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GigaDrive raises over $1.2 million with its World’s Fastest External SSD

The GigaDrive External SSD is an ultra-fast NVMe External SSD that can reach up to 2,800MB/s of reading and writing speeds.

Now You Can Shop Your Favorite Artists’ Looks Straight from their Music Videos, with droppTV

droppTV is the first-ever shoppable video streaming platform that lets its users shop their favorite artists’ looks from their Music Videos. At the intersection of music, fashion and culture, droppTV lets fans watch new videos including the hottest hip-hop video debuts, and click & buy products their favorite artists are wearing in them, all in real-time and all without ever leaving the video.

How to Make Money Working from Home

2020 has so far seen more people working from home than ever before, and thanks to the wonder that is the internet. In this article we discuss 4 of the best ways that are currently available for you to make money while working from home during 2020.

How Technology has Changed the Whole Cotton and Textile Industry?

Science and technology have always been the root of development. Technical innovations make our work easier and help us to take a step towards...

Two High Schools Kids from Bill Gates’ Alma Mater Invented the Ghost Pacer, the Perfect Personal Training Partner

Recent graduates from Bill Gates’ alma mater have used a patented technology to create the ultimate personal training partner for runners. It’s called the...

5 SARMs Fitness Supplements Debates

I am going, to be honest here. As a professional bodybuilder, I am all about finding ways to build my strength. There are many...

Waze App new features help you stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

While Police brutality protests are the most important thing happening in the US right now, that doesn't necessarily mean that the coronavirus health crisis...

CES 2021 will be held in-person instead of virtually, next year’s January

The Consumer Technology Association, which is none other than the organization responsible for the most important tech gathering of every year (the prestigious Consumer...