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Arrowmax SES PRO Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

The Arrowmax SES PRO is a smart electric screwdriver that's extremely precise and accurate, featuring Smart Motion Control for its screwing and unscrewing functions, Smart Torque Force for automatic torque adjustments, and up to 2 hours of battery life. Featuring Smart Motion Control and Smart Torque Force functionalities, this smart electric screwdriver can have both its screwing and unscrewing functions as well as its torque speed automatically adjusted, and users can also manually adjust its torque settings, with 5 different Torque Settings to choose from. Lastly, thanks to its OLED high-definition digital dynamic display, you can keep an eye on the screwdriver's current battery level, as well as know which of its 5 Torque Settings you currently have selected, as well as know the direction that you currently have it set to work on (screw or unscrew). With this high-end smart electric screwdriver, you can very easily build, repair and complete even the tiniest DIY project, and thanks to both its smart and manual torque adjustment options, you can effortlessly set the SES PRO to work with the right amount of torque for each repair job or DIY project.

Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition Bluetooth Key Finder – Find Keys, Bags & More

The Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition is a unique Bluetooth Key Finder made from Recycled Ocean Plastic that can be used for finding your personal items in seconds, featuring a water-resistant construction and a 2-year replaceable battery. Featuring multiple functionalities like finding your items by simply ringing the tracker's Loud Sound via the Chipolo App, Double Clicking the tracker to ring the App and find your Smartphone, as well as checking where you last had your personal items, getting regular In-App Reminders that prevent you from forgetting your personal belongings, and even support to Voice Assistants, this Bluetooth Tracker can really do it all. Overall, it's a great accessory to have with you on a daily basis.

HYDAWAY Collapsible Drink Tumbler – Plastic-Free Insulated Tumbler

The HYDAWAY Collapsible Drink Tumbler is a portable insulated drink tumbler that can be used to store both hot or cold beverages so that you can enjoy your favorite drink, at any time and anywhere. Featuring a fully-collapsible body that can be squeezed all the way to just 1-inch thick whenever you're not using it, a rigid and completely plastic-free construction, and a generous maximum capacity of 16 fluid ounces, this portable insulated drink tumbler is perfect for any Eco-concious person that not only spends a lot of time on-the-go, but also regularly wants to have a sip of their favorite beverage throughout their daily routine.

Ampere Full Circle True Wireless Charging Power Bank (w/ Input & Output)

The Ampere Full Circle is a True Wireless Charging Power Bank that features a 15W Wireless Charging Input and 10W Wireless Charging Output, as well as a 18W USB-C Input and Output port and also a USB-A Output port. Overall, this is a very decent Wireless Charging solution to have around with you at all times, whether you're at home, at the office, or even while you're on-the-go. Featuring a sleek and ultra-portable design, multiple Wired and Wireless Charging options, and a powerful and long-lasting built-in 13,400mAh rechargeable battery, this True Wireless Charging Power Bank simply does not disappoint.

Ampere 65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter – Versatile USB-C Travel Adapter

The Ampere 65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter is a compact and versatile USB-C PD Travel Adapter that's powered by GaN Technology, which makes it cooler, more efficient and more powerful than traditional universal chargers. With it, you can have an ultra-portable Universal USB PD Adapter with you while you're on-the-go that ultimately allows you to quickly recharge the battery on just about any USB-C-enabled device that you can think of.

Allbirds Men’s Tree Dashers – Sustainable Performance Running Shoes

The Allbirds Men's Tree Dashers are ultra-lightweight athletic-performance running shoes that are carbon neutral, as they're solely made via sustainable practices by only using natural and renewable materials. Not only are these athletic-performance running shoes designed for the maximum energy return possible, but they're also very durable, extremely breathable, super-comfortable, and very, very flexible, and they're also machine washable. Thanks to all of that, you get one of the best (if not the best) pair of sustainable running shoes that you can currently find available on the market, while simultaneously knowing that you're contributing to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Quench Smart Plant-Watering Sensor System (Corrosion-Resistant)

The Quench is a smart plant-watering sensor system that's able to detect exactly when your plant needs water, for which the system will then notify you with a gentle audible tone. Overall, this simple, yet ingenious moisture-detection solution can make it very easy for you to take care (or better care) of your plants. With it, not only can you completely avoid over-watering your plants, but you'll also never forget to water your plants ever again!

Indosole Sandals – All-Terrain Slip-On Footwear made of Recycled Tire

The Indosole Sandals are a line of super-comfortable, high-quality, all-terrain waterproof slip-on sandals that are solely made of sustainable, organic and recycled materials. Overall, these sustainable all-terrain slip-on sandals would make a great choice for a pair of sustainable footwear that can be used for everyday wear.