Where Does CBD Come From?

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CBD products have attracted a great deal of attention over the last few years and have quickly become one of the most popular natural wellness products on the market. A growing number of people use CBD products such as PureKana’s CBD Capsules and Oil Tinctures to improve mental and physical health.

PureKana’s CBD Capsules and Oil Tinctures
PureKana’s CBD Capsules and Oil Tinctures

Most of the attention surrounding CBD is on its long list of potential health benefits. In comparison, there is minimal discussion about what CBD actually is and where it comes from.

Many people are not aware of the different CBD types and how their quality and potency can vary depending on origin. Brands like PureKana offer their customers high quality and reliable CBD products, and they tend to be more open about where they source their CBD from. This information is essential as it can give a good indication as to what can be expected from a product.

So, where does CBD come from, and where in the world is the best CBD grown?

How Are CBD Oils Made, and What Is CBD?

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids which naturally occur within hemp and cannabis plants.

is the other prominent cannabinoid that people associate with cannabis, and it is responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects. CBD itself does not cause any psychoactive effects and has been linked to several potential health benefits.

Hemp and cannabis plants contain hundreds of different cannabinoids, including CBC and CBN, though in much smaller amounts than CBD and THC. To make the CBD products that can be found from brands like PureKana, the CBD must first be extracted from the rest of the plant matter.

There are a few different ways that CBD can be extracted from hemp plants. Popular methods include CO2 extraction, oil extraction, and liquid solvent extraction.

The type of extraction will determine whether the CBD is classed as being a full-spectrum or isolate product. Extraction methods can also be a big factoring in deciding the product’s final quality and its potency.

Most companies disclose the methods that they use to extract CBD from the rest of the plant. PureKana, for example, uses CO2 extraction, as it allows them to retain beneficial molecules from the plant without any damage.

CBD from the US

It is not just how hemp plants are processed that determines the quality of CBD products, but also where and how plants have been grown. Certain parts of the world are famous for producing higher potency hemp plants due to climate and soil.

In the USA, Kentucky is one state that produces rich hemp plants. It has a long history of hemp cultivation, with records of the first hemp farms being established in the 18th century. A combination of Kentucky’s climate and its mineral-rich soil result in high-quality plants. However, this can differ from farm to farm. That’s why it’s essential to buy from a trustworthy brand.

Many brands, including PureKana, choose to source their hemp plants from reputable farms in Kentucky, ensuring potent and safe CBD products.

PureKana's CBD Oil Tincture
PureKana’s CBD Oil Tincture

CBD from Europe

In the EU, hemp plants tend to be grown in the Baltic region, with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania being some of the larger suppliers of hemp within the EU.

The European Commission has set strict standards that must be met for CBD to be deemed EU certified. These requirements have helped to improve the quality of CBD products within Europe. When purchasing CBD predictions within the EU, it is always a good idea to look out for the term ‘EU certified CBD’ as this tends to indicate a higher level of quality.

What Are the Benefits of CBD, and Is It Worth Trying?

There has been a lot of varied research over the last decade focusing on CBD’s properties and their effect on the human body. These studies have helped shape the CBD industry, highlighting how CBD can be effectively used to treat many health issues ranging from stress to chronic pain.

A common area of research is how CBD can be used to improve mental health. One study found that CBD can help reduce anxiety symptoms when used regularly while also improving the quality of sleep. Using CBD products to manage conditions such as stress, focus and anxiety are two of the most common reasons people start using CBD. With these types of condition, Leaf Nation is a good line to explore.

The effects of CBD can also be used to treat and manage physical ailments, including chronic pain, as well as acne, and even inflammation.

Final Thoughts on CBD and Where It Comes from

People are increasingly looking to use CBD as a natural alternative to other products.

It is still not fully understood how CBD interacts with different parts of the body and the full scope of its effectiveness. When used as a general wellness product, there does appear to be benefits that make CBD worth trying.

In addition, it’s always worth checking a product to see where the hemp was grown and how the CBD was extracted. Information like this is often indicative of quality.

PureKana's CBD Oil Tincture
PureKana’s CBD Oil Tincture