the unit’s interface quite an intuitive process. So, with that said, even if you aren’t that tech-savvy, you’ll still be able to get a hang of it.

The unit keeps its clean and simple interface concept at its backside as well, which is exactly where you’ll find its one single snooze button (right at the top of the device’s back-side).

This button can be used for turning off the alarm clock functionality. Clicking this button once gives you 9 more minutes of sleep before your customized alarm goes back on.

It’s worth to point out that this button will only turn Off the alarm’s wake-up sound and not its light (its virtually replicated sunrise), which will stay on until you’re completely ready to completely shut down the unit’s alarm functionality off (done by touching the unit’s frontal touch Control Panel).

Lastly, at the bottom left of the device there’s also a USB port that can be used for charging your Smartphone, as well as an AUX 3.5mm port close to it.


Double Alarm Configuration & Smart Snooze

The Philips SmartSleep Light allows users to set up to two (x2) different alarm configurations. As such, you can either use one for a weekly wake-up routine and one for a weekend wake-up routine, or, alternatively, if you’re happily enjoying the classic “couple life”, you can use both of those configurable alarms to set up one for each partner.

Both alarms can be configured by using the unit’s digital quick-touch Control panel or alternatively, by using the SleepMapper App (discussed further ahead, at the end of the article).

PowerWake Alarm

Furthermore, if the unit’s simple Smart Snooze alarm can’t do the job, the optional PowerWake Alarm feature combines the blaring sound of a traditional alarm clock with flashing lights to quickly get you out of bed and ultimately, to help you avoid oversleeping.

Brightness and Light-Color Settings

By adjusting the light’s length and intensity, users can easily tailor their waking-up and sleeping routines with the light’s Customizable Sunrise / Sunset and its accompanying soothing sounds, which should help to create a very pleasant and relaxing wake-up experience.

Since there are a total of 25 Different Brightness settings and a total of 4 Different Sun Themes, users can personalize their waking-up and sleeping routines each day and choose from a bright white sunrise of a crisp Nordic morning all the way to a warm pink dawn sun that’s typical from the Caribbean.

All of these settings can easily be configured via the SleepMapper App (discussed with more detail at the end of the article).

Light-Guided Breathing

Other than the Philips SmartSleep Light’s normal brightness and light-color settings, there’s also a Light-Guided Breathing functionality that can be used to help you relax so that you can ultimately have an easier time falling asleep.

Midnight Light

Since the unit’s LED Light can also work as a midnight light, if you ever happen to wake up during the night, you can easily turn On its midnight light functionality to be provided with a soft light that is just enough to let you find your way in the dark – without jarring your senses. This midnight light can be easily activated and de-activated with a few simple taps on the clock.

White Background Noises & FM Radio

While this alarm clock features a total of eight (x8) Different Wake-up Sounds and an additional four (x4) Relaxation Sounds, users can gently wake up to nature sounds or relaxing ambient music (respectively). Furthermore, if you prefer, you could also turn On your favorite local FM radio station, as the device also supports FM Radio.

At your set wake up time your selected sound will start to play softly and will then gradually increase in volume to your pre-set level within a few minutes.

The transition from sleep to waking is gentle, but intended to eventually get you fully awake.

AUX Port

Lastly, by connecting your mobile device or tablet to the AUX port you can ultimately turn the light into a dedicated speaker that can be used to easily play your music and fill the room with life.


After connecting your Smartphone to the Philips SmartSleep Light via its proprietary SleepMapper App, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices, users are able to check their Smartphone to get information about their bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels,

After the unit’s built-in AmbiTrack sensor measures each of those statistics’ accurately read information, the SleepMapper App will then suggest different ways for you to improve your sleep space directly at your Smartphone’s Screen.

This can include sleep tips, tricks, and myth busters that can help you improve your sleeping time and sleep quality.

As mentioned before, users can also use the SleepMapper App to configure both the unit’s Dual Alarms as well as its built-in LED Light’s brightness and light-color settings.


The Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light is a Smartphone-enabled Alarm Clock and Therapy Lamp that’s equipped with a built-in LED Light and a digital Bedroom Monitor.

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light
Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light

It allows users to gently wake up and easily fall asleep by virtually recreating a sunrise and sunset light while also letting users constantly and conveniently check their bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels via the unit’s proprietary SleepMapper App.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $200. You can order yours right now, directly from Philips USA’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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