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It’s safe to say that online casinos are now a big deal in Canada. Nevertheless, just like in the US, the legislation for Canadian online casino websites can be slightly different for each Canadian province. Specifically for casino players living in Ontario, Canada, a legal and regulated internet gambling market named “iGaming” was officially launched on April 4th, 2022, which ultimately made both single-sports betting and online gambling legal for Ontario residents. Since then, casino operators that wish to accept new players from the province of Ontario need to be licensed through iGaming Ontario (iGO), which is a subsidiary of Canada’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Because of that requirement, any Canadian residents living in Ontario that wish to play on an online casino need to have a safe and reliable way to check what are the best legal and active casinos that accept players from Ontario. The best way to do that is by accessing

What is

To put it simply, is an online casino-review website that provides casino players living in Ontario with a detailed list that integrates several thorough and trustworthy reviews of the best Ontario online casinos which are legal and safe to play at.

Their list of reviews not only includes the best and most well-known Ontario online casinos launched since April 4th, 2022, but also includes any newly launched Ontario online casino website that’s expected to become a renowned casino website in the foreseeable future.

What information can casino players living in Ontario expect to get at

When it comes to selecting and classifying which are the best online casino websites available for casino players residing in Ontario, Canada, the team behind always checks several specific requirements.

Firstly, they ensure that each casino website they include on their list of the best Ontario casinos which are available to date is running at least a Security Software that integrates 128-bit SSL technology, in order to ensure that those casino websites are able to keep cyber-attacks at bay and protect all of their users’ private information.

Moreover, they also check and verify if each of the casino websites that they include in their list of the best Ontario casinos is running under an active and legal gambling license that’s issued by iGO (iGaming Ontario), which, as said before, is currently required by law for any Ontario resident looking to play on an online casino website. Aside from possessing a legal license issued by iGO, all Ontario-focused operators also have to be registered with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which their team also checks for.

In addition to that, before featuring any casino website on their list of the best Ontario casinos, the team behind also confirms that each casino website they add to that list has been independently verified as a fair and safe gaming websites to play at. Their team does this by going through each casino website’s Code of Conduct while simultaneously making sure that each of those casino websites properly adheres to all of today’s casino regulations.

After ensuring that each casino website is allowed by law for Ontario residents to play on, they then review each casino website’s library of casino games (such as online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and Live Dealers), along with each website’s available banking options for deposits and withdrawals, including options such as bank cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and EFTs.

Furthermore, they also announce any worthy limited-time offers and promotions that are available for both new and veteran players on said Ontario casino websites from their list of reviewed casino sites.

Plus, they also discuss if each of those Ontario casino websites has a reliable customer service, and they also mention whether or not each website’s customer service is available on a 24/7 basis.

What’s more is that on top of having a list of the best Ontario casino websites for desktop users, they also have a separate list of the best Ontario online casino Apps that offer players from Ontario free mobile App services, and that list of mobile casino Apps also has unique reviews that discusses each App’s currently available benefits in detail.


If you’re a casino player that enjoys gambling on a regular basis, then the best way to find casino websites that are legal for Ontario residents to play at is to visit Their website not only thoroughly checks if each Ontario online casino website is properly licensed and regulated, but after doing so, they then cover all the casino games, banking options, security methods, and limited-time offers that each Ontario casino on their list of reviewed casino sites currently has available.