10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos for Your Social Media

Most businesses leverage the power of social media to connect and engage with the target audience. Social media is no longer just a social platform but has transformed the face of marketing by allowing brands to promote, advertise, and market their products or services. Cisco estimated that nearly 82% of post-pandemic content would be in video format. Videos are visual and engaging compared to static content, making them a popular form of content on social media.

Social media platforms support short to long-form video content backed by its algorithm. With easy-to-use advertisement templates, you can create video ads, businesses can integrate videos on social media to connect with the audience, and get more leads, and sales. This blog will show you ten reasons for using videos on social media:

1. Put across the message in an effortless manner

Videos are easy to watch and keep the audience hooked to the content. Instead of reading lengthy posts on social media, most people prefer watching videos. Here are some ways businesses can use videos to connect with their target audience on social media:

  • Creating entertaining videos with brand trivia
  • Posting DIY videos that help the audience learn how to use a product or service
  • Making informative and educational videos about their brand
  • Posting “How to” videos on social media

2. Generate interest amongst the audience

Videos are visual and hence always tend to grab the attention of people. Most people tend to stop scrolling and dive into a video when it grabs their interest and hooks the viewer with its content. Video content is easy to consume and concise, so it helps grab the audience’s attention.

3. Plethora of templates

Nowadays, creating videos for social media is not a time-consuming process and does not require technical understanding. The Instagram story templates help create exciting and attractive stories on Instagram by simply using the templates. The video editing tools have templates for different social media platforms. This makes the overall process of creating videos for social media easy and convenient.

4. Short-form video content has higher visibility

Audiences have a shorter attention span and look for videos or content that provide more information in a concise form. The short-form video content like reels on Instagram has been popular lately as social media’s algorithm backs it. The algorithm constantly changes, so brands must adapt to the current algorithm. Currently, videos are backed by the algorithm and hence are more visible than the other form of content.

5. Easy-to-use video editing tools

Social media platforms have built-in editing tools that help quickly edit videos before uploading (but they aren’t very good). Videos are being used a lot on social media as they are easy to create and they are entertaining. A video editor comes with numerous built-in tools that help perfectly edit a video and make it ready for use on social media. The inbuilt templates make it quick and ensure that videos are ready in just 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Better search optimization through video content

Unless the content is not optimized for a search engine or a particular platform, it shows relatively low engagement and visibility. Social media channels optimize the visibility of video content over other forms of content. You must optimize the videos by creating a compelling headline, adding relevant hashtags, and using keywords in the description. Irrespective of the social media platform, use trending hashtags.

7. Perfect for creating ads

Videos ads have become increasingly popular nowadays, and brands rely heavily on them to promote their products or services. Facebook Ad templates, for example, ease the process of creating ads using the existing templates. The ads for sponsored content or social media have higher visibility when a video is used instead of a static photo.

8. Impactful in driving conversions

A brand or business’s main aim in posting content on social media is to drive conversion by bringing in organic traffic. Sharing an interesting video about a product or service has helped a better conversion rate because the videos are visually stimulating. A strong call for action further helps in lead conversion and an overall increase in sales. As the videos help explain any aspect of a brand easily, it often compels the viewer to take the necessary action and drive conversions.

9. Increase brand awareness

Videos often act as an outlet to create content that helps in spreading brand awareness and exposure. You need to understand the audience and create videos that help the viewers to get to know the brand better and build trust. Social media has several video formats that can be included depending on the requirement. Short-form videos aim to deliver a crisp message in a short time. Long-form video content helps build brand value through video content like interviews, Q&A, how-to, etc. Videos are great tools for storytelling and building an emotional connection with the audience.

10. Easy to track the analytics

The video content in social media is easy to track and hence understand how it is performed. Analytics help you understand how well the audience engages with your video content and ways to improve your content. The in-built analytics on social media platforms make it easy and convenient to keep track of each post. Designing a video campaign for social media and constantly checking on the analytics is a great way to drive brand growth.


Videos are easy to consume, understand, and interesting compared to static content, making them one of the most consumed forms of content. Using videos on social media is one of the best ways a brand can grow and reach its target audience, as videos grab more attention. With various video types and easy-to-use templates, videos form a great tool for social media marketing and growth.