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Honbike HF01: Foldable Electric Bike with no chains

If you have never seen the Honbike Chainfree E-Bike then you better reconsider. Honbike was one of the first companies to implement chainless riding for its electric bikes. That means there is no chain to give motion from the pedals to the rear wheel. That chain has been replaced by a rotor system and a rod that turns around with special gears within the body of the bike.

That system is isolated from the rest of the environment and remains perfectly closed there until a Honbike expert performs maintenance. It’s one of the best and most energy-efficient ways to ride an e-bike.

We will see more about the colors and the shapes of these e-bikes to ensure that we are all on the same page and that everyone can easily buy and ride a Honbike chainless e-bike for his own use and wellness.

Shaft Drive Remains the Honbike Innovation

When you are looking at the specifications of the Honbike App HF01 there is nothing better to know than their patented shaft drive system. It’s a series of gears that you can handle from the steering wheel and give you access to 32 different speeds. That is a gearbox that gives you more power to ascend a steep hill or even descend one when the rain has started.

Honbike HF01
Honbike HF01 – Close-up Picture of the bike’s back-wheel

With the shaft drive you can easily remove your feet from the pedals and let the internal electric motor be in charge. That innovation has brought Honbike to the absolute top ranking among its competitors and increased the interest for the products across the world.

Chainless Drive Is Easier

You should know that chainless riding is a lot easier than the traditional one. That happens because there is a lot less friction between the chain and the other moving parts. Not to mention that the transmission of energy from the pedals to the real wheel remains smoother than ever before in the past.

People are easily educated to know what chainless riding means. They cannot interfere to the internal rod and axis that gives the motion to the rear wheel, but they can certainly ensure that the chainless driving will give them enough energy to move themselves around without the need to spend extra from the battery.

Honbike E-Motor Is Brushless

E-motors are supposed to become brushless according to the new EU obligation that has started in early 2022 and get implemented in most member-states from this spring. That means e-bikes manufacturers should promote the use of brushless motors that are not moving with internal belts. In this way there is no reason for energy spoiling and overconsumption.

That brushless motor type has first seen in the electric bike tools that were fully remote and rechargeable. This motor requires fewer charges to work, and the moving parts stay together and react to the electro-magnetic power. The internal field is enhanced by the currency tension inside and gives more rotational power to the motor. In other words, a brushless motor is more efficient for the rider, and the same time will not need more maintenance than a regular one.

The motor will also need no lubrication which may increase the costs exponentially and make people think they are paying more for their e-bikes and the way they need to treat them.

Shop Online with Worry-free Service

Another innovation brought by Honbike would be the online purchase of virtually all the e-bikes that are now manufactured and promoted by the company. Even though, Honbike is exploring partners with physical stores worldwide; it still has been expanding the online network to cover more people from any part of the world.

You can easily ask for monthly payments through your credit card to have your Honbike delivered at your doorstep without the need to make any journey to the physical store and vice versa. The foldable design gives you the chance to move them around with you any time you need to go to some exotic place for vacation. You can also order all the various accessories online and that is a tremendous help to the riders from the Honbike website owners.

Honbike Is Lighter Than Regular Models

It’s great to know that Honbike remains lighter than the other popular models now in the market. That happens because Honbike uses premium technology with certain light metallic alloys. These alloys use aluminum and titanium as their primary metallic component. For that reason, Honbike is the lightest e-bike now marketed online and gives you more chances to brag among your friends and fellow workers.

On the other hand, you have the chance to commute in the public transportation units with your Honbike and cover greater distances. This light model gives you full credibility and allowed to check-in to such means of transportation, since it’s lighter than others and ensures you will be thrilled with its ease of use and flexibility.

Honbike Comes with Minimalist Design

Finally, comparing with normal e-bikes of over 250 parts, Honbike has only 57 parts, easy to assembly, easy to replace, and saved a lot of energy form production to transportation. Fewer parts mean less energy consumption for machining, transportation, and assembly.

What’s more, we use integral die-casting technology from the automotive industry to produce our frames, forks, and wheel hubs, eliminating the need for welding and heat treatment processes required to produce traditional bicycle components, greatly reducing the consumption of production energy.

Having a chainless e-bike means being free to go anywhere you like without less trouble. And that is the Honbike mission to give people the freedom they want!

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