Stryde Bike – Affordable High-End Studio-Quality Interactive Fitness Bike

Nowadays, most home gadgets come with amazing connectivity features that keep homeowners connected to the world outside, and that even includes fitness gadgets that are designed to be used at home. With that said, products like fitness home studios and high-end fitness bikes are now starting to come with additional connectivity functionalities that ultimately allow homeowners to ride them while staying connected to highly interactive live-streamed bike fitness classes, as well as to access their favorite Netflix content while they burn some calories, or even to surf the web while simultaneously pedaling on their fitness bike. This brings us to the Stryde Bike, a recently released high-end fitness bike that literally does it all.

The Stryde Bike is an affordable and budget-friendly high-end studio-quality interactive fitness bike that gives you constant access to live-streamed indoor cycling classes from USA’s top fitness studios right from the comfort of your home.

Not only that, but this budget-friendly high-end interactive fitness bike comes at a more affordable price that any other high-end home fitness bikes from competing brands that can offer you most of the same features as the Stryde Bike (or a few similar ones). Even more, thanks to its reasonably small footprint (meaning it’s required spaced), the Stryde Bike is perfect for small apartments.

Lastly, other than offering you a variety of app-based workouts and live-streamed indoor cycling classes from USA’s top fitness studios, this high-end interactive fitness bike can also stream your favorite Netflix content as well as provide you with access to the internet.

So, in case you’re still not convinced that the Stryde Bike is the perfect high-end home fitness bike for you, simply join us on our detailed review of this amazing interactive home fitness bike and check out everything that the Stryde has to offer you.


Starting with its the bike’s size, as mentioned earlier, this bike features a very small design, coming at a reasonably compact size, and as such, it measures 50 inches long by 24 inches wide, which means that it features a footprint of 4 ft. long by 2 ft. wide. The bike’s ultra-compact and versatile design allows the Stryde to fit nicely in living rooms, garages, or even bedrooms.

Stryde Bike
Stryde Bike

Additionally, the bike weights a total of 135 lbs., which are accounted by its 125 lbs. extremely durable welded powder-coated steel frame (which makes the bike’s build very sturdy), and its included 10 lbs. 21-.5-inch touchscreen tablet device.

The bike’s full-Black welded powder-coated steel frame with its few silver finishing touches give the unit a very sleek, stylish, and very discrete design that’s extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Stryde Bike
Stryde Bike

Now, let’s check the bike’s components. Starting right at the top of the bike, we have its pièce de résistance, which is none other than its included 21-.5-inch touchscreen tablet device. The bike’s included touchscreen tablet is powered by a Quad-core MediaTek MT8167A processor and this tablet also features an internal storage capacity of 16GB and a whooping 2GB of RAM for processing power.

Integrated 21.5-Inch Tablet
Integrated 21.5-Inch Tablet

Additionally, the bike’s included 21-.5-inch touchscreen tablet also comes equipped with two (x2) built-in speakers, and it also integrates a 3.5mm headphone jack port (for input) as well as Bluetooth connectivity (discussed further ahead). The bike’s included tablet runs on Android and comes pre-installed with the Stryde App (discussed at the end of the article), an Internet browser and several other Android apps.

Moving slightly further down, we have the bike’s high-quality, ultra-comfortable and ergonomic memory-foam handlebars, which come well-padded to ensure that your hands never hurt while working out on the Stryde Bike, and that also goes long-hour workout sessions.

Now, moving slightly further down, at the middle of the bike we have its Cushioned Sports Seat, which is in fact quite comfortable to use.

Then, right under the seat, coming installed right at the front side of its seat’s central support part, we have a small adjustment lever that can be used to loosen the bike’s grip on the seat in order to allow users to conveniently adjust the seat’s height.

As a friendly reminder, keep in mind that the bike’s seat height is supposed to be set at the same height that your waist and hips are located at.

Going even further down, we have the bike’s high-quality peddals, which not only are SPD compatibility, meaning that you can use them with SPB clips that can be easily and quickly clipped into any pair of cycling shoes that you have at home, but also include toe cages, and thanks to that, you’re also allowed to simply use regular sports shoes if you don’t want to purchase separate cycling shoes / spin shoes that come equipped with SPD clips.

Keep in mind that once installed, the peddals’ integrated toe cages should be pointing towards the front of the bike.

Lastly, right behind the bike’s SPD peddals, we also have the bike’s Magnetic Resistance Pedaling System, which is absolutely whisper-quiet.

To adjust the Stryde Bike’s Magnetic Resistance Pedaling System, we have a small Magnetic Resistance Adjustment Dial right in front of the bike’s cushioned seat, which can be conveniently used to choose between 100 different levels of magnetic resistance.


As mentioned earlier, the bike’s included 21.5-inch tablet also features internet connectivity, and supports both a 100 Mbps ethernet connection thanks to its built-in ethernet port, as well as the most common Wi-Fi wireless standards (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – ANT + wireless).

