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Remedy+ Hemp Products – Great for Relaxation, Performance & Recovery

Nowadays, almost anyone worldwide has probably heard of CBD-based supplements. This beneficial component is derived directly from the hemp plant, and is mostly seen worldwide as a one-dimensional product that’s mainly used for therapeutic purposes. Now, while CBD is currently synonymous with simple health benefits such as rest, recovery, and relaxation, the truth is that this cannabinoid can still go so much further than what most CBD-based supplements on the market currently offer, more specifically when combined with other super ingredients. Furthermore, with so many hemp- and CBD-based supplements on the market, it can be hard for people to make informed decisions about what products are worth their money, and more importantly, about which of those products will actually make a positive impact in their life. On that note, we’d recommend the Remedy+ Hemp Products, as these CBD supplements aren’t just designed to merely take the edge off. They’re actually carefully formulated to give you an edge, whether that’s at the office, on the golf course, or anywhere else.

The Remedy+ Hemp Products are all-natural plant-based premium hemp products based on uniquely formulated blends that can help enhance your physical and mental wellness.

Remedy+ Hemp Products
Remedy+ Hemp Products

To be a little more specific, all of these all-natural plant-based premium hemp products from Remedy+ are designed to optimize performance and recovery by supplementing your body’s existing internal governing system. This concept is known within the CBD industry as the “entourage effect”.

In other words, the Remedy+ Hemp Products are specifically formulated for active, professional adults who seek to boost their performance and enhance their recovery from strenuous activities.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about what ingredients are used to formulate the Remedy+ Hemp Products, check out a few of the company’s most noticeable plant-based hemp products, and talk about the main health benefits that each of them have to offer you.


For the ingredients used to formulate all of these all-natural plant-based premium hemp products, it’s worth mentioning that all Remedy+ Hemp Products are formulated based on a combination of CBD oil, essential oils and other natural super ingredients.

Thanks to that, the Remedy+ Hemp Products can ultimately provide you with the perfect comprehensive lifestyle supplement, whether that’s for better relaxation, enhanced performance, or an improved recovery.


Thanks to their unique formula, these all-natural plant-based premium hemp products can be used by anyone that has high-performance lifestyles, no matter if you’re simply a business worker that’s trying to keep up with a busy daily schedule, or even if you’re a high-performing athlete that’s looking to get an edge over the competition.


Remedy+ Hemp Products
Remedy+ Hemp Products

Remedy+ The DROP

The DROP is a CBD tincture that delivers 550MG of broad-spectrum CBD per bottle (approximately 18MG per use) along with a proprietary blend of additional terpenes, cannabinoids, organic oils and other natural ingredients. In sum, the DROP is great tasting and the perfect way to jump start your day.

It contains MCT OIL, which is a special ketone-diet friendly ingredient that can help to promotes weight loss as well as to increases fat-burning, all while also working as a great source of energy.

Remedy+ The DROP
Remedy+ The DROP

Moreover, this all-natural and plant-based CBD tincture also contains organic essential orange oil, which is a unique ingredient that works as a natural mood booster, as it can greatly reduce anxiety and stress.

The organic essential orange oil used to formulate this CBD tincture is also rich in limonene, which is a special chemical compound that’s linked to inhibiting growth and promoting death of certain cancer cells. Moreover, this essential orange oil is also known to help improve your lung function.

Finally, the DROP also contains organic essential cinnamon oil, which is used as a natural remedy for fighting everything from colds to constipation, while also helping with stimulating blood circulation, improving digestion, and also reducing stress.

Remedy+ The SHOT

The SHOT is a special carefully formulated blend of nano broad-spectrum CBD that’s composed by vitamin B-12, caffeine, taurine, ginseng, ginko, and other powerful plant-based ingredients and terpenes that’ll provide you with the edge you need to take your performance to the next level.

First, we have its vitamin B-12 component, which is an essential vitamin that the body needs but can’t produce. The use of vitamin B-12 in this blend of nano broad-spectrum CBD greatly helps to boost your energy levels while simultaneously helping your body to produce red blood cells, all while also helping to maintain serotonin production.

Then, since the SHOT’s blend also contains some caffeine, it also helps to improve various aspects of brain function, including energy levels, memory, mood and reaction times. Moreover, the presence of caffeine in this CBD blend can also help to boost your metabolic rate and even increase your adrenaline levels.

