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PetSafe Kibble Chase – Interactive Roaming Treat Dropper Dog Toy

The PetSafe Kibble Chase is a battery-powered interactive roaming treat dropper dog toy that provides dog owners with a new and exciting way of giving their beloved four-legged friends some tasty treats. Since dogs both love to play fetch and chase, this interactive treat dropper dog toy will easily get your pup excited whenever it’s time to play. This interactive dog toy is both highly durable and very easy to use and set up, working with 3 AA batteries. It also accounts with an ultra-durable plastic shell and silent hard-rubber wheels, while also featuring two (x2) different Adjustable Speed Modes and an Automatic Sleep Mode.

KONG BOX – Monthly Dog Box Subscription Service (FULL REVIEW)

The KONG Box is an amazing monthly subscription service that brings both dog owners and their beloved dogs the perfect mix of dog chewing, training and comfort toys, as well as treats and informational sheets with dog tips, tricks and doggy meal recipes. Every box ships with personality tips based on the personality profile that each dog owners creates for their dogs at KONG's online page.

PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain (FULL REVIEW)

The PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain is a high-quality electric-powered water fountain for small pets that features a quiet and constant flowing water stream. It’s perfect for any cats and/or any small dogs, and with it, pet ensures can ensure that their pets always maintain healthy water drinking habits.

Tick Twister – Reliable & Easy-to-Use Tick Removal Tool by O’TOM

The Tick Twister is a simple, reliable and easy-to-use tick removal tool that was designed by O'TOM. This set of two (x2) simple and reliable tick remover hooks (one small and one large hook) can be used to remove ticks from both pets and people in a completely painless process, and it can quickly be done in as little as just a few seconds.

EyeVac Pet Touchless Vacuum – Stationary Vacuum for Pet Hair & Dirt/Dust

For any concerned pet owner that simply hates the hard work of cleaning tons of pet hair from their house floor on a daily...

Whistle FIT – Health & Fitness Monitor for Dogs

As dogs don't speak our language (obviously), it can sometimes be a bit harder for dog owners to really know when their dogs are...

PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash for Activity Tracking and Routes Monitoring

For many dog owners that enjoy following a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy, having the possibility to benefit from many of the smart features...

Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 – Rechargeable & Full-Waterproof Dog Shock Collar

Electronic training collars (AK.A. remote dog training collars or just dog shock trainings collars) have been around a for a long time, and as...