So, in order to access the bike’s Stryde App or even just to use the tablet’s pre-installed internet browser, you’ll obviously need to connect the tablet to the internet by using either your local Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.


When it comes to the bike’s setup / installation, the process is fairly easy, and should only take you around 40 minutes of time if you carefully follow the bike’s included assembly instructions. All of the bike’s parts come neatly packed inside a hard cardboard box that’s also very well padded inside.

While there’s an option for White Glove Delivery (meaning the company can send a professional to your home to help you assembling the bike (or even to do it for you in case that you’re not that tech-savvy or you just happen to have an injured hand/finger, etc.), I chose to do it by myself.

Keep in mind that due to the bike’s somewhat bulky weight it is highly recommended that you assemble the bike with 2 people.

Nevertheless, I’d once again like to highlight the fact that if you follow the instructions carefully and you take the bike’s installation reasonably slow, it should be fairly easy for you to assemble your Stryde Bike.

As mentioned earlier, thanks to the bike’s compact design, once your done setting up, you can easily have the bike on a small corner of any room in your house (including a living room, garage, kitchen, or even bedroom).



It’s important to note that the Stryde’s included tablet actually operates on an open-platform Android system, which means that other than using the Stryde’s App (accessible via a subscription-based membership), you can also download and use any of your favorite third-party Apps on the bike’s tablet (which should all be easily accessible via the tablet’s web-browser).

Additionally, the tablet’s pre-installed internet browser also gives you access to all of your favorite streaming services (including Netflix), or even to other fitness workouts (other than the ones that are provided to you via the Stryde App – which as stated before, requires you to pay a small subscription-based membership to be used).

Lastly, the bike’s tablet also comes with a few other entertainment Apps that are already pre-installed on it.

On-Demand Streamed Classes

The company (Stryde) has also partnered up with five of the most popular instructors and boutique fitness studios across the US in order to bring you the broadest selection of fitness classes, which will all be streamed directly into your bike’s tablet so that you can perform each and every single one of those fitness workout sessions right from the comfort of your home.

Currently, the company has partnered with five fitness studios that are located in the following cities:

  • High Ride Cycle (in Denver, Colorado)
  • Vibe Ride (in Atlanta, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan)
  • Ride House (in Dallas, Texas)
  • RedBike Studio (in Miami, Florida)
  • City Cycle (in Seattle, Washington)

THE STRYDE APP (Comes Pre-Installed on the bike’s tablet)

First of all, the tablet’s pre-installed Stryde App (which is the bike’s proprietary fitness App) comes with a free ride tab that you can access without a subscription, and this is where you can see all of your fitness metrics on top of a static image.

With the latest App release, you can display those metrics in a small window that will be running on top of any another application – so you can see how you are doing while accessing other content outside of the Stryde App.

Not only that, but subscribing to Stryde’s Membership will give you access to Stryde’s already-mentioned live-streamed classes with several top fitness instructors.


The Stryde Bike is an affordable and budget-friendly high-end studio-quality interactive fitness bike that gives you constant access to live-streamed indoor cycling classes from USA’s top fitness studios right from the comfort of your home.

Overall, this high-end interactive fitness bike has been wonderful to use for my current fitness routines, and that goes especially for a continuous week-by-week schedule where we currently find ourselves under a mandatory lock-down due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. To be perfectly honest, this might even be an “end-game” solution for my fitness game, as in the long run you can end up saving quite a bit of money instead of dropping your hard-earned cash month after month on a monthly-payed gym membership that’ll most likely only have you using lower-end fitness bikes.

Stryde Bike
Stryde Bike

Additionally, since this high-end interactive fitness bike currently comes at a more affordable price than any of its competitors, it just makes it a more reasonable choice to go with as your home fitness bike.

Lastly, there’s one last little thing that I also think it’s worth pointing out, and that’s the fact that the company has a dedicated Reviews Page for most of its users’ personal reviews of the Stryde Bike, which is something that I absolutely loved to see made available online by the company itself.

With that said, unlike several websites that usually just have one or two very short product reviews right at the bottom of their product pages, the Stryde Bike actually has a dedicated page for this, and all of those reviews are actually real, as you will quickly notice after seeing that people actually took their time to write about their personal experience when using the Stryde to achieve their fitness goals at home during this worldwide pandemic.

Keep in mind that while the bike is way more affordable than any other option that you currently have available on the market, you’re still required to pay a small subscription fee of $29.99/month if you want to have access to its live-streamed fitness classes when using the Stryde App, which, in my personal opinion, is a reasonably affordable subscription price, especially when accounting for everything that the bike has to offer you.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Stryde Bike, each unit is currently discounted from its original price of $1,750, now going for just $1,595 each (saves you $155), and this will be around $300~$500 cheaper than any other competing brands of high-end interactive fitness bikes, so that’s also something that’s very important to consider.

You can order your Stryde directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link here.