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Somnox Sleep Robot – Sleeping Aid Robotic Device (Full Review)

The Somnox Sleep Robot is a Robotic Stress Reliever and Sleeping Aid Device that can be used to guide a user towards relaxation while also improving the person's sleep by simply slowing down their breathing. This compact kidney-shaped robot can help you fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply, and even wake up more refreshed by using sleep science and effective relaxation techniques. It’s extremely easy to use as all you have to do is simply cuddle with it during your time sleeping at night. Overall, the Somnox Sleep Robot is a great solution for all your sleep problems, and it can be used to achieve a healthy sleeping routine without resorting to any sleep medication.

Bond Sanitizer Wave – Wearable Personal Hand Sanitizer Belt-Accessory

The Bond Sanitizer Wave is a wearable personal hand sanitizer belt-accessory that's clipped onto your waistband, belt or ultimately your bag so that you always have immediate access to hand sanitizer gel with a single touch. This is an extremely affordable and super convenient hand sanitizer solution that you can easily have around with you at all times. It's lightweight, compact, and both super easy to carry and use.

NAIPO oPillow – Chair Pillow Back Massager with Heat Function

The NAIPO oPillow is a compact, versatile and customizable back massager that can be attached to any chair, and it features both a Massage Mode and a Heating Mode. It can either be installed on chairs or simply placed under your neck or calves while you're lying down, and it's perfect to get a nice heated or non-heated massage to get rid of any soreness and/or muscle pain within your back, waist, neck, and/or calves. Thanks to that, instead of having to schedule an appointment with a masseuse, by having a NAIPO oPillow around you can quickly take care of any muscle soreness problems that are commonly associated with the long hours of having to sit at an office chair.

Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer with UV-C Light & Ozone Technology

The Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer is a smart beauty device that easily and safely sanitizes small to medium makeup brushes after every use, and that's done via a high-quality UV-C Light System that works with Ozone Technology. With it, makeup enthusiasts can safely carry their small and medium makeup brushes with them and disinfect them after each and every use to ensure that they don't end up contracting the potentially deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Oral-B iO Series 9 Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B iO Series 9 is a smart rechargeable electric toothbrush that works based on AI and 3D Teeth Mapping to give you the best and most efficient clean of your life.

Tru+Med Infrared Thermometer – Non-Contact, Infrared, Handheld Thermometer

The Tru+Med Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact, infrared, handheld thermometer that allows users to easily and conveniently get quick temperature readings from other people without ever having the thermometer in contact with who they're scanning. This ultimately makes the Tru+Med Infrared Thermometer the perfect hygienic solution for anyone's temperature reading needs, thus making it great for scanning employees at any establishment, which can include not only airports, police stations, and hospitals, but also large companies, small offices, supermarkets, warehouses, and more, as well as for any large crowds at both public and private events.

Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap – Luxury Soap for Natural & Healthy Skin Care

The Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap is a 100% natural product that's mainly composed of goat’s milk, but that's also plant-based and even contains pure fragrant essential oils. With this amazing natural product for organic skincare you can take both your showering and aromatherapy bathroom experiences to the next level. Ultimately, the Zum Bar Soaps feel good, smell good, and even do good for both your skin's health as well as your overall health.

CarePredict Home Kit & Tempo Series 3 Wearable for Seniors

The CarePredict Home Kit is a 2-piece activity tracking in-home system for seniors that works with its CarePredict Tempo Series 3 AI-powered Preventive Senior Care Health Wearable and four Context Beacons that communicate with the wearable.