Remedy+ The SHOT
Remedy+ The SHOT

Furthermore, there’s also a “splash” of taurine in this blend, which is considered an essential amino acid that can greatly help to maintain your body’s level of hydration and electrolytes in your cells. The presence of taurine in this CBD blend also supports the general function of your central nervous system and eyes.

In addition, the SHOT’s special blend also contains ginseng, which is considered to be a powerful antioxidant that not only helps promote energy, but also may reduce inflammation, and can even offer an improved brain functionality, including memory, behavior and mood. Ginseng can also lead to a strengthened immune system.

Finally, the use of ginko in this CBD blend – which is another powerful antioxidant that can help your body to fight inflammation – can also help to reduce high levels of anxiety as well as to improve circulation and overall heart health.

Remedy+ The RUB

Within the wide range of Remedy+ Hemp Products, we also have the RUB, which is an ultra-premium CBD topical salve specially formulated for any active adults seeking to manage symptoms associated with stress from physical activities.

Best of all, the salve also has a cool and soothing alpine scent that makes its general application even more pleasant and more enjoyable.

For its ingredients, this CBD topical salve is composed of castor oil, which is full of healthy fatty acids that are essential to promoting overall skin health while also helping to prevent wrinkles. In addition, castor oil also contains antibacterial properties, which offers your skin an even healthier layer of protection.

This unique CBD salve also has frankincense essential oil, which is believed to help strengthen and tighten the skin.

Remedy+ The RUB
Remedy+ The RUB

Moreover, the RUB’s special salve also contains menthol, which is used to provide a cooling sensation that can ultimately give you a temporary relief from both muscle and joint pain.

Then, the RUB’s formula also combines green tea leaf, which is known to be an overall great moisturizer and even an effective remedy for many dermatological conditions, as it’s known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin irritation and soothe minor cuts and sunburn.

The RUB’s CBD salve also includes white willow bark, which is rich in tannins and phenolic acids (two acids that are known to aid in cell regeneration), while also contains salicin (a bitter compound that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties).

Finally, the RUB’s formula also blends in some rosemary essential oil, which can greatly help to reduce tissue inflammation that could otherwise lead to swelling, pain and stiffness. In fact, rosemary oil has even been shown to be effective against rheumatoid arthritis.

Remedy+ The CAP

The CAP is a CBD-based softgel that aims to deliver 750mg per container (25mg per softgel) of broad-spectrum CBD along with 300mg (10mg per softgel) of Curcumin, which is a potent anti-oxidant that can neutralize free radicals that lead to aging and various diseases, and that’s also known to have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Remedy+ The CAP
Remedy+ The CAP

In addition, the Cap’s special formulation also contains a blend of other plant-based terpenes and oils chosen specifically for their ability to support recovery from physical activity and allow for a restful night’s sleep.

Remedy+ The BAR

Finally, we have the company’s uniquely formulated protein bar called the BAR. This CBD-based energy snack was carefully formulated to deliver the ultimate combination of performance and taste, as it combines both Chocolate and Berry flavors for great taste with a decent amount of hemp protein, which is a lean protein that greatly boosts our body’s energy metabolism rates.

Remedy+ The BAR
Remedy+ The BAR

It’s also worth noting that hemp protein doesn’t contain any cholesterol or saturated fats, containing only all 9 essential amino-acids, including those necessary for regulating brain functionality and the nervous system.

In sum, the BAR by Remedy+ was formulated to boost performance as well as to support an active lifestyle. That said, it can be taken with you wherever you go, no matter if you’re looking to snack on it at work, before or after a gym session, or even while exploring the outdoors.

Remedy+ The BAR
Remedy+ The BAR

Each the BAR protein bar has exactly 190 Calories, and you get a total of 12 Protein Bars per pack.


If you’re looking to get any of the Remedy+ Hemp Products, know that prices start at as little as $24.99 (for a pack of 12 Remedy+ The BAR) and go up to just $44.99 (for a bottle of Remedy+ The CAP).

It’s also worth noting that all the Remedy+ Hemp Products are already available nationwide through major retailers, including at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, K-mart.com, Sears.com, Tanga.com and Homvare.com.

Alternatively, you can also order any of your favorite Remedy+ Hemp Products online right from the Remedy+ official shopping page.

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