Best Live Casino Technology Providers in the Gambling Industry in 2022

As most casino lovers are probably aware of, the online casino industry has grown tremendously within the past few years, for which it ultimately evolved into one of the most profitable business models in the Gambling Industry. Now, it’s no doubt that technology played a very crucial role in the success of many online casino websites. While players that are completely new to the world of online casinos might not first associate casino websites with technology, the online casino industry can very well be considered one the main industries that uses technology in a more innovative way nowadays. In fact, online casinos have become so popular around the world that many casino websites ultimately had to hire game developers to create Mobile Apps for their online casino games. Still, while technology has made it extremely easy for gambling enthusiasts to play casino games online from almost anywhere in the world for as long as they have a reliable Internet connection, the design of both Casino Websites and Mobile Casino Apps mainly depends on the live casino technology providers that those platforms are directly associated with.


Essentially, live casino technology providers are the companies who have invested heavily in Casino Software within the recent years in order to ultimately guarantee that gamblers all over the world can have access to the highest quality online casino games possible.

That said, it’s quite obvious that developing an online casino platform nowadays would be literally impossible without having those said companies or organizations (i.e. those live casino technology providers) available, who mainly specialize in Casino Software.

While live casino technology providers are quite experienced in more basic things such as developing an overall selection and availability of different casinos games (as well as those games’ software performance), these companies that are specialized in Casino Software have so much more to bring to the table than just that.

From Virtual Reality and different security methods, to data modeling, and all the way down to predictive analytics as an intense form of customer relationship management, the world of online casinos has seen a huge boost in the level of technology that’s used just to run casino websites today.

A great example of an online casino website that runs on these said technologies would be Betiton, which is a thoroughly regulated live casino online in Ireland that offers some of the very best live casino games that you can find available today, with their casino game options ranging from live roulette, blackjack, and more. In addition, the company behind Betiton also runs a live Sportbook online that allows sports fans to place live bets on some of their favorite sports.

In addition, it’s also important to consider whether or not each casino website is in fact backed by an official casino license, as that can further help to assure players that the gambling activities performed in their casino websites of choice are indeed regulated. One great example would be, which consists of a list of Swedish online casino websites in which Swedish players can safely perform their casino gambling activities without any concern.


With all that was already said, it becomes obvious why any online casino website heavily relies on live casino technology providers just to have a well-rounded online casino available for players all over the world to play on and enjoy whenever they so please.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that because of how many new casino websites there are today – who in fact all rely on said companies / organizations that specialize in Casino Software – there’s actually an excessive number of casino software providers in the Gambling Industry.

As such, choosing the right online casino software provider is utterly important, as that may ultimately have a significant impact on how appealing an online casino’s website is, not only to potential new players that might visit that website at any given moment, but also for their most loyal players.

Nevertheless, it’s not that easy to design Casino Software for online casinos, as all online casino players tend to expect truly high-quality visuals, along with cutting-edge web development features, and also flawless sound effects.


Listed below, you’ll find a simplified, yet still thoroughly detailed ranking-list of the best five (x5) live casino technology providers that currently have some of the best possible Casino Software available within the Online Casino Industry.


When it comes to Casino Software, Microgaming is one of the most well-known names in the world of online casinos, and for good reasons. Formed in 1994, Microgaming has built an outstanding reputation within the Casino Industry, as it was the first organization to supply Online Betting Software to bookmakers.

To put it simply, Microgaming is a renowned live casino software provider that’s mainly known for delivering high-quality visuals for many different types of casino games, along with flawless compatibility in its online Casino Software to its many different clients that run online casino websites.

It’s exactly due to the fact that they were one of the first organizations to offer such services that many people see them has the “Father of Online Casino Software.”

In more recent years, Microgaming has also made significant “waves” in its efforts to establish its place among rival Casino Software companies, for which they released thousands of casino games and hundreds of varieties of different types of casino games within those recent years.

