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Amscope IQCREW – Kid’s 85+ piece 120X-1200X Microscope & Camera Premium Kit

This one is for any parent out there that’s looking for their kids’ next birthday and/or Christmas gift. While kids toys allow our young ones to dive into the world of imagination and have countless hours of non-stop fun, there’s only so much kids can learn from playing with them. However, when it comes to educational gadgets, kids can not only have a blast interacting with them, but also learn a ton of new cool stuff during the process. This brings us to the Amscope IQCREW Microscope and Camera Premium Kit.

The Amscope IQCREW is an all-in-one 85+ piece 120X-1200X Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit for kids that also comes with its own exclusive Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software.

This all-in-one Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit with integrated exclusive Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software comes perfectly ready-to-go straight out of the box. Furthermore, this educational gadget was specifically designed to improve a child’s science and computer skills at the same time. It’s the perfect educational tool for all kids of ages of 8 or older.

Coming together with both blank and already-prepared microscope slides, as well as tools, vials, and even ready-to-start experiments – this kit includes literally everything your child needs to get started learning about microscopes and the world of microscopy.

By using this microscope and camera premium kit, kids can have a ton of fun learning about science, about specific microscopic specimens, and even improve their computer skills. This awesome and fully-interactive premium kit can be easily used either at-home or in pretty much any school lab.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the Amscope IQCREW and check everything that this cool kid’s microscope and camera premium kit has to offer.


Starting with the full kit’s design, the IQCREW Microscope and Camera Kit features a very simple and sleek design. The microscope unit itself features an ultra-durable and long-lasting all-metal frame that comes equipped with a forward-facing rotating turret.

Amscope IQCREW
Amscope IQCREW

This specific microscope comes equipped with an easy-to-use Focus System that includes higher quality optics, which basically provide kids, parents, and teachers with a precision focus experience. The microscope’s Focus System features a wide range of magnification-lenses that range from 120x all the way to 1200x.

Thanks to that, kids can easily get a clear view of whatever specimen they’re studying, all the way down to the cellular level.

Additionally, there’s also a single-use 20X eyepiece, which can be used for any specimens that do not require extra magnification.

Furthermore, the microscope also comes equipped with both a Natural Illumination Reflective Mirror and a LED Illumination Light. The mirror itself (located right under the stage) reflects all natural light onto the specimen that’s being studied.

Not only that, but if kids and their parents (or teachers) ever find themselves needing a bit more light, all they have to do is to simply rotate the mirror and that will trigger the microscope’s LED Illumination Light to turn on and greatly illuminate the specimen under study.

Lastly, the microscope also integrates a Rotating Four-Color Filter Wheel that can be used to conveniently enhance the contrast of specimens under study, which, obviously, should improve the viewing experience for both kids and their tutors (parents or teachers).

It’s also important to note that this Microscope Kit is completely battery powered, and it requires two (x2) AA Batteries to work.

USB 2.0 Eyepiece Color-Camera

As mentioned earlier, this premium learning kit for kids also includes a color digital USB 2.0 Eyepiece Color-Camera that conveniently allows children to easily connect the microscope unit to a computer (via the included Mini USB Cable) and then download or edit pictures of the specimens that they’re studying directly from the microscope.

The kit’s Camera is very easy to setup, as only 6 quick steps are needed to mount it onto the microscope and to get it running.

The kit’s Camera Quick Install Software (available for both Windows and Mac) is what makes the full kit (including its kid’s interactive and learning software) straight out of the box.

As stated earlier, the kit’s exclusive kid’s friendly patent-pending software allows for those specimens downloads with simplicity and ease, but this kid’s-friendly software also contains a Microscope How-To Section, as well as an already-prepared Sample Specimen Library, and an interactive real-time Specimen Image Editing Page.

Lastly, by recurring to the kit’s included Microscope Product Manual or the company’s Online Product Manual with already-prepared Experiments, kids and their tutors (either parents or teachers) are bound to have a blast learning together about the kit’s already prepared microscopic specimens.


Inside this Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit, users will find: one (x1) All-Metal Microscope and two (x2) AA Batteries (used to power up the unit), the kit’s proprietary USB 2.0 Eyepiece Camera, the camera’s respective Mini USB Connection Cable, an included Camera Quick Install Guide, a Product Manual with Experiments, and one included ultra-durable Hard-Plastic ABS Storage and Carrying Case.

There’s also a vast number of microscope accessories, including: a Graduated Vile, a Collection of Vials with Lids, a dedicated Micro-slicer, one (x1) Petri Dish, a 20X eyepiece (to use solely for specimens that do not require extra magnification), a set of Plastic Tweezers, a Stirring Rod, a Needle Point, a Plastic Scalpel, a set of Slide Covers, a set of Cover Slips, a Magnifier, a Straw, and an additional Replacement Bulb.

Lastly, this 85+ piece premium learning kit for kids also comes with a wide range of cool accessories for the experiments that kids will be running, and that includes: both a set of already-prepared Microscope Specimen Slides as well as a set of Blank Microscope Slides (which kids and their tutors can choose to prepare with new specimens), and there’s also a Shrimp Hatchery and a small sample set of Brine Shrimp Eggs, a small bottle of Eosin Dye, a small pack of Sea Salt, and a small sample of Gum Media.


The Amscope IQCREW is an all-in-one 85+ piece 120X-1200X Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit for kids that features an exclusive Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software.

This all-in-one Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit for Kids comes perfectly prepared and ready-to-go straight out of the box. It’s designed to improve a child’s science and computer skills and works as the perfect educational tool for all kids of ages of 8 or older.

Amscope IQCREW
Amscope IQCREW

The kit includes literally everything that kids need to start learning about microscopes, including both a set of blank and a set of already-prepared microscope slides, as well as tools, vials, and ready-to-start experiments.

I had a blast trying this out with my own kids. The microscope itself is of great quality, and the same goes for its magnification lenses, double-illumination system (reflective light mirror and LED Light) and its four-color filter wheel. Furthermore, the camera is ultra-easy to use, and its quick-installation guide makes it pretty straight-forward to use.

Overall, this makes for a great first learning microscope for your kids.

Amscope IQCREW
Amscope IQCREW

Lastly, the kit’s exclusive kids’ learning software made using the microscope with my kids a super-fun and very interactive experience, and it also made it very interesting and fun for them to learn about the specimens that we studied.

If you’re interested in getting the Amscope IQCREW Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit, each of these premium kits is currently discounted from their normal price of $199.99, now going for just $89.99 each (saves you one-full Benjamin Franklin, meaning a full $100). You can get yours right now, directly from AmScope’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

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