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    Sun Mountain Sun Colter Vest – Ultra-Lightweight Insulated Vest for Golfers

    Fall golf is just around the corner. Since a new golf season is starting, a different type of weather from these past Summer days is quickly approaching. As such, all golf enthusiasts should start getting ready for some crisp fall mornings and chilly winter rounds. That being said, the importance of a good layering piece cannot be overstated, and so, Sun Mountain, the renowned pioneer company in the golf industry that’s headquartered in Missoula, Montana and greatly known for their high-quality golf accessories like revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts as come up with a brand-new, refined and innovative ultra-lightweight and insulated golf vest. In comes the Sun Mountain Sun Colter Vest.

    The Sun Colter Vest is a packable, ultra-lightweight and insulated golf vest that features 4-way stretch side panels, two hand warmer pockets, internal and external chest pockets (the internal pocket doubles as a stuff sack) and a zip-through collar with chin-guard.

    Sun Colter Vest
    Sun Colter Vest

    In a world filled with technical textiles promising moisture-wicking, breathability, mobility and more, it can be a bit overwhelming for any golf enthusiast to narrow it all down to the right option of golf outerwear for this upcoming fall golf season.

    However, with a piece that’s as promising as the Sun Mountain Sun Colter Vest, which not only helps you to keep a cool look while feeling nice and toasty, but also play confidently and feel like yourself, the choice isn’t that hard to make anymore.

    Now, let’s have a slightly more detailed look at this awesome insulated golf vest and check everything that Sun Mountain’s newer golf outwear piece has to offer.


    Starting with the vest’s simplistic, yet ultra-stylish design, the Sun Colter Vest features a very clean and unquilted appearance.

    At the same time, this thermal insulated golf vest was designed to keep your core warm, as it comes equipped with strategically-placed stretchable insulated panels that allow users to keep their core warm, as well as side panels with 4-way stretch that also ensure that you always have a slimmer fit and full range of motion.

    Sun Colter Vest
    Sun Colter Vest

    The outer layer of the vest also integrates a highly-durable water-repellent coating that causes rain to bead up and easily run off the vest’s surface.

    The Sun Colter Vest also comes packed with a total of four pockets, which include both internal and external chest pockets. As mentioned before, the vest’s internal pockets double as a stuff sack.

    At the same time, its two hand warmer pockets are extremely cozy to have your hands perfectly protected from chilly breezes while you wait for your turn to swing your club.

    Lastly, the vest also integrates a highly-durable and ultra-protective zip-through collar with chin-guard.

    What really makes the vest a great insulation and extra-layering piece?

    The Sun Colter Vest’s stretchable insulated front, back, and side panels are mainly made of a 37.5 insulation synthetic fiber that not only is completely chemical-free, but also is exactly what helps the vest to provide users with an extreme weight-to-warmth ratio.

    This special insulation fiber features a unique ability that not only allows the vest to easily absorb a user’s body heat, but also helps the Sun Colter Vest to quickly transmit any moisture out of the vest. As such, this special 37.5 insulation synthetic fiber keeps the body warm without ever causing the vest to overheat, thus allowing the Sun Colter Vest to be worn for longer periods of time as well as in a broader range of temperatures.

    Thanks to that, this outwear golf vest is not only perfectly stretchable, but also capable of offering its users full-protection against the wind so that you can stay nice and comfy warm during blustery conditions.

    Additionally, this special insulation fiber also resists odors and its insulating qualities never wash out or wear away.

    All that ultimately results in maintaining an ideal core temperature for both comfort (for more casual golf players), as well as to maintain a peak athletic performance (for more competitive golf players).


    The Sun Colter Vest is a packable, ultra-lightweight and insulated golf vest that features insulated stretch panels, two hand warmer pockets, internal pockets that double as a stuff sack and external chest pockets, and a zip-through collar with chin-guard.

    With a flawless design that’s focused both on keeping you nice and warm as well as allowing you to always have a full range of motion, this packable and ultra-lightweight insulated golf vest is the perfect go-to layering piece for your next golf morning during these chilly days.

    The Sun Mountain Sun Colter Vest is available in a total of four different color models: Black Steel Inferno (Dark and Light Gray outside and Dark Red inside), Navy Capri (Dark Blue outside and Light Blue inside), Platinum Inferno (Silver outside and Dark Red inside), and Steel Platinum (Dark Silver outside and Light Silver inside).

    Sun Colter Vest - Available in 4 different Color Models
    Sun Colter Vest – Available in 4 different Color Models

    If you’re interested in buying the Sun Mountain Sun Colter Vest, each unit is currently going for $120 each, no matter what color model you decide to go with. You can order yours right now, directly from Sun Mountain’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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