Product Review Posts

If you are interested in David Novak to write a Product Article on your company’s behalf, you are making a wise and affordable decision.  The GadgetGUY Column’s website is growing at over 1000% per month, and continues to reach avenues all over the internet.  David will evaluate your product, sponsor and write a lengthy article with images, videos and company quotes, which will be positioned in the most prominant position on the front page of

The article will also include banners of your choice and links to your company website for consumer purchase information.  Finally, the front page article will also have a link to an entire website page on the GadgetGUY website for the complete article as well as custom installations of your choosing.

The article will remain in a prominant position on the front page of the website as well as the corresponding full page for a period of 1 week.  Pricing for a customized sponsored article with any additions will be $500.

If you decide you would like to market with The GadgetGUY website,

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