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    Pros and Cons of Video Gaming

    Many of us have loved playing video games like Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda. Video games are not just a pleasant way to pass the time; they may also assist players in developing some new skills. Excessive gaming, on the other hand, may have a negative impact on your health. Your eyes will surely be strained if you spend the entire weekend playing Super Mario Kart.

    Gaming addictions have also been linked to depression, obesity, sleeping problems, and stress, according to various studies. But while some studies focus on the negative effects of video gaming, many other studies show that it can have positive effects on players who, in addition to physical exercise, spend time playing video games that employ cerebral activities, decision-making under pressure, and are, by definition, a communal venture.

    Playing video games has been related to better cognitive abilities and some positive neurological effects, and it has no negative implications when accompanied by physical activity.

    As a result, we advise you to play video games to improve your cognitive abilities while simultaneously socializing with strangers and friends. You can play games and enjoy your time at home if you have a decent internet connection, such as Spectrum Internet. It’s useful when going outside isn’t an option, as it was during the quarantine. If you don’t already have a connection, simply contact Spectrum Customer Service and select your preferred plan.

    While playing video games at home is fun, due to the negative effects of excessive video gaming on your health, it is still important to play games in moderation. In the sections that follow, we will discuss some of the drawbacks of excessive video gaming as well as some of the benefits of gaming in moderation. So keep reading.

    Positive Impact of Video Gaming

    Following are some of the known positive impacts of online competitive gaming:

    1. Cognitive Abilities

    The game Neuro Racer was created by a research team at the University of San Francisco led by Adam Gazzaley, and it was tested on 40 individuals aged 60 to 85 to determine if it improved their attention, response speed, and cognitive function. The results were positive video gaming can assist gamers to improve their cognitive abilities. One reason for this is that our brains, like plastic, can be molded. We exercise our brains by developing focus, attention, and memory while playing video games to defeat our opponents, much as we exercise our bodies at the gym to grow muscles and improve muscle strength.

    2. Learning Skills

    Learning is the process of gaining knowledge through experience, study, or instruction. While many seniors see video games as a threat to their academics and education, research shows that they can actually strengthen cognitive ability. This is understandable when one considers that mastering a set of rules is a must for playing any video game.

    The flexibility of our brain permits us to adapt to new patterns and habits. We can learn the habit of consistency in real life while learning about new and challenging topics if we learn to stay consistent while solving a difficult level or beating an opponent in a video game.

    3. Social Benefits

    Humans are social animals, and social skills are necessary for our survival. While there are many ways for improving your social skills, many of them are tough and outside most people’s comfort zones as a beginner. Playing video games, on the other hand, can help you enhance your social skills or act as a first step toward becoming socially intelligent. Playing multiplayer games with friends and strangers might help you improve your social skills, especially if you can’t leave your house to meet people in person, as was the situation during quarantine.

    4. Multitasking

    Being able to do multiple things at once is a very useful skill. Imagine being able to complete the majority of your to-do list in a matter of hours. Video games may be able to help you multitask if you aren’t already. According to studies, playing action games like first-person shooting games can help you multitask better. This is for legitimate reasons. One reason is that you must defeat your enemy while also strategically progressing through the game while dealing with numerous audible and visual distractions. All of these activities stimulate your mind to develop multitasking abilities. You may now play your favorite games like Fortnite while also practicing your multitasking skills. Isn’t that also multitasking?

    Negative Impacts of Video Gaming

    Following are some of the negative impacts of excess video gaming:

    1. It can create psychological stress.

    Video games have the potential to become addictive. Other forms of psychological stress may emerge as a result. Gamers may experience low self-esteem, social anxiety, or even depression. Gaming too much might also lead to feelings of guilt and humiliation. Uncontrolled gaming can amplify the signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses.

    2. Long-term gaming can be harmful to one’s health.

    Gamers must be aware of how much time they spend sitting to play. Physical activity, exercise, and personal hygiene are all key aspects of maintaining good health. Gamers’ sleep patterns may also be affected as a result of their frequent use of screens. If you play video games for long periods of time, you can choose unhealthy foods like packaged chips to add to your worries.

    3. It has the potential to limit social connections.

    Chatting with someone while playing an online game is an entirely different skill from talking to a stranger in person. Gamers often play alone themselves, which can lead to social isolation. It may even force a gamer to disconnect from reality in order to focus on gaming.

    In Conclusion

    The advantages and disadvantages of video games demonstrate that they can have both positive and negative consequences. Gaming, like everything else we do, requires moderation. If you know someone who is suffering from a video game addiction, help them out and spread awareness of the need for moderation.

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