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FitNation Slim Line Treadmill – Folding Walking Treadmill w/ Safety Stop

As most fitness enthusiasts would most likely know, treadmills are one of the most popular types of home exercise equipment available. Overall, these simple home-gym units provide homeowners with a a straightforward and reasonably efficient aerobic workout. Not only that, but since walking, jogging and slow-paced runs are usually well tolerated by most individuals regardless of their fitness level, treadmills can ultimately be a great choice of home exercise equipment to go with, and that goes especially for those that are looking to start their fitness journey with simple, healthy, and easy to perform exercise routines. This brings us to the

The FitNation Slim Line Treadmill is a high-quality flat-folding walking treadmill equipped with an ultra-slim 5″ H base that features multi-speed adjustments for variable paces from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH.

Overall, this treadmill is quite easy to use, as it comes with an included Remote Control that offers users an easy way of configuring and adjusting the treadmill’s pace settings. Additionally, the treadmill also offers users a Emergency Safety-Stop Function that can be conveniently used at any time to immediately help users recover their stability.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the FitNation Slim Line Treadmill and check out everything that this walking treadmill has to offer you.


Starting with the treadmill’s exact size, the whole unit measures exactly 55 inches long by 25 inches wide by a very slim 5 inches tall. The treadmill’s Balance Bar (meaning its Support Bar) sits reasonably way, locked in an upright position at 45 inches tall.

FitNation Slim Line Treadmill
FitNation Slim Line Treadmill

Thanks to its ultra-slim and flat-folding design, the treadmill’s Balance Bar can be folded all the way down to sit at both sides of the unit’s rolling surface.

Since this walking treadmill is specially designed to fit conveniently in just about any living area, you can very quickly and easily fold it flat, which not only makes it easy to transport / carry around the house, but also very easy to store it in any available space, even under a tall couch or under your bed.

Alternatively, for times when you need to unfold the treadmill’s Support Bar in order to bring it back up, you can use it unit’s built-in Red Bar Release Lever, which is located at the right-side of the treadmill, and right under its Bar Hinge.

You can easily use the treadmill’s built-in Red Bar Release Lever by using your hand or your foot. As soon as the treadmill’s Balance Bar locks into its upright position, you’ll hear a click.

The treadmill itself is also reasonably lightweight, weighing just 66 lbs, so transporting it around the house isn’t hard at all. However, what really makes it easy for you to move the unit are the treadmill’s built-in rolling front wheels, which allow you to easily move the treadmill from one room to another.

Additionally, the treadmill also integrates a very generous walking deck that can support weights up to up a limit of 264 lbs.


Right at the front-side of the treadmill, we can find it its Power Cord Port, which comes integrated between its two rolling front wheels and right under its Display Panel.

The unit’s included Power Cord measures exactly 58 inches long, so you can have it away from your power outlets at a somewhat reasonable distance.

Right next to the treadmill’s Power Cord Port, we also have its Power On/Off button, which can be easily used to start up the treadmill’s system.

Lastly, this treadmill also comes equipped with a large built-in informational display screen at the top-side of its front-base that accurately displays the treadmill’s current speed, as well as the exact distance that you’ve walked so far, and also an approximate calculated value for the amount calories that you’ve burned through that same distance.

Below the treadmill’s built-in informational display screen, we also have its built-in Control Panel, which features some very simple and easy-to-use built-in Increase and Decrease Speed Buttons as well as a Power On/Off button.


Now, as mentioned earlier, this state-of-the-art walking treadmill features both slow-paced walking as well as fast walking speeds, which can range from 0.4 all the way to 3.7 MPH.

Moreover, while you can obviously use the treadmill’s built-in Control Panel to adjust the treadmill’s walking speed at any time, you could instead use its included Remote Control, which basically gives users an easier and more convenient way of configuring and adjusting the treadmill’s pace settings.

The treadmill’s included Remote Control works with a CR2032 battery. With it, users can easy adjust the treadmill’s walking speed at any time and fully customize their workout.

To use the unit’s included Remote Control, all you have to do is point it at either one of the treadmill’s two (x2) built-in Infrared Sensors, marked with a simple “IR” denotation at each side of the treadmill’s built-in Control Panel.


Emergency Safety-Stop Function

Now, while this walking treadmill obviously comes equipped with a built-in Balance Bar that allows users to easily support their body weight whenever necessary, this treadmill also features an Emergency Safety-Stop Function that can be conveniently used at any time to immediately help users to recover their stability.

The treadmill’s Emergency Safety-Stop Function works based on a simple Magnetic Safety Clip, which is required to have its Safety-Stop End connected to the treadmill’s Yellow Safety Port (which is found built into its Balance Bar).

As for the opposite side of the treadmill’s Magnetic Safety Clip, its Clamp End should be securely attached onto your clothing, just high enough that its attaching cord doesn’t hang down in a way that you can accidentally interfere with it.

After properly setting up both ends of the treadmill’s Magnetic Safety Clip, removing its Magnetic Safety Clip from its corresponding Yellow Safety Port will trigger the treadmill to come to an immediate stop. As such, if any users decide to move out of the treadmill by any reason, the treadmill’s rolling base will immediately stop working, right as soon as its Magnetic Safety Clip is disconnected from its Safety Port.


The FitNation Slim Line Treadmill is a high-quality flat-folding walking treadmill equipped with an ultra-slim 5″ H base that features multi-speed adjustments for variable paces from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH.

FitNation Slim Line Treadmill
FitNation Slim Line Treadmill

Without a doubt, this high-end walking treadmill is of great quality, and fairly easy to use. Both its built-in Control Panel and included Remote Control offer users an easy way of controlling the treadmill’s walking speeds, while at the same time, its Emergency Safety-Stop Function keeps users perfectly safe, giving them a realiable andd immediate way of helping them to recover their stability.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $899.00, now going for just $699.99 each (saves you just about $200). Additionally, each purchase also comes with a 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is a reasonably lenghty time-period to try it out if you ever need to swap it.

You can order yours online right now, directly from FitNation’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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