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NIRA Temp Wearable Smart Thermometer – Safe Temperature Monitoring during COVID-19 Pandemic

Fever is a common symptom associated with anyone infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. While most infected people tend to develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization, it’s still important to stay prepared. That’s because temperature measurement can help to determine if a person has an elevated temperature that’s potentially being caused by a COVID-19 infection. With that said, there’s a revolutionary and ingenious gadget out there that can easily help its users to effectively and remotely identify any unusual high-temperature situations. This brings us to the NIRA Temp Wearable Smart Thermometer.

The NIRA Temp is a wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time insight into a users’ temperature and then sends alerts at the first sign of a health concern.

The thermometer can be easily worn by simply going on a user’s skin just like a bandage and it works 24/7 by syncing it to its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (called the NIRA Temp App) to easily allow its users to remotely and effectively check their temperatures.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at this gadget and see exactly how its built, check how it works, and understand exactly what it has to offer.


Starting with this wearable smart thermometer’s design, the smart thermometer unit itself features a very small and compact design, and comes equipped with a cutting-edge microchip that works by using advanced laser technology to accurately read a user’s body temperature 24/7.


This wearable smart thermometer also comes charged with a 365-day battery life and works 24/7 in a water-resistant, comfortable design. As mentioned earlier, the NIRA Temp can be worn by using it just like a bandage, coming together with an included kit / set of applicable under-arm Axillary (armpit) patches.


This smart wearable thermometer works 24/7 by having it synced to its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (the NIRA Temp App) to remotely and effectively check a users’ body temperature to easily and conveniently gain important insight into early fever detection via customizable Smartphone In-App alerts.

Despite of its ultra-compact design, the NIRA Temp Thermometer is designed and assembled in the USA and is both FDA, HIPPA, DGPR and CCPA compliant with accuracy within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit (0.1 Celsius).



This smart wearable health gadget works by using a similar cutting-edge microchip technology that’s used in the company’s NIRA Skincare Laser, which is also the same advanced laser technology found in many devices used by dermatologists.

Thanks to that, this wearable thermometer can be used by both people and organizations to ultimately gain insight into early fever detection by receiving customizable Smartphone In-App alerts.

It’s important to note that around 146 million people in the USA work on campuses and/or facilities that require close social interactions. This includes students, healthcare workers, military personnel, and nursing home residents.

NIRA’s recently released smart wearable thermometer devices are intended to be used in conjunction with other protection measures such as face masks and reasonable social distancing.


NIRA Temp is applied under the armpit in the Axillary area with an adhesive bandage sticker. The axillary-area temperature is medically-accepted and accurate for medical decision making. The thermometer’s small size is not only focused on its users’ comfort but also makes the unit discrete enough to use so that users may ultimately wear it all-day long without disruption to their normal activity.


In addition to use with families and campus organizations, the NIRA Temp is applicable for use in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare organizations where the risk of disease spread is greatest, the risk to patients is greatest, and the need for constant monitoring is most valuable.

“Automated wireless temperature monitoring reduces bottlenecks as compared to manual monitoring at building entrances,” states Cindy Le, NIRA Temp Director of Marketing. ”And for healthcare workers, NIRA Temp enables real-time measurements without having to enter at-risk patient rooms saving time and personal protective equipment.”


Mainly, by using the NIRA Temp in different organizations / companies, employers can have access to data that helps them to protect all their employees against the spread of infectious diseases, which can not only include this year’s fast-spreading COVID-19 disease, but many other contagious diseases as well.

As such, the NIRA Temp Wearable Smart Thermometer can be used by employees from different companies to serve the company as an extra level of protection which may allow each organization to ultimately quarantine and treat sick members as quickly and efficiently as possible.


As mentioned eariler, this wearable smart thermometer is a reliable and revolutionary health gadget that works together with its proprietary Smartphone Companion App, called the NIRA Temp App, which can be downloaded for free for both iOS (coming soon) and Android devices.

After getting the device (the NIRA Temp Smart Thermometer) as well as a under-arm Axillary (armpit) patch from the packaging, simply place the patch on clean, dry skin near your armpit.


After that’s done, the NIRA Temp App will accurately detect the device within 2 minutes of placement. Once paired, assign the device to yourself or a loved one.

Then, the NIRA Temp App will allow users to get a real-time look at their temperature and get In-App Smartphone notifications at the first sign of an abnormal temperature.


The NIRA Temp is a wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time insight into a users’ temperature and then sends Smartphone alerts at the first sign of a health concern.

This is a great smart wearable health gadget for both families and companies to stay protected during the remaining times of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.


If you’re interested in getting this wearable smart thermometer device, this smart health gadget is available for both individuals and organizations. The NIRA Temp & Patches Bundle costs you $49 per bundle piece, and each package comes with a one-month starter supply of mounting bandages and free access to the unit’s proprietary Smartphone Companion App. Pre-orders for organizational devices include a 1-year subscription to the organization API and web-based organizational dashboard. Orders have already been scheduled to ship in volume since early August.

With a price of under $50 for a 1-year continuous-use device, the NIRA Temp thermometer is certainly something for organizations of any size to consider recurring to.

You can place your pre-order request online right now, directly from NIRA’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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