The Technology That Is Going Into Your Video Games

Almost every facet of modern life is affected when technology advances. Therefore, it should come as no shock that the video game industry is one of the biggest benefactors when it comes to the introduction of new technology. Many gamers can remember a time when online gaming seemed like an impossibility, but now DOTA 2’s online mode is one of the most played video games in all of South Africa.

This means that you would be right to assume that the newest technological advancements are going to affect how video games are produced. But what are these changes? Let’s find out. Here’s the new technology that is going into your video games.

Cloud Gaming

The Cloud offers you the chance to store your data on a network of internet servers for extra protection. These servers constantly encrypt your security systems so that hackers cannot breach them so easily. With internet security now becoming a factor for online gamers, it makes sense that this technology has found its way into the video game community.

Xbox Cloud Gaming
Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming

Digital game downloads are now safer to install thanks to the cloud security software available on all console developers’ web stores. Therefore, you can easily download games onto your console digitally rather than purchasing a physical disc and still keep your personal data safe.


Not every gamer has to own a console or PC to enjoy the medium. The early 2000s saw hundreds of free-to-play online games hit the web, each one offering advertisers a place to put their marketing. Unfortunately, the internet is a much bigger place than it once was, which means that these titles are slightly outdated by modern standards. That is because these games run on Adobe Flash software. However, the newest fluid internet gaming software is a program known as HTML 5.

The use of HTML 5 in Video Games Development

HTML 5 is basically an updated version of Adobe Flash, and you can see it used in almost any online game. The software can quickly process both visual and audio data to give you the best gaming experience possible with little lag. You will see it used most effectively in online casino games at Play Live, and you will see it in action when you find out how to play wild bandito. Casino game developers should be thankful that this software was released. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have seen the online casino boom of the late 00s.

The Metaverse

The concept of a metaverse is still quite new compared to other gaming terminology. A metaverse is the merging of multiple networks that connect multiple social platforms. In other words, one conglomerate takes over several sites and adds ways to link them. So, how does this affect gaming?

The Metaverse in the world of Online Gaming

Since the metaverse is aimed at linking people through social interaction, big communication companies are looking at new ways to feature virtual lobbies within their games. For example, a popular band can now set up a digital concert inside a Fortnite server, creating a brand link and making the most of both audiences. Again, the metaverse is still in its infancy, but be prepared to see more of these kinds of gimmicks in online gaming as time moves on.


Virtual reality is another concept that seemed like science fiction fifteen years ago; however, it is commonplace in modern gaming. Again, this technology is still in its infancy, but full virtual reality console gaming is becoming prevalent in the average home.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) in Gaming

However, VR has struck a chord with multiple generations of gamers. So much so that you may be surprised to learn that VR arcades are cropping up all over the place. As such, many gamers are now choosing to leave their homes to interact with the video games they love, rather than joining an online server from home. Therefore, you may see gaming become a social activity like it was back in the 80s.


Artificial intelligence has enough of a reputation now that you probably do not need to hear any more about it. However, this technology is only getting started when it comes to video games.

The main reason why gamers choose to play online with real players is that video game AI is too restrictive. It is easy to predict, and, in some cases, it acts pretty stupidly. Therefore, it cheapens the experience. Fortunately, it looks like things are about to change.

AR Chess
Artificial Reality (AR) in Gaming

AI is coming along in leaps and bounds. This means that AI in our video games is advancing rapidly. AI tech is now able to mimic and improve specific human behaviours, which means you may start to see these machines popping up in online game lobbies. Think of online bots but way more capable.

AR Chess
Artificial Reality (AR) in Gaming


Technology is always going to impact your video games, but at least you now have a good idea about how this will happen. For the most part, it looks as if the future is bright for video game enthusiasts.