For the Casino Game titles produced by the Microgaming, those include: the very famous Mega Moolah casino game, along with Game of Thrones-themed casino games, as well as the Jurassic Park slot machine, and that’s just to mention a few.


Playtech is another leading online casino software company who has been certified and licensed by the AGC (Alderney Gaming Commission).

Within its ten years of existence as a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange, they have built a pristine reputation among online gamers and the broader gaming industry.

Thanks to the excellent security methods, software performance, and overall game selection that they have to offer to all of their clients that run casino websites, Playtech has ultimately achieved a resounding success within the Gambling Industry.

Not only that, but their esteemed reputation for providing a broad selection of games (which include online bingo and casino rooms) has also helped this live casino technology provider company to grow steadily since their founding year of 1999.

In addition to iPoker, which Playtech actually operates, various other online casino websites also rely on and employ their Casino Software for all of their own casino games that they have available on their own websites.

When it comes to their Casino Game titles, Playtech has already developed a vast variety of casino games, from which their extensive collection of slot machines is unquestionably their most well-known. Furthermore, this Casino Software giant has also released a popular series of slot games that was based on characters from Marvel Comics (meaning super-hero-themed slots games).

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is yet another great company that develops Casino Software for casino websites all over the world. Launched in 1996 by a significant land-based casino operator in Scandinavia, this casino software provider has shown a steady growth since its first year.

More recently, several of the biggest and most well-known gambling sites worldwide use (or have already used) Net Entertainment’s massive library of games, from which the vast majority of said websites are greatly committed on running this company’s slot machine games, which are available to players in so many online casino websites.

With a combined staff of over 700 experts from multiple locations, and the ability to simultaneously run their services from two separate locations (Sweden and Malta), Net Entertainment is a global powerhouse, both in the field of Casino Software, as well as within the Gambling Industry as a whole.

Currently, there are more than 200 Net Entertainment games available on the market, which makes this live casino technology provider one of the most well-known creators of online Casino Software worldwide at this point.

On top of their many casino games tittles, Net Entertainment also provides multiple clients from different casino websites with the appropriate administrative tools for them to run their businesses, and this includes support for both Desktop-websites as well as for Mobile-websites.


Novomatic is another really known name within the most well-known live casino technology providers available today. That’s mainly because this company has been in business for more than three decades as a developer of online Casino Software for multiple casino websites.

While they originally gained their first experience in brick-and-mortar casinos before moving on to online casino websites, the world of online casinos and the Gambling Industry as a whole currently considers Novomatic to be among the very best live Casino Software providers in the world of online casinos.

Due to a very high demand by many casino websites, Novomatic decided to create Deluxe Versions of some of their most popular online casino slots games in order to live up to their name and their client’s expectations.

Some of their main casino games tittles include more skill-based games such as mahjong and baccarat, which not only are available for download from their official website, but are in fact completely free.

While they’re already well-known within the Gambling Industry for their work on more than 250 high-definition slots for casinos, they’ve also been developing many other new online casino games with really high-quality images and outstanding sound effects that just further complement their existing titles.

Evolution Gaming

Finally, we have Evolution Gaming, which is yet another well-established name within the Gambling Industry when it comes to live Casino Software. This company is mainly specialized in live dealer casino games, from which they’ve already gained several high-profile customers despite the fact they’re still considered to be an emerging (i.e. starting) organization.

Despite their short-period of existence, as demand for their products and services eventually increased, Evolution Gaming eventually found themselves dedicated to providing a wide range of casino websites with their own unique casino games.

In fact, they were one of the most memorable pioneers during the early days of Mobile gaming and Mobile gambling, for which they’ve continued to be to this very day. Not only that, but many online casino websites greatly depend on Evolution Gaming due to the high level of quality of Casino Software that they regularly provide their clients with.

When it comes to their casino games tittles, they already have many different live dealer games available, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, between a few others.