Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch (Honda Racing Limited Edition)

Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch

This one is for any horology enthusiasts out there that might just be looking for an affordable and high-end timepiece that offers both fashion and functionality for years to come. Meet the Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch.

The Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch is a special Honda Racing Limited Edition solar-powered wristwatch that features a unique design that draws its inspiration from racing tracks.

This brand-new Casion Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition Watch marks the fourth watch collaboration model between the renowned Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and Honda Racing, which is a specialized division from the Honda Motor Company that’s highly skilled in developing high-potential racing motorcyles.

Now, without further ado, let’s have a more detailed look at this unique and limited edition Honda Racing solar-powered wristwatch and check everything that it has to offer.


Starting with the watch’s size, the watch measures exactly 1.97 inches long by 1.78 inches wide by 0.40 inches tall / thick (50,2 x 45,4 x 10,3 mm), weighing just a measly 2.96 oz. (84 g).

Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch
Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch

Then, moving on to the watch’s gorgeous and ultra-discrete design, this special Honda Racing Limited Edition solar-powered wristwatch features a unique design that draws its inspiration from racing tracks (as mentioned earlier).

The dial’s special finish resembles an asphalt racing surface, while the red accents on its dial’s circumference and inset dials bring to mind the curbs on a racing track.

The watch’s black-ion plated bezel is made from carbon fiber. The outer side of its wristband is made of a highly-durable cloth fabric that also integrates Kevlar fiber inserts, making it capable of withstanding any weather conditions. Sitting on the opposite side, the inner side of the band is composed of a high-quality red leather.

The watch’s glass is also extremely durable, as it’s made from scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass with a non-reflective coating, and the watch features a 10 Bar Water Resistance Classification (according to ISO 22810), meaning that this watch is water-resistant up to 100m depth, thus making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

There are a total of three (x3) black-ion plated dials at the watch’s right side, which can be used to configure the watch’s seconds, as well as its stopwatch minutes and stopwatch seconds functionalities. These work with a ±20 seconds accuracy per month.

Additionally, the dial, wristband strap, and case’s back are all inscribed with the Honda Racing logo.

Moreover, the watch’s reliable and ultra-poweful Solar-Charging System makes it more practical than any traditional wristwatches. This is CASIO’s original solar-charging system, which converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power.

Below you can also find a table with the watch’s required charging times based on different light sources to support its daily used, and those values come listed within the company’s official energy specs sheet for the watch’s solar-charging system.

The watch’s operating time from a full charge all the way until it stops running should last you around 6 months (approximately).

As this watch is based on the concept of racing, the Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch also offers its users a 1-second stopwatch functionality with a measuring capacity of 29’59, and two different measuring modes that are Elapsed Time and 1st-2nd Place Times.

Lastly, the watch also features a Battery Level Indicator that users can use to conveniently check the remaining battery on the watch’s solar-charging system, as well as a dedicated Analog Date Display (hour, minute) that can be used for regular timekeeping.


It’s also worth to mention that this unique Honda Racing Limited Edition solar-powered wristwatch comes neatly packed in a beautiful and very special storage case / packaging that features the same type of discrete colors seen in the watch.

There’s also the Honda brand logo on the case, as well as both Casio’s logo and the Edifice Watch’s Line logo, and all that should, without a doubt, further excite any Honda Racing fans.


The Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch is a special Honda Racing Limited Edition solar-powered wristwatch that features a unique design that draws its inspiration from racing tracks.

Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch
Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch

Overall, I really enjoyed this watch. The design is simple, yet astonishing, as well as ultra-modern and super-stylish, but still discrete enough to be used at a regular basis, mainly thanks to its black and red colors.

The watch worked perfectly underwater and the same goes for its stopwatch functionalities.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for exactly $400. You can order yours directly from Casio’s USA official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.