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Zinus Comfort Support Pocket Spring Hybrid Queen Mattress

When it comes to our bedtime hours, the power of a solid night’s sleep can never be underestimated. Furthermore, sleeping on a premium and high-quality mattress certainly has its advantages, as every time you wake up, you’ll undoubtedly feel much better and more refreshed than when sleeping on a low-quality hard mattress. Lastly, while getting your daily night’s sleep on a premium mattress used to be quite costly, that isn’t necessarily the case anymore, as the dedicated e-commerce mattress and furniture company Zinus has several popular offerings of expertly designed mattresses available that can be ordered online and conveniently shipped directly to your door. Meet the Zinus Comfort Support Pocket Spring Hybrid Queen Mattress.

The Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress is a top-quality hybrid mattress that’s comfortable and affordable, featuring 4 different layers and a plush Euro top-side that help the mattress adapt to the sleeper’s body.

Overall, this high-quality hybrid mattress is guaranteed to always provide you with a restorative and solid rest that leaves you better prepared and more energized for your daily routine.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress and check everything that comes integrated within this high-quality hybrid mattress.


Starting with the mattress’ available sizes, buyers can go with one of two different sizes. You can either go with a 12-inch thicknesses model, or a slightly thicker version, which is a 13-inch thicknesses model.

The mattress is solely made of really high-quality materials, making it a great choice for anyone that’s looking for a reliable and high-quality hybrid mattress that’s available at a very affordable price. This hybrid mattress is quite soft at its top-side, and it’s also nice and thick to support up to two people comfortably and with no problems whatsoever.

Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress
Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress

The construction on it is very good that even when you sit on the ends of the mattress it doesn’t really sink down all the way, which is really good in my opinion. While trying the mattress for the first time, I noticed just how comfortable it actually was, and even found myself falling asleep for a short 10 minutes before waking up and realizing just how good this mattress really is.

Right at the top side of the mattress, you have a gorgeous and ultra-comfortable plush Euro top-side that helps the mattress conform to the sleeper’s body. Thanks to that, lying down on top of this luxurious hybrid mattress is a super-comfortable experience, and you’ll have no problem at all finding a comfy spot for your body to feel relaxed on.

Then, found right under that beautifully made ultra-soft plush Euro top, we have four different layers that compose the rest of this hybrid mattress’ technology (as mentioned earlier).

The Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress features a total of three (x3) dense and high-quality layers of ultra-durable and ultra-soft memory foam that come followed by one single specialized layer of pocketed springs. Right in the middle of its 3 memory foam layers, there’s the mattress’ main memory foam layer (for the 12-inch model it’s a 2-inch Comfort Memory Foam Layer, while for the 13-inch model it’s a 3-inch Comfort Memory Foam Layer).

Then, under the mattress’ 3 memory foam layers comes its single specialized layer of pocketed springs, which is the mattress’ last layer (meaning its bottom / base layer), which basically consists of an innovative independent coil system that ultimately helps the mattress to support any potentially tired joints in your body, as well as helping the mattress to accurately align your spine.

Additionally, the mattress’ innovative independent coil system has each of its steel springs individually wrapped, which ultimately helps the mattress to resist motion transfer from a partner while also providing customized support for your curve. That basically means that for anyone that sleeps with a sleeping partner, that second person won’t be able to push you out of your spot in case they are the type of sleeper that tends to move a lot during the night.

By having the mattress’ innovative independent coil system keeping your sleeping partner’s tossing and turning away from your side of the be, you are ensured to get an uninterrupted night of rest, each and every single night.

Lastly, it’s also worth to mention that all of the mattress’ three memory foam layers are made of the highest quality foam, which, in fact, are eco-conscious CertiPUR US Certified foams that are officially certified for durability, performance, and content, and also guaranteed to deliver you a high-quality restorative rest for years on end.


As mentioned earlier, Zinus is a dedicated e-commerce mattress and furniture company Zinus that will ship and deliver your online-ordered mattresses directly to your door.

Just like all of their other mattress offerings, the Zinus Comfort Support Pocket Spring Hybrid Queen Mattress comes expertly packed as a small and compact roll within a high-quality plastic bag, which then comes neatly packed inside a box.

Thanks to the mattress’ innovative compression technology, the mattress comes efficiently compressed into that same box, and thanks to that, buyers can easily maneuver it into their bedroom. To be completely honest, you’ll probably be as surprised as me when you see a huge Queen-size mattress such as this one being delivered in a box that was compact enough for you to easily and conveniently maneuver straight into your bedroom, where you can then have an easy time opening it up.

Ultimately, thanks to the way the mattress is shipped and comes packed, you’re guaranteed to not have to struggle with a big mattress on the way into your bedroom.

I actually loved the unboxing instructions, and also how funny they were, as I found myself laughing at the humor in them. Moreover, the instructions were also very clear and super easy to follow.

The mattress comes vacuum sealed inside two layers of plastic wrapping and rolled into its box.

Literally all you have to do after taking the mattress’ box into your room is to simply unbox it, carefully cut off its two thick layers of plastic wrapping without damaging the mattress, and slowly unroll the mattress. Then, the product pretty much does the rest by itself. As soon as you get the mattress out of its protective plastic wrapping, the product will slowly start coming to life as it begins to decompress, going from a 2 inch flattened mattress to almost a 12-inch one.

Just to make sure that the mattress slowly decompresses and expands to its full capacity, remember to wait around 72 hours (3 days), which is around the period of time that the mattress will finally have expanded to its original shape.

Once you see that the mattress is finally ready for use, you’ll also have an easy time moving it to its respective bed frame.


The Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress is a top-quality hybrid mattress that’s comfortable and affordable, featuring 4 different layers and a plush Euro top-side that help the mattress adapt to the sleeper’s body.

Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress
Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress

With its plush euro top and exceptionally soft, conforming foam layers that perfectly cushion your shape, it’s a high-end hybrid mattress that really knows how to take care of you. After spending just a few minutes cradled by this premium hybrid, you’ll quickly understand that it’s the kind of mattress that’ll be hard to leave in the morning.

Overall, I was very happy while trying out this new mattress, as it is actually quite comfortable and of very high-quality. But best part about it is definitely its super affordable price, which really won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

You can take my words for it. If you purchase this mattress you certainly won’t regret it. The mattress is extremely comfortable, just firm enough to support your body, yet still very soft and even feels amazing on your back.

Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress
Zinus Comfort Support Hybrid Mattress

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for either just $270 (for the 12-inch model) or just $287 (for the 13-inch model). You can order yours online right now, directly from Zinus’ official